Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Now, you might be asking yourself what a sassy lady wears to Physical Therapy. The answer is posted at left. Yes, that's right, I wore short shorts and knee high socks, and a very fetching hoodie from Carrie.
I figured, if the problem is in my leg, I might as well make my leg...available, you know?
The trouble is, not a lot happened with my leg, and that was the really frustrating part.
At my first appointment, last week, I was analyzed and evaluated; the therapist gave me a few upper back stretches and signed me up to see someone else about my pelvic structure. I arrived to that 9:30 appointment on time. They couldn't find me at first on the sheet. The reason? They'd marked me down for 9 am and given me a no-show. I showed them my slip, given to me by whomever made the appointment, and they kindly reworked the schedule so that I could see the person I was supposed to see.
So, I was in. And spent another forty minutes being analyzed and evaluated. So long, that the therapist's NEXT appointment was already in and ushered to the gym (Said the intercom), and before I'd left the therapist's NEXT appointment was in (a touch early, but still).
Now, let me tell you what it feels like to take more than the usual appointment time while a person tries to figure out what the heck is wrong with your structure. It feels awful. Especially when about five minutes of that time is spent addressing the immediate problem that brought you to that place, the soreness and lack of flexibility in the back of your leg. I know better than most that problems elsewhere in the body might aggravate an injury, and I do want my pelvis straightened back out if possible. But what I really want is for my right leg to heal and quit hurting so that I can stretch and kick properly again.
I'm hoping they're still planning to do the ultrasound therapy, and I am signed up for three weeks of three-times-a-week therapy, sometimes being double-treated by the two PTs I've seen. On Monday, I'm getting the "to be continued" part of my session today, i.e. the answers. An upslip was mentioned. It was questioned whether my left leg is actually longer, or if it's really all in the hips. I was also called out for standing with my knees locked and chest too far back, which is funny because everyone is always telling me to straighten up. The posture I was given to try sucks. I really am going to have to work with these people on not ruining my dance posture in exchange for...whatever.
The best part is both PTs pointed out to me that my back muscles are unusually tight...which I could have told them. Yes, I know I'm compensating for things in dance that my body can't do because I'm not as naturally flexible as I'd like to be. I store tension. It's what I'm good at. I'm like a poised cat almost all the time, ready to jet. I don't relax. I'm type A, what do you want from me? It will be interesting to see what they want to do about that. Again, I have things I need to be able to do in dance, and I don't have time to get completely demolished and rebuilt, so they're going to have to work with me so I can be functional normally and dancefully.
I just hope I'm fixable.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spare Change for Literacy!

OK, so it's not exactly Votes for Women, but it still sounded pretty cool.
On Tuesday, April 21, the Graduate Writers Club, of which I am the advisor, held their Readathon to support First Book.
It was cold. Oh, my, yes, it was cold. And wet. And blustery.
Over the course of twelve hours, 8 am to 8 pm, members of the organization, students from the Arts Village and my classes, colleagues, and interested parties stood out on the steps of the Education Building and read out loud from their favorite works of literature, while monitors encouraged people to donate their spare change.
I was nervous that morning, when I arrived at 7:45 am with my monitor, trying to set things up in the chilly rain. I began to read my favorite childhood book, Emmy Keeps a Promise, while the monitor worked on posters. I thought, is anyone going to give us money? Will there be enough people out here to get us toward our goal? Will people be annoyed? Will my volunteers get pneumonia?
I knew we were going to be all right round about 8:30, when the rain stopped for a time, and the beautiful sun crept over the roof of one of the buildings. A GWC member was reading in one corner, I in another, and things felt really beautiful. As I watched over the rim of my book, I saw people walking by all frowny, and then smiling a little as they saw us and overheard our literature. The first person besides me to give us money dropped a handful of change in our bucket without even hestitating, and I paused long enough to call a thank you after him.
I was out for about two hours in the morning, then over three hours in the evening (during which I read from Gregory Maguire's Mirror, Mirror. All day, volunteers came in and out for their half hour spots, some staying longer, and everyone contributing. I heard tales, when I returned from teaching, of monitors getting scores of people to throw change in the buckets, and spreading flyers around with facts about what we were doing. Also when I returned, one of the monitors successfully got my sheet-poster (made with muslin and duck and electrical tape) to stay up on a column, billowing like a sail so that everyone could read it clearly.
The weather was excruciating (I think we had every kind of rain possible, and we closed the night at no more than 45 degrees!), but somehow the challenge made it all the more endearing. Everyone worked hard to make this work, and since it was my idea and my planning pouring into it, I felt extra warmed by all their efforts. We all believed in what we were doing. Lots of people, despite the cold, stopped to talk to us and say how cool the event was, and asked us if it would be annual.
The proof is in the pile of change I had in the bucket: We raised $169.35. With that, a donation from my Mum, and a portion from the club, I think we'll be able to send $250. How great is that?
I still don't feel quite right--wind burn!--but I'm so proud of the club and of this event.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Avacious is mad busy, and behind in her work. She will be secluded this evening and much of tomorrow evening.
However, the events are dropping off the list one by one, and there is an end in sight. And then? Bubble bath.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Pretty People

