Sunday, July 30, 2006


Damn and blast.
IKEA's website now reports that they are out, OUT, of the white version of the sofa I want. Thus, my backup plan of getting the white sofa and buying an extra blue cover when it comes in is destroyed.
They only have beige and a red and white stripe in right now, both of which are the same price as the blue. Oh, and the number of stores in this country that have Idemo Dark Blue has dwindled to two. How is this possible? HOW?
This is the sound of me begging:

Update: I called IKEA in what basically amounted to furniture panic, and the lady said they did in fact have white in at Canton. Basically, I'm going to have to pull off a herculean feat of arranging transport, calling IKEA to make sure they have the sofa, and getting it into my place all at the same time. The lady also said that they actually will wait 6 weeks to *make* the order, and then it's a week until it's delivered (hence the previous 8-week timetable), but a: they may move up the order date, and b: they may not reorder the color at all.

Crocheting/Bumps in the Night

Pictures are working again; ok, so this isn't the best picture of me ever, but I made that hat. I have also since made a scarf to go with it. I am now working on a 1940s crochet design for a long snood, with a more modern yarn. So I can consider myself a crocheter, I think. I'm still not very good, but the motions are much easier now.

So, now I'm sitting here watching the weather map, and a storm/rain system I was sure was going to hit us looks like it's trying to divide and break apart in the's going to be close, but I think it will still get us at least a little, and if it can do anything to make it cooler, I'm all for it. My apartment is...unthinkably warm. I keep waking up in the middle of the night feeling ill, and I think it must be from heat, even though my fan is on me.

Also, I think I'm hearing fan occasionally makes a strange click, but I'm quite certain these noises aren't that. I was getting out of the shower last night when I heard it, which scared me, because I thought it was my door, even though that was locked. I walked the apartment and didn't see anything out of the ordinary, then went to bed...and heard it again. It was a sort of noise like someone putting something like a pot and lid away close to my wall in a neighboring apartment. Those apartments are empty, though. I thought it might be an animal, but I don't it's on my side, I haven't heard it anywhere else but that one spot, and if it's on the other it sure is picking its times to make the exact same noise pretty oddly. I suppose it could be pipes reacting to the heat. I'm pretty sure I'm not haunted.

The only problem with all this is that I watched When a Stranger Calls Back on tv the other night. For those of you unfamiliar, When a Stranger Calls, the original, is one of the scariest movies of all time (#28 on the Bravo list), about the old urban legend of the babysitter getting scary calls that turn out to be coming from inside the house. I refuse to see this movie because that really does scare me (I refuse to see the remake from this year, but mostly because I've heard it's not good), but I thought the sequel would be okay. In truth, it was. It was creepy but not really scary to me; however, when you're alone in the house, creepy is really enough to get you going. It was that way with 28 Days Later, too. I wasn't scared watching it, just a little grossed out, but it was just creepy enough to make me jumpy later that evening. Thus, in a way, my desire not to see the original Stranger is supported, because I would almost definitely need to be with people and my mind would return to it when I wasn't.

I do love scary movies, though not so much the gory ones. I've been trying to figure out for some time which scary movies I like and why, to see if I can find a pattern to help me choose new flicks for rental. I can, but there are exceptions. Jaws has always been one of my favorites; I can see why people are terrified by that movie, and I might be if I swam a lot in the ocean. Actually, I've never been swimming in the ocean but I think I'm more afraid of jellyfish. Anyway, I love creature flicks in general, counting Jurassic Park, even, in that category, and also ghost movies (but not Ghost) and sci-fi-related thrillers, except I often don't find scary what others do. Poltergeist doesn't scare me at all...I love it, but my Mom refuses to watch it.

