Monday, February 26, 2007

Here's why my weekend rocked my socks off:

Friday, after school: Hockey. Now, BG didn't win, but it was nice to be there in my two jerseys, and watch my old Spartan darlings skate around a lot. And to watch Jeff Lerg, who is my height and therefore adorable. I've never seen a goalie actually hang on the top bar, but Jeff Lerg can do it.
Saturday: Woke up whenever I felt like it, then headed up to Perrysburg to have a lovely lunch at Poco Piatti. I read a Lemony Snicket book while I ate lamb chops and a cheese and olive plate with pita. And had some hot tea. It was amazing. I felt so at peace there just hanging out and eating my meal and enjoying the service of a handsome waiter.
After lunch, I went to Target to buy some fun things thanks to my parents. I got some pretty new barrettes, some socks (pink! finally!), a bag with cherries on it, some microwaveable dishes for the office, a sealable box for my crackers so they won't go stale, and some more slipper socks, and a couple of candy bars.
I wandered around in Home Depot for a while, thinking about wings, and then went to Michael's. I spent rather a lot of time and actually, while a lot of money really, less than I could have. I bought a bunch of 1 dollar prizes for my class prize bag, and they were really good ones...modeling clay for a dollar? Yo-yos, bouncy balls, little art projects. I really hit the jackpot. I also bought a bunch of stuff to experiment with for my wings, whenever this next sequence of drafts is complete. I bought some different mache style products, including plaster of paris, plaster gauze, some clay-type things. Wire. All kinds of things. I need to get a design together before I can start, though.
Also, I got this extraordinary book called Generation T. Like many, I have a huge selection of old T-shirts, overly stretched out or out of style. The thing is, the majority of my collection is at my parents' house in a giant bag. I called my mom and said, "Great news. Guess what I'll be taking back to BG during break?" I can't wait to get started on some of these projects...there are bun covers. BUN COVERS! Made out of old T-shirt remnants. There are skirts, sassy shirts, legwarmers, arm mitts. All kinds of things. Finally, something new to do with my beloved Walnut shirt, purchased in high school in Colorado at the Walnut Brewery. I wore it so much that the shirt, especially the neck, is all stretched out. But how do you get rid of that?
Anyway, after all this I went home to listen to the hockey game. MSU lost, which is sad, but BG won, which is good. Mixed feelings, you know? I did have a rather fantastic dinner of steak and leftover cheese and olives (after spilling half of it on the floor) and did the edges of a jigsaw puzzle during the game. The whole thing was pretty rad, and then I went back to my TV and watched Brit coms.
Sunday I went to JoAnn fabrics to get some stuff for a not-so-secret project, some things that I hope will be adorable. Then I went to Kroger and got some stuff for reubens, and for an Oscar gathering. Then I took a bath with a French Kiss bubble bar and my honey soap, Lush delights, thank you very much. Then I went and watched the Oscars and had a lovely time praising and panning the dresses and lamenting the many seemingly point-free montages, with the exception of the "Dead people montage," which Carrie and I find very important. Waiting for me at home? The second part of Prime Suspect 6, starring the delight that is Helen Mirren. God save the Queen.
So, as you can see, it was a pretty sweet weekend. Now, I am thrust into the midst of a ridiculously stressful week and am struggling now to stay afloat. So, I am going home to do more jigsaw puzzle and eat a reuben, and everything else can just bloody well wait until tomorrow.

Friday, February 23, 2007

A Brief French Fry Lowdown for Friday

Best fries excruciatingly hot: Wendy's
Best fries hot: McDonald's, old school style
Best fries getting lukewarm: Wendy's
Best fries cold: Burger King (if you have to)
Best fries that require a drink: Arby's curly fries
Best fry-sandwich combination: McDonald's, with Filet-o-fish. Try the fries with tartar sauce. Do it.
Best way to eat ketchup: with pepper and salt mixed in, Wendy's.
Edited to add: Best fries ever: MOM.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Thursday Mish-mash

