Saturday, March 24, 2007

Week in review

Funniest thing I've seen this week: Monty the cat pulling a balloon around by its string.
Funniest thing I've heard this week: There was a bird loose in my home-home, evidently. My parents had to chase it out.
Awesomest thing I've heard this week: Bath Boys' b-ball won the Class C state championships! Woot! I saw them almost win a year or two after I'd graduated, and I'm glad to hear they're still rocking out.
Saddest thing I've heard this week: The sound of blowing my nose, over and over and over and over...
Most energetic thing I've done this week: Tried to go have a dance workout in the rec; unfortunately, since it's dance marathon this weekend, all the studio spaces were full of setup, and half the courts, so I had a slightly nervy, quick workout in the squash court with windows after the flaggers (also displaced, I believe) were finished. Turns out my body is not really very in shape just now, and my arches, encased in pointe shoes for the first time in many months, were very cranky. It's not too late, though, and I have hopes--I felt better as the time went on, though the jello quotient of my legs was too high. Also learned that I do not like the rec when it's full.
Most tears shed this week: I admit it, I cried during Supernatural. Even though part of it was very sexy. It was a roller coaster.
Thing most looked forward to tomorrow: Getting groceries. I have no milk, bread, or Dr. Pepper, my three staples. Things are desperate!

Monday, March 19, 2007

If you're wondering...

...whether prom was a success, the answer is yes. many people were there, the answer is I don't know, because they gave us more wristbands than the envelope said.
...if I now have the worst backache evah, the answer is yep.
...whether I got poems sent in the mail today, oh yeah, baby.
...if I'm getting essays today, which will be read while I am wearing jammies, yup.
...if I'm trying with all my heart to enjoy the last 23 minutes of this week's existence without essays, Oh my goodness, yes.
...if I'm super-geeked that MSU won an at-large bid to the NCAA playoffs for hockey, WHOO HOO!
...if I'm likewise super-geeked that both MSU and BG are in the second-round of the women's basketball NCAA tourney, yupyup! (although I am irritated that espn lists BG as BGU instead of BGSU. Duh, ESPN. You can spell out Delaware St but not add the correct letter to our Univ acronym?)
...whether it's time to teach...sadly, yes.

Friday, March 16, 2007


All right,
I know I haven't been blogging much lately, but I've been having an attack of the my-life-isn't-that-interesting-and-I'm-slightly-ashamed-I-haven't-been-doing-more anxiety.
I've been trying for three weeks now to get poems sent out, and at this point I've still only mostly decided what I'm going to send, which leaves the printing of many poems, the addressing of envelopes, the printing of cover letters, and the...
GAH...attacking of the fricking fruit fly/ies that has/ve taken over my office!
Ok...sorry. I don't know where these things came from, but they are aggravating.
Anyway, I have a lot to do and I haven't felt like doing really anything.
Tomorrow is Spring Harvest, a day of writing workshops from 10 to 4, and then Spring Harvest Prom from 9 to 1. We got some funding so the event is free, and open to all BGSU folks and guests, and we're hoping for a good turn out. We were unable to get a cash bar, but I'm well known for dancing so hard people think I'm drunk when I'm completely sober. I will be dressed in a fancy, backless blue dress (you know the one I mean) and look forward to partying like an Irish lass, involving much kicking up of the heels and getting fantastically sweaty.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Some tasks I accomplished on Spring Break:
Finished essays
Finished my new puzzle
Finished The Austere Academy
Reread Desert Eden (there's no graphic here; take my word for it it's steamy)
Did laundry
Got my hair cut
Got my car looked at
Visited a dance teacher's new studio
Watched old recital videos (ps I was in sweet shape when I was a senior in high school. I will look back on that year as the very best for my body, I think...not too skinny, nicely proportioned for a thin dance girl, healthy face. And I was good.)
Looked at pictures from the early 90s
Ate my mother's cooking
Watched The Prestige and The Illusionist
Watched the Spartans win a playoff hockey game from ONE ROW BEHIND THE BENCH. (If you're asking whether I enjoyed it, the answer is...yes. I have seldom, if ever, enjoyed seats more. Thanks, Mom.)

Some tasks I did not accomplish on Spring Break:
Getting work sent on to magazines (I did however collect magazine info)
Putting away my laundry
Watching Little Miss Sunshine and Marie Antoinette
Planning for my wings
Washing of quilt fabric
Really and truly relaxing. I tried so hard, so hard to just rest and not worry about anything coming up this week. But that's so difficult for me and, while I came close, I just didn't make it all the way. I did, however, take a nice bath last night that made me deliciously sleepy. To be honest, I kind of can't wait to make it back to bed.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Amazing Race--How I'd Fare

So, even though I don't watch the show, I thought it might be fun to speculate about how I might do on the Amazing Race if I were teamed up with a few different people of my circle. So here's a list, complete with how we would place or manage if we were to take on the Race.
Paired with:
  • my sister--poorly. She's with child. If she weren't with child, probably we'd make it to third place, easily finding the sixpence buried in English soil by Stonehenge, but would walk off in a huff of irritation after trying to get directions from blondes in Malibu.
  • Steve--heartbreakingly eliminated in 3rd to last place after squandering time trying to get clever with the igloo in Siberia, and then wandering off to see what Dostoevsky had been going on about. Curiously, I would not have this problem with Liss.
  • Michelle--we're going all the way to the top, baby. Michelle and I can do no wrong; witness the near-disaster while driving with stuck windshield wipers in Lincoln, NE. We would be forced to use our wiles quite a bit on unprepared gentlemen in Botswana, but it would pay off when passing the once-dating-but-now-can't-bother-to-say-five-words-to-each-other team.
  • Carrie--we'd rock hard in the make-clothes-out-of-leaves segment, but be toppled by the thirty-years married couple in the luge in the Alps. 4th place.
  • Krissy--we'd come in second-to- last, failing to advance past the Andean lug-it-up-a-mountain challenge due to our complete inability to focus on tasks whilst talking in full flood.
  • Patrick--5th place, I think. We'd breeze through the ancient Egyptian musical clue, but meet our doom in the ford-the-Colorado-River challenge when I am inexplicably kicked by a mule.
  • Jelena--7th place; we'd get along fine up until we were required to find our next clue in the mud of Vulcano, Italy.
  • Lisa--I'd totally coast on Lisa's good humor until 2nd place, where we'd lose because neither of us could bear to see the disappointment on the cute-twin-sister-and-brother team who need the money to go to college and jointly find the cure for cancer.
  • Nate H--dead last, we wouldn't even leave the parking lot, and we wouldn't be speaking to each other. He knows why.
  • Karin--8th place. We'd do great until we got to Tahiti and Karin utterly refuses to wear shorts.
  • Elisa--we'd make it to a healthy 6th place, but be eliminated when a: I can't stop stopping in Lush stores everywhere we go and b: in Brazil, Elisa can't stop stopping to take pictures of cute bugs.

So there it is. I could go on forever. Where would you place?

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Oh no! Pre-spring break is ruining my brain!

I was all set to write a quickie post with my five favorites of things, like stand-up comedians and lines from Supernatural. And then I realized that no one is interested in any of those things and I really couldn't think of five of anything else that I like, and now I don't have a single interesting thing to write about. Is it possible to have blog writers block? Because that seems very counterintuitive. It's also raining today and it's making me wicked sleepy even though I could probably come up with a million things I should be doing, like grading essays and preparing more stuff for class the week we get back from break, and sending emails and working on lists and calendars and posters and press releases for Spring Harvest Prom and on my flyer for the workshop I'm doing.
I want to go home.