Generally, It seems like it's the movies where man is chopped up by man that I don't like as well, unless they are supernatural in some way. For instance, I don't feel much desire to see any Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie, or a movie like Audition, which is just too much. I like Scream, though. And for some reason I favor the Halloween series over Friday the 13th, even though both have a supernatural element. I don't mind Nightmare on Elm St movies because they have nostalgia value, though they fall in the realm of too much gore for me (I stand by my Fear Factor-related rampage that fear and disgust/nausea are not the same thing. Sitting in a pile of cockroaches while someone looks for something by hand is thus more acceptable than eating guts. Fear can make you nauseous, but nausea in itself is not fear. Bad taste isn't scary, it's just bad taste.). Thus, when I'm in the mood for horror/fear I go for something involving supernatural creatures or space (even if they're terrible...watching Event Horizon is better to me than risking Audition); I'm more reluctant when a film involves just people, unless it's a suspense movie rather than gore or similar discomfort. Even then, I have to make sure it's not a situation that I experience (like being alone in a house), or I'm in for sleepless nights.

So, to sum up a little---

(Secretly, I cherish the dream of watching When a Stranger Calls, but it's going to be a while before I'm ready.)

And now, it says it's 77 degrees outside and light rain, but that storm did in fact fall apart completely and the most we'll get is probably a mm of rain. Boo, unless it really is in fact 77 degrees, in which case I could go home without melting.

More about pedestrians

Lest my previous post be misunderstood, let me just add that:
1. I used to be interested in being a cheerleader.
2. Cows can actually be pretty smart, but they, like cheerleaders, have the reputation of standing there dumbly without thinking about much. These cheerleaders certainly fit that description. Anyone reading my completely truthful account of their behavior can only be left to agree that they were behaving stupidly.
3. I am increasingly frustrated at the idiotic pedestrian behavior of kids; just the other day, I very nearly hit a kid who didn't even bother looking for traffic before he started to jaywalk; in fact, he was dialing his phone. If his friend hadn't stopped him, and if I hadn't been watching very carefully, he would have been a smear on the busiest street in town, and I would be left with a lifetime of guilt for his stupid action...and I assure you that I am one of the more cautious drivers out there.
There. Now that's out of the way, you can save your ichor. I don't get angry at much, but if I actually feel like getting out of the car and giving you a good yell, you know that you've done something very, very dumb, but also, like a parent, I'm concerned that your stupidity is going to get you killed.
I actually knew someone who killed a pedestrian and has to go through the very guilt I mentioned above. The walker in question was standing in dark clothes in the middle of the street at night. My friend had absolutely no chance to avoid him. It wasn't his fault, and he was cleared legally, but obviously he's always going to have that on his mind. I don't want that, and you don't want to be killed, so let's just agree that people need to be more considerate of the people around them, okay?

Friday, July 28, 2006

bratty cheerleading campers

A big pack of bratty cheerleading campers were walking in the road on campus Friday late afternoon. As I drove down the road, they looked back at me and simply didn't seem to register that, in fact, I was a car and they should move. They gradually moved over, but then did the same exact thing to a white oncoming car, literally staring at it for 5 seconds before they made any effort to move the remaining three feet onto the sidewalk.
Dear bratty cheerleaders,
I realize that cheerleading equates you with being dumb as cows, but even cows generally know to get out of the road when a car is coming. MOVE IT.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