Point 1: Basketball--MSU WINS!!! HA HA! I have this thing where I can't really watch basketball. I used to be able to, but now it just make sme continuously nervous. It's not like hockey where I can kind of quell the nerves in excitement or observation. It's flat-out nerves. But I actually watched more of this game than usual (and so missed what Veronica Mars had on her arm in prison).
Point 2: Lorelei breaks up with Christopher. Thank the lord. Though the point of that plotline seemed to be that they weren't right for each other, that thus made for a very boring and irritating story arc. But drunk and vulnerable Emily? Priceless.
Point 3: Man of my dreams, February Edition.
The other night I had a dream that illusionist David Copperfield, younger and a little vulnerable but also very rich, took me on a date. We were in some kind of villa-mansion by the seaside, with some great big open window areas on a stone veranda that faced out to the ocean, and we had a picnic at twilight. He gave me a flower. That was pretty much it, really.
Side note: If you go to google image search, and type in posey (not posy, but posey), the first page of images you come up with is really sort of insane. Try it.
Point 4: BGSU vs MSU hockey tomorrow. Woot!
Point 5: I'm kind of excited because I'm going to go up to Target this weekend and get some fun things. I have a little list of little things I want and that will make my life just a little bit easier. It's going to be sweet!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


How's this for heartwarming?
It gives me hope. I lost my high school class ring somewhere along the way. The stone was chipped and they messed up the signature so it was teenytiny, but it was my ring and it had ballet slippers on it. I've often thought of replacing it except that I keep hoping my ring will turn up. What's weird is I have the ring I used to wear on my other hand at the same time, but no class ring. Where is it? Where has it lived out its last several years? I can't even remember exactly when I lost it, and both my mother and I have blitzed my room back home and I've searched my apartment, and it's never turned up.
Actually, I wonder if I ever checked by my sister's bed? I used to sleep in her room during vacations, and I don't think I've never checked her shelves. It's probably not there, but it's interesting how when you think of things like this other ideas pop up.
I have also pondered the thought of getting a college ring. Better late than never?

Monday, February 19, 2007


If you're wondering whether I started to slip on the ice in the driveway on Saturday, and plunked my hand down on my car to stop myself from sliding further, and further if said plunking jolted my shoulder and strained some sort of something in there, making my shoulder hurt quite a bit, and if further it was better this morning, but of all things throwing my covers off me made it hurt more, well...
I'm going to make me some coffee.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Another shady job

Human Tazer. I don't know what it is about me, but static is my life. I shock and am shocked by everything. At night, when I take off my soft bathrobe in the dark, I can see sparks fly. It is only a matter of time before I send someone into cardiac arrest or prevent him or her from stealing my car.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Some Shady Jobs I'd Be Good At

Deep in thought lately, I have been pondering the things that I am genuinely good at and/or that I love to do, and how they might be of use to the world. My favorite skills are not widely applicable, sadly, but there are some potentially shady jobs to which they might apply. For instance:

Shredded paper reassembler.
I love jigsaw puzzles, you know. I think, if the government wanted someone to put shredded paper back together, I'd do a good job.

Public eavesdropper.
I don't mean to hear people all the time. But my "cocktail party effect" hearing doesn't really work. If I hear voices, I fixate. I don't have particularly excellent hearing, but for some reason I seem to hear a lot.

Worst Case Scenario creator.
Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. That was my motto all through college. Every time I help at recital, I have a miniature aresenal of supplies, which at times has even included a Break n' Shake ice pack. If I could get money for worrying, I'd be all set.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Busy Tomatoes

If you're wondering whether the tomato I intended to eat on my sandwich today was sprouting from the inside, looking very much like this, the answer is yes. Weird, no?

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Why I might not finish The Ruins