So, yesterday I think I had a taste of what it is like to be a pretty person.
I had big plans to to out to the Franklin Park mall, to go shopping for a few things that I needed, like a light-colored trench coat or similar. I haven't been shopping in a while, so I decided to go fancy. I hot rollered my hair. I wore my lavender boucle sweater with the satin obi. I wore my favorite jeans and my black mary jane heels. Also, I did not wear a coat.
Throughout the day, I kept noticing people looking at me, and I think I overheard a comment that involved "sweater" at one point. I also got several direct compliments on the sweater, including one from a sales girl in Express who was quite glammed up herself. I'm not counting the weird kiosk guy who called me "meess" and who wanted to do my hair because I am "so preetty."
It was most noticeable in Victoria's Secret, where a sales girl complimented my hair. That never happens. Also, all the floor girls were very chatty with me, and I didn't initiate any of the chattiness. Now, I understand it could be because I finally found a bra that I think will work as well as the old Angels Lined Demi with Lace, which they don't make anymore and have replaced with the Miracle fit, which is not miraculous for me in any way. After a bra consultation, and being measured again, I am back to 32B (they can take as much band as they want, but leave my cup size alone!). The gal brought out some options, and we discovered that the Biofit is not only flattering but also the right size for me. So I was all smiles, and some people are of the opinion that this helps one's prettiness. Could be.
In any case, it was a little weird to get that much attention and I'm not sure how I feel about it.
The good news is, I found a coat. I went into every store in the mall where I thought I could find such a thing. Very few stores have any coats right now, even lightweight ones. J. Crew had a few on sale. JC Penney had a few colored vinyly ones. But no, it was H&M that won my dollar, as Carrie will no doubt be glad to hear. They had a number of cute trenches, but very few left in my size, so I got a cute fitted A-line, sand-colored coat of trench length. It was also the right price (since J. Crew's even on sale were $100 and up).
It was an interesting day and one which left me exhausted. I did barely any work, but I guess a girl needs a day off every now and then.

Friday, April 10, 2009


My knee is not pregnant.
That is all I know so far. I am still waiting for the real results :)

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Popliteal Fossa

So, I've had this pain in my knee/leg for months now. I had thought it was just an old injury reflaring, but then realized as it didn't heal and didn't heal that maybe I should see someone, especially since I've been having mysterious pains in hip and back on the other side that I think are connected to this nonsense.
Saw my CNP today (because I relate to her better than my actual doctor) and demonstrated what I can't do right now very well on that leg that I can do perfectly well on the other (through a duet of dance stretches). Politeal fossa cyst, says she (that's medicalese for knee sac-of-fluid-not-to-be-confused-with-bursitis). That's the working theory.
Lady ordered me an ultrasound, which is where I'll be on Friday morning. I'm hoping she's right, because that means I can maybe get it taken care of for keeps. I know this won't mean much to non-dancer-types, but it would be nice to be able to touch my chest to my thigh again without having to stretch for two hours to do it, or pay for it later. It would also be nice to get my splits back, and get my back stretched properly, none of which I can do with this nonsense.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

MSU + Championship Game = Awesome.

Avacious is sorry. She can't hear you over the sound of how awesome MICHIGAN STATE IS!

Friday, April 03, 2009

Blasphemous Shows and Facebook Statuses

Avacious enjoyed being mocked from within Supernatural last night. It wasn't snort-milk-out-of-nose funny, but she definitely laughed aloud in the first fifteen minutes.
Avacious is usually a Sam girl, but she's not sure how she feels about the demon bloodsucking thing.
Avacious is decidedly not a Dean/Sam girl. Ew.
Avacious wonders why Dean told Lilith what was going on; why not just let the archangel blast her?
Avacious thinks Supernatural has been exceptionally blasphemous lately.
Avacious is not sure how she feels about the Winchester Gospel.
Avacious sometimes wonders if she's going to hell because she loves Supernatural so much.
Avacious sometimes wonders if Supernatural is going to hell.
Avacious loves Castiel's edgeways stares, and wishes she could do this effectively to add to her expressions repertoire for striking fear into the hearts of her students.