PR/Crocheting/More Antiques

1. Project Runway, with Spoilers
As I have now discussed this week's episode with all but one of my regular readers who watch the show (that I know of), PR goes up top today. (Sorry, Sis).
"Gah! "springs to mind when I think about the episode this week. There was much to enjoy, oh yes, but also much that aggravated me. A few politic notes up front: I like how Bravo edited the show this week to more deftly turn the audience against Keith. He got a little weird last week, but this week he was a brat, plain and simple. Tim Gunn's comment from his blog: "Keith and his petulance are becoming irksome." Right on as always, Tim Gunn. I especially liked...I mean Keith thought he should have won since his construction was, in his mind, so far above everyone else's, even though he really didn't meet the challenge at all and could have been kicked off simply for that. Unchecked arrogance makes me cross.
Now...good things to cleanse our minds:
Tim Gunn walking 13 tiny dogs. How adorable is that?
Some truly knock-out designs: Alison, Laura, Michael, and Uli stood out to me as top 4, not necessarily in that order. I also thought Jeffrey's was attractive.
I like that there are, every week, several designs that are lovely and immaculate. I hope that continues. Tim Gunn points out how many more designers are doing sleeves this season, which is indeed interesting. Remember how hard it was for people to put together a simple jacket before?
Ambivalent things:
I was not impressed with Kayne's garment, which didn't show up well on my TV, and Bradley was really more of a middle runner than a frontrunner for me. I neither loved nor hated Robert's, and Bonnie's looked like it might have been nice, but I really couldn't see it as well as I'd have liked (and the PR website pic is too tiny).
Things that bothered me, besides Keith:
Angela. Carrie and I are in total agreement that we'd wear something like Katherine's garment, and I thought it was irksome that the judges picked on her construction, whereas Tim Gunn in his take said it was well constructed. Hmm. In any case, I would much rather have kept her on for a while and dumped Angela. Tim points out Angela's definite point of view, but I question the merit of that when there is no taste level.
I am also bothered, and I know I'm not the only one, by the scanty coverage of Michael. Perhaps he's interview shy, or doesn't talk to Tim Gunn much, but he's really the only designer we haven't heard much from...he had a couple of soundbytes last night, but honestly, I'd really like to hear more from him. I do like that I get a chance to judge him solely based on his fashion, which is nicely unbiased and lends more credence to my respect for his work, and he may simply be a quieter individual, but I feel like his airtime needs to increase, stat.
Vincent. Geez. I'm sorry, I can't deal with him. I can't believe, either, that he didn't get called out for utter ho-hum in terms of the garment. Katherine's was vastly more interesting to me. Vincent's has been was called the 80s.

2. Crocheting
I made this...Darn, I can't get pictures to work. Going to have to wait on that one, I guess.

3. More Antiques
Yesterday I went to the Maumee Antique Mall, which I think might be larger than Jeffrey's, but which is sort of like an antique store combined with Goodwill or a similar thrift store, with stuff from the 80s and 90s (I spotted video tapes that can't be more than five years old, too) mixed in. It was still enjoyable, though my furniture confusion continues. This time I took notes and pictures of items that might work in my new place, so now I have notes from Jeffrey's, notes from Maumee, notes from IKEA, and shorter notes from places like Target and Pier 1's websites for further reconnaissance. Pier 1, despite its new high-end direction, still has nicely cheap glassware ($3 simple wine glasses, for instance), as well as some cute bowls and some nice dinnerware. Target has impressed me of late with its website's many products, though I'd prefer not to order things...hopefully the store will have some neat stuff.
I am simultaneously making a plan of attack for buying stuff and reminding myself I need to downsize my plans a little...I'm not outfitting the whole darn house in antiques, I'm simply seeking one or two or maybe three good pieces to go with some simple, cheap, but nice new pieces so that I have a place I can genuinely work in. Or pieces I can paint or stain, like IKEA's unfinished woods! For instance, I don't need both an antique table and an antique desk, especially when I have my eye on the previously mentioned antique china hutch and perhaps an old rocker (of which I found several, in good shape). Someday, I'll have a house, so I also want to make sure the furniture I have will blend.
Anyway, I bought three pairs of shoes!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Sad news: Mako died. He was possibly my favorite Asian actor, and one of my favorite actors period, instantly recognizable and in lots of things I loved to watch over the years. Here's his film history. Go be amazed already.

Monday, July 24, 2006

More boring furniture blather and such

Fun Fact: Only 5 IKEA stores in the United States have the color of the Ektorp sofa that I want in stock, according to the website. How very interesting. Oh, and one of them is notably NOT Canton, MI.
I put in a reserve order for my color but, according to the central offices, it isn't supposed to be in store for seven more weeks. I have to admit, I've reached the point of "I want this sofa" and when that happens, stubbornness sets in. I wasn't going to get my heart set on anything before I got into the apartment, but honestly, the price is right, the sofa is actually comfortable, more comfortable than the one I have (don't even think won't fit in the space I have in my current place, so no switcheroo), the color matches that curtain I like, and this has become sort of a matter of pride. I want it! (If it will not fit for some reason, I shall have a tantrum. I have reached that point. I have even reached the point where I think I will secretly measure the door to the apartment.) It will even match my sky chair, which I have in cobalt and haven't been able to fit anywhere in my current place.
Having the thing shipped from online is not an option as the cost is...prohibitive...and I have developed an alternative plan just in case, which is to wait as long as I can, then buy the sofa in white and buy/order the blue cover separately, which it just so happens you can do with this sofa as covers are removable. It's a good plan, because even if by some chance they are completely out of the sofa by the time I'm ready to get it, at least I will have a reserve in for a new batch.
Seriously, though. 7 weeks? That's a ruddy long time.