Ok, I know this book has gotten a lot of good press in my circle. And it has all the makings of a book that I'd love. But for some reason, I suspect I may not finish it and may not check it out again. Possible reasons:
  • I can't get into the main characters. Most of them get drunk or throw up at some point in the book, few of them have anything in common with me, and all of them are, for lack of a better word, bitchy. Common fodder for a piece of "good" contemporary fiction, which explains why I don't read much "good" contemporary fiction. They're all too depressive, and they drink too much. Jeff is the only one I have feelings for or can relate to. I also find the "villain" intriguing, but one can read only so much of a villain's antics.
  • Since I knew I wouldn't finish by the book's due date (things have changed since the snow storm, but oh well), I "read ahead." This is a technique I perfected for books in which I want to know what happens, but I don't want to have to rush my reading to find out, and also books that "lose me." I read parts of the end, and then skim back to read parts of the middle. In fact, there was still rather a large chunk of middle, and I found myself saying, sheesh, what on earth happens for a hundred pages? As I skimmed, I saw, not much. I read completely the first hundred pages or so, and was very interested, but I honestly don't feel like I'm missing much not completely reading the rest. If you're not that into the characters, the character development is kind of wasted. In effect, I feel like I've already read the book, and I'm not that anxious to read it again as I would be if it were, say, Harry Potter (with which I commonly skim through the last couple of chapters once I've gotten to the halfway point--but I always go back and read it all properly).
  • I have this strange feeling as if I have read this before. In fact, I sort of have. It's called Phantoms, and it's by Dean Koontz, and it interested me all the way through, with a couple of characters I could relate to. In fact, after I put down The Ruins, I pulled Phantoms out again.
  • It's winter. In the book it's hot. My brain can't make sense of this. It might as well be another planet.
Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not saying this is a bad book. But I'm more of a set-up girl--I like to read the tense stuff, the suspense, and those first inklings that something is wrong, right through to the discovery of the element of terror. But once things get going, so often that suspense disappears in favor of gore. There are genuinely horrific but not gory moments in the part that I didn't "read right," but I don't know...I just didn't feel like I wanted to read this book with my days off. It isn't a horror that leaves you feeling uneasy when the lights are off, which is the kind I like best. I liked parts and ideas in the book, but I just wasn't as into it as I expected to be.
Maybe when it comes out in paperback.

Meme I Stole From Steve

If Steve does it, I have to, too. Except afterward I always think of things I should have put down.
Eternally snowbound, the house better be full of:
Novel You've Read: Emmy Keeps a Promise (childhood classic)
Novel You've Never Read: something by Robert Heinlein
Book Series You've Read: Harry Potter
Book Series You've Never Read: Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events
Autobiography You've Read: The Shape of Love (Gelsey Kirkland)
Autobiography You've Never Read: I have a book on Allegra Kent I haven't gotten to read yet. About time to whip that out.
Nonfiction You've Read: Death Tractates (assuming a poetry book can count here)
Nonfiction You've Never Read: Zombie Survival Guide
Book on Tape You've Heard: Proof
Book on Tape You've Never Heard: The Bible (practical, yes?)
Snow-Themed Movie: The Shining
Non-Snow-Themed Movie: Sleeping Beauty
Movie Sequel: does Batman Begins count?
Movie Remake: Little Women I guess
Movie Trilogy: Lord of the Rings extended edition and/or Star Wars and/or Indiana Jones. Help!
TV Channel: Shoot...WB? For 3 shows? I don't know if it's worth it.
Season Pass on DVR: Supernatural
Cartoon: Pirates of Dark Water (obscure, just the way I like it)
Home Movie: my newborn movie, which has the whole family.
TV Collection on DVD: X-Files
TV Season on DVD: something from Charmed.
Magazine Subscription: Cook's Illustrated
Photograph: Tahquamenon Falls, me and the family
Appetizer: spinach artichoke dip
Entree: pork cutlets and spaghetti
Dessert: fruit bowl, sans melon
Fast Food Item: Filet o' fish
Beer: Framboise Lambic, duh.
Wine: Boone's Farm Sangria
Booze: Um...blueberry schnapps is always a favorite.
Drink (Chaste): milk
Video Game System With Complete Game Collection: um...old-school Nintendo, I guess. Does that come with Wheel of Fortune?
Single Video Game (regardless of platform): Blue Max
Game: sudoku
Board Game: Scrabble
Pet: I miss my cats.
Non-Spouse Family Member to Keep You Company: I can't answer this question. It's too hard.
Writerly Figure to Keep Your Conversational Company: Brenda Hillman
Sports Figure to Keep Your Atheletic Company: John Harkes
Famous Figure to Keep Your Fabulous Company: there are really not that many stars I'd like to spend time in real life with. I'd hang with Hugh Laurie, though.
Historical/Sports/Famous Figure to Keep You Conjugal Company: can it be fictional? If so, Sam or Dean Winchester. If not, Jensen Ackles or Jared Padalecki. I'm snowbound. I can't decide.
Band to Play Every Night: eh...(shrug) My ipod?
Album: Little Earthquakes or You Were Here
Song: Lodestar or Fidelity or Naked as We Came
Piece of Gym Equipment: ballet barre
Exercise You'd Do Every Day: plies
Medicine: Advil if I'm alone, Flonase if the cats come, too.
Sports Team You'd Follow: Spartan hockey (sorry Falcons. I love you too).
Game on Tape You'd Watch: the one where Goalie Chad Alban scored a goal on senior night at MSU.
Pair of Shoes: pointe
Water Brand: Tap
Crime You'd Wish You'd Committed PreSnow: um...indecent exposure?

Monday, February 12, 2007

I heart hockey!

Point the first: The Falcons beat the wolverines on Friday night in hockey! Get into it! The game was incredibly awesome, tense straight through to the end, and the skating was at the same level pretty much the whole game, which is uncharacteristic. (The Falcons, up to this point, had been skating best in the 2nd period, which is just strange...few schools do best then). It was just unbelievable. If you're wondering whether I found the game on the College Network and recorded it so I could watch it again, the answer is yes.
Point the second: Next and last home game is versus Michigan State on Feb 23, which I believe is a Friday. Be ready, people. I want to see you all there. I'll be the one wearing two jerseys (Falcons on top in their home arena of course...but Spartans close to my heart). Go Sparcons! Go Faltans! YES!
Point the third: It is snowing.
Point the fourth: I believe I might be coming down with something. But, as I have no one to kiss on the 14th, that is neither here nor there.
Point the fifth: Giving in to peer pressure, I checked The Ruins out from the library; however, as it is a new fiction book, it is due in one week, and as I am getting essays Wednesday evening, I expect there's no way I can finish. Oh well. At least I'll be right in the middle of it, just like I usually am when I get distracted.
Point the sixth: Thanks to Steve and Liss, I have clean clothes! Yay!
Point the seventh: Upcoming posts: Shady jobs I'd probably be good at.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Diatribe about Snakes

Hello, kids. Tis I, I who have been hiding away where it is warm as much as possible and grading essay after essay. I have one class plus four plus three to do now, then exploratories. Good times.
But tonight, there is hockey, and that is what matters.

Recent TV/Movie notes:
In TV land, I skipped Top Design this week in favor of Medium...that's right, I didn't watch Lost either. Medium is more interesting to me than both of those options. I didn't watch the Superboal either.
Gilmore Girls was kind of hard for me this week; what Lorelai said about seeing her Dad in the hospital sort of hit me in my truth spot with memories. To be honest, I had to stop eating dinner so I could cry for a while. And then Chris comes in and is a total jerk to Lorelai and Luke both, and it just made me dislike him even more.
House was a welcome distraction at 9, but I still feel like there's something amiss on House. There's something nagging at me and I'm not quite sure what it is. It's like I need him to be brought down, not via some angry guy like Tritter, but I want one of his peers to get the better of him and have it stick.
Supernatural has the distinct honor of having predicted my needs. They've had a couple of "mythology" episodes in a row, like the X-Files used to do. And I say, okay, that's great, but frustrating--I need a break. And, on cue, next week's episode looks kind of wacky and awesome. I heart Sam and Dean!

But let's talk about movies. I rented Snakes on a Plane and A Prairie Home Companion last week. Neither was as good as I thought it would be, although PHC did make me laugh out loud. Lily Tomlin and Meryl Streep were quite a pair. I'm not a huge fan of people talking all at the same time, though, which is also part of the reason I don't like Made. It's like forcing yourself to live like an autistic child, too much stimulation. Anyway, I do love PHC on the radio, so I liked the elements that gave a shout out to that experience.
Now, here is why Snakes is not something I'll go out of my way to watch again (and believe me, I went into it with no real expectations):
a: Sight effects used over and over. I don't need to see a snake attached to a breast, a penis, and up a woman's skirt. Give me a break. Even in a movie that aims for B-cult status, enough is enough.
b: I read a review that said you can tell the difference between real and cgi snakes but that it doesn't take you out of the movie. Yes to the first, no to the second. I hate bad cgi. The great thing about Jurassic Park was that you couldn't tell--Lost World was a poorer movie because you could. Having the creature "do more" or "move faster" really isn't worth the disaster of losing all sense of reality.
c: even expecting the movie to be a dumb popcorn flick doesn't save it for me. It didn't hit the mark for cult dumb, it was just dumb. It wasn't even funny-dumb, like so many have claimed. I caught myself saying "Oh, please" no less than four times. I shut off the credits saying "meh." That's not fun.
Now I understand people are scared of snakes, and might be creeped out by a film about them on a plane. In fact, I can envision a really great movie based on this idea, a real creep-fest. I can also envision a B-level horror flick, much on the level of Eight Legged Freaks or something. Snakes aimed for between these, I think, meaning to go with the latter but with elements of the former, and therefore ended up basically useless. I don't feel like I need to see it again because I got it all the first time, and even then I wasn't really watching part of it because I was bored. It was so...antiseptic. Trying to appeal to everybody appeals to nobody.
Funniest part of the film experience? Bloopers reel.
And I'm not the only one who feels this way. Rock it, Chuck.

Anyway, that's what's been on my mind. It's not much, but give me a break. It's Friday and all I can see are RUBRICS.

Monday, February 05, 2007

The noise my car made...

...when I got it going this morning sounded suspiciously like, "Aw, come on...are you kidding me?"

Once, back in the MSU days, they cancelled classes because of -30 and below wind chill. We only hit -22 this morning, so it's all on today for BGSU, though most of the grade schools are closed.

And my building has frost inside one of the doors. Good times.

In other news, I did very little of value this weekend in preparation for a week full of grading and merit-file creation.

I'm hungry.

Friday, February 02, 2007

I got things to say.

I've wanted to address several things in the last few days on this blog, get some ideas and commentary out. Now it's been so long I hardly know what to say. Thus, this is likely to be a very opinionated and diatribesque blog.
Take for instance Boston and Aqua Teen. I'm sorry, Boston, if none of you are smart enough to go to an official and say, "This is a cartoon character; has anyone called Adult Swim?" or even able to recognize a Lite Brite, then you can't really complain about terror as a result of your ignorance. Where is the voice during a crisis that can say, "Are we misinterpreting this?" That doesn't mean you have to stop investigating the incident-in-progress for danger. But it does mean someone also has to investigate the mundane possibilities. The network is not required to check its ad strategies with you, nor does the marketing strategy warrant a hoax-of-terror felony charge. This smacks of parents getting super-scared about their children and then punishing them more harshly as a result of their fear, regardless of the actual offense--particularly when said children were not trying to scare anybody. Boston, accept that your assumption was wrong and investigate your response, not a simple ad ploy that was actually pretty clever, considering the nature of the character involved.
It's a damn Lite Brite, Boston.

Here's why I already am highly skeptical of Top Design: I did watch it, but I find modern design to be cold and soulless. I look at the rooms everyone came up with and say to myself, where is my clutter going to go? If I can't get comfortable with a blankie on it, it doesn't belong in my house. I'm chilly enough without your super-mod fabric and shapes all over the place. I might look in on this show now and then, but I'm certainly not making it a priority. It doesn't feel like home to me.
P.S. Congratulations, Ilan, and also to Sam for saving a dish for Marcel on national TV.

Yesterday, I was teaching in the Art building. As I came down one of the stairwells that has both a door to the outside and a door to the inside, someone was SMOKING IN THE DAMN STAIRWELL. He wasn't even right next to the outside door, but close to the inside door. This is illegal. Wildly. PUT ON YOUR COAT AND GET OUT OF MY FACE, JERK.

I think that will be it for today. Some good things have happened too, like several days without grading, a nice reading, and some vindication I can't really talk about because it's confidential, but I just wanted to get some stuff off my chest. Have a great weekend, everyone, and remember, just one month until spring break.