Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Space Cadet

So, it's my own fault, I know; I'm not really complaining here so much as explaining.
My apartment is hot. HOT. I took a cold shower and put my top sheet in the fridge for a half hour before I went to bed to help me be cool when I went to sleep, and I ran my (admittedly ineffectual) small fan. I shut out the light just before two. And waited. At 4, I got worried, having slept for no more than twenty minutes. At 5, I gave up and went to my other apartment, which has a more powerful fan and windows that are next to the couch on which I sacked out. I cooled down enough to need a covering, which is what it usually takes for me to sleep. I fell asleep probably around 6, and slept off and on until about 10, at which time the apartment had too much light in it and I went back to my bed, where I clocked in another forty minutes or so, off and on. All told, I couldn't have gotten more than 3 or 4 hours.
The worst part is, at 5 last night, I wasn't really sleepy at all. I was wide awake, despite finishing my soda twelve hours earlier, despite having a nice drink with dinner. That made me panic, which of course didn't help. I haven't had this kind of insomnia in quite a while, and I'd forgotten how dull it makes me.
Right now, I feel spacy. I'm awake, I'm thinking, I'm moving around, but my head is a little slow. I hope that tonight I make the call to move earlier if I can't sleep, and that I have enough energy to pull out the couch bed rather than just sacking out on the couch itself. I might do some rearranging of my sewing materials tonight to facilitate this. We're supposed to have a cooler night tonight, so I'm hoping that will solve the problem.

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