Anyway, it's Monday again and I've been fairly productive today, for a change, having completed a few book reviews and begun the work of Winter Wheat file transfer. I realized yesterday that I really need to get a move on with this manuscript thing if I want to get it in good shape to start sending it out sometime this year or next Spring, or even see if this is possible. Unfortunately I feel icky today and the flurry of activity may need to be short lived. Certainly, there will be no jogging. What a shame.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Friday, July 21, 2006

Catch Up: IKEA and PR

I'm doing this post out of chronological order so that no one who hasn't watched this week's Project Runway has to scroll down past the "spoilers." (Though, as it's Friday, you've now had several opportunities to catch up :)
OK, so Ikea. I like an adventure once in a while, even if it's simple, and to be honest, I had that rare (for me) feeling of needing to get the heck out of town. So, I decided to journey north to Ikea in Canton, MI. I've never been to an Ikea, and my goodness the experience was so energizing to me (or maybe it was the two cups of coffee with four sugars each I drank while wandering the store) that I had to text Steve several times when I could get service in the massiveness that is Ikea.
I found many things that I like, picked up prospectus sheets for various sofas, futons, and build-a-table items, and wrote down descriptions of things on my handy pink notepad. I measured seat depths, fingered drapes, and wished, WISHED, I had dimensions and a drawing for my new apartment. I saw storage solutions I enjoyed and some that merely seemed practical. I even saw an Arabian princessesque round floorbed, which was well out of my price range, but, well, it's good to know they make such things.
I'm partial to the Ektorp sofabed in dark blue, and this set of drapes...seems like I might be headed in the dark blue, green, and white decor direction, which should not surprise anyone who knows my current dishes.
Oh, and sister, have you seen this? They have a neat lamp with a spiderweb on it, too, but I can't find it on the website so as to leave a link.
Anyway. Much adventure was had, as well as much coffee, and Wendy's was eaten on the way home. Made good progress with in-car tapes of Harry Potter 5. When I have my camera cord with me, I will post the picture of the crazy jaws on the front of a semi truck that was behind me, which I took a picture of over my shoulder. Maximum Overdrive, anyone?

2. Project Runway
I was disappointed with the results of the second challenge for PR on Wednesday. Now, I didn't particularly enjoy the execution of Malan's design (though the design idea was intriguing...certainly a case of needed restraint, almost Santinoesque), but he is highly talented, and I would have liked to see what he could come up with in future, since so far he'd been a decent sort of person, and his laugh was something I could have looked forward to, not in a sexed up sort of way, just entertaining.
Furthermore, I can't stand Vincent, and Angela, though I favored her based on what I saw of the team, is getting on my nerves. I would not have been a bit sorry to see either kicked off. Vincent's dress wasn't hopeless, as Angela seemed to wasn't flawless, but it wasn't a *total* disaster, but as a designer and a worker I can't bear Vincent. In an interesting interview, to which Carrie directed me, Malan points out that he didn't think Vincent wanted a partner. Hear hear. This seemed especially irritating since Angela was nearly kicked off for lack of teamwork, even though, as evidenced by many scenes in the actual broadcast, she did volunteer help countless times, which Vincent actually lied about to the judges, on camera. GAHHH! Scandalous. Angela may be irritating, but seriously, she would have been a lot less so if Vincent had simply given her a task. That's why a leader delegates. Vincent, I'm mentally voting you off the workroom island.
(Side note 1: For some added post-rant perspective, I actually just read Tim Gunn's Tim's Take, which seemed a bit short this week, though I can understand why. His paragraph about Angela and Vincent is Absolutely Dead-On, and I agree with him completely, as he seems to agree with me. A quote: "I was pissed at Vincent for his exclusionary behavior, and I was pissed at Angela for being so “whatever” about it all..." I love you, Tim Gunn!)
Now, as for dresses I liked, there were several that seemed wearable, and I'm torn between Keith and Bradley and Uli and Bonnie for the "dresses-I'd-wear" category. Laura and Michael's dress was pretty, but seemed a little...prommy? Windsorish? to me. I wasn't sorry that Kayne and Robert won, though I didn't enjoy the way the bodice moved so much. As sickening as the Angela/Vincent debacle was, there were several really inspired pairings of people, such as Laura and Michael.
All in all, a weird episode, even though it should have been simple.
(Side note 2: They still haven't done anything about the abysmal web design of the Project Runway pages, so make sure your eyes are energetic before you go there.)

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Oddly related to my last post, since I got the pearl colored handles, I got some Cutco knives today. A former student's friend sells them, and while she gets paid to give the presentations, not for selling (thus making the occasion guilt-free), I needed some good knives and so I bought five, the trimmer, a carver, two paring knives, and my favorite, the petite chef's knife. I'm very excited, as I also get the kitchen shears free, and I got a free peeler for recommending two friends for presentations. These knives cost a lot, but I think I'm going to be satisfied with the purchase. I needed the chef's knife in particular because I really am terrible at dicing and I'd like to learn to do it properly, but I can't do that with any of the knives I own. Plus what passes for my trimmer/carver now has a bent blade and has never cut straight. I'm excited, but I need to be more careful with these knives since they're so sharp.

In other news, I think I really do have a problem with my the end of my run yesterday it was aching quite a lot, and I think late last night the regular phone rang or something, and I tried to get up but I couldn't. I think I might have yelped in pain, but I was half asleep. Today it's pretty stiff. My theory is that the different shapes of my hips, which make the right one have less range of movement, are throwing everything out of whack. I have no idea what to do about this...I know a quick fix to help even them out, but sometimes I think the strain of it makes things worse. I always knew they were off because I could feel it in ballet, especially doing grand leg is slightly shorter. I had this confirmed in physical therapy, hence the quick fix. But I don't know how to figure out what's happening without expensive doctor's visits. Bleh.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


So I've been using Crest Whitestrips for less than a week.
1. Teeth are already noticeably whiter
2. Strips are vast improvement over painting gel on teeth with a little brush and having gross pasty feeling and appearance all over mouth. Strips are much less messy.
1. Teeth are very sensitive. Actually, I took a day off because they just hurt too much for me to want to put strips on. Generally, though, I am pleased with Strips performance.

I'm in kind of a sad place today. I don't know quite why, or rather I do, but it's all so complicated. I look pretty athletic, though, and am planning on a jog since it is about ten or twelve degrees cooler today than it was yesterday. Here's hoping the apartment is less melty tonight. I got two hours of House reruns on tap and during commercials will check in with Gilmore Girls reruns, and I also have two movies from Video Spectrum that aren't due back until Saturday. Also I have a frozen casserole portion so I don't have to cook anything new. Might knit something, too. Who knows.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Brainstream re: Apartment and Internet Shopping

Have suddenly felt a slightly positive attitude shift regarding second apartment. Have been feeling really dumb/guilty about excessive spending lately and worrying if it would interfere with apartment shopping, but on reading Chasing Paper's recent furniture shopping exploits and hearing about Ikea's sofa offerings, I checked the website. Have looked there for other things and not always liked appearance/price of products, but have discovered several sofa beds that would be tolerable, under $700, though have now noticed that prices change depending on color of fabric. White is cheapest, but also dumbest with my habit of writing on sofa by accident. Anyway, sofa beds are expensive and have been seriously considering futon ownership, but now may not have to. Wish could figure out how Ikea futons would be comfortable with no arms to snuggle on, because one option is gorgeous-on-website dark purple. Hm. They show an apartment picture with arm cushions on futon but can't find on website. GAH! What to do?
(sidenote: Am currently reading Bridget Jones 2, so post is in manner of diaryspeak through no fault of self. Simply am chameleon and cannot help it)
Must wait until can get in apartment anyway, so as to measure space and doors and not rush in with furniture that won't fit. Though beds, etc come with assembly required, so perhaps not such an issue with doors. Wish, just once, could have craft table, dining table, and desk in one apartment, but not be crowded. Am hopeful that will have enough room to set up portable dance barre regularly.
*giggle* Am on La-Z-Boy website now and am gleeful that could have a pink sleeper sofa if so chose. Do not however enjoy website's total lack of price information. Generally, don't wish to bother going to a store if I don't know how much I'd be shelling out. Rather pointless. Especially as LZB is expensive.
Hmm. Have been exploring Ikea's Canton store website. Seems like it may be more fun than previously supposed. May need to visit immediately or as soon as have apartment measurements, or both. Will enjoy exploring alone as in manner of hunter. Can I wait until whenever apartment is available, which is not for another two weeks at least and possibly more since lease does not officially start until August 15? Have already been to Jeffrey's antiques to scope furniture there. Have already been on countless furniture websites. Why not explore? Perhaps will go this week for reconnaissance mission. If allowed to drink coffee while shopping, will be sold.
Have just remembered that exciting curtain-buying and bathroom accessorizing must also take place. Yay! Love love love textiles. Also have two rugs made by great-grandmother so learning to make rugs not so urgent. Very soft circle rugs. Could make all things, of course, but have enough sewing and knitting projects, really.

V. sorry, all, for being so boring. Realized today that now there are three blogs AND a personal diary, along with family journal twice a year. Drawback to not talking to people much is needing more outlets. Realized have not really talked with people about inner self much due to time, life events, etc., on both sides, nor have really reflected much on paper. Realized that Mom has also had to bear the brunt of self rattling on about anything in particular. Thanks, Mom.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Vanity, thy name is Ben Roethlisberger.

In a Sports Illustrated article, accessible on, Roethlisberger remarked, on forgetting his helmet:
"I had just gotten my bike all custom done. It was painted up and it was really nice," he said. "I was supposed to take my helmet that day with me to get painted to match my bike so I could wear it all the time when I rode that bike and I totally forgot it."
What I draw from this is that the boy didn't wear his helmet all the time because it didn't match his bike.
I know I tend to be a little hard on the younger athletes, who often seem inexcusably dumb, and who also often say things that aren't really what they mean, but sheesh.
Grow up already.

Thursday, July 13, 2006


On Monday I bought...

Bringing my total LUSH product stash to...

Lotta, lotta stuff. I actually took a previous picture of everything I have, but forgot a few elements from my sink area, so I had to retake it. Yesterday, witnessed by Steve, I had to buy a basket because I have more stuff than my current basket, which also contains other delicious bath products, could handle.
I took a bath last night with half of one of the new bubble bars, called "The Comforter," which smells like black currants and turns the water a frothy pink. I got a lot of bubbles out of it, and it felt much like I was a movie star in one of those baths where the bubbles are piled high and strategically placed. I listened to some of Harry Potter 5 on tape and ate a Twix bar. For dinner, I'd had pizza and salad, and a cold glass of milk whilst I watched Project Runway. This is living.

So, Project Runway. Let me first say that the new layout of the website sucks. I sent Bravo an email politely describing why it was user unfriendly, and I hope they listen, because I don't know if I can keep reading Tim's Take in such infinitessimal and poorly colored print. Ouch. And the pictures for Rate the Runway are too small to see detail. Why? Because over half the screen is taken up by ads, schedules from other shows, and irrelevant browse material that I don't want to look at because I don't believe it is any better than PR and I can only handle so much eyestrain.
Now, about the fashions and designers. I was sad to see Stacey go, because I think she had more to offer than some of the other contestants might prove to in upcoming episodes...though her sewing machine difficulty (which I would probably have, too) was a serious liability. I was also sad for everyone when they had no furniture after this challenge. How demoralizing is that? This isn't boot camp. It's not even fashion camp, as Tim Gunn said in the season 3 casting show (which was fun).
Now, Keith got a lot of flack for the simplicity of the design, and I, like Tim was also surprised when the judges didn't pick on innovation, as they did so often last season, but the dress was adorable, and the accessorizing was well chosen. Should Robert or Laura have won? I don't want to take sides at this date, but I liked Keith's look and I'm certainly not sorry that he won. I am looking forward to seeing more of these three down the line.
Also strong was Michael Knight. His dress was absolutely adorable and I love love love the way you know people look at him and make judgments about who he is, and then the confections he designs shatter that stereotype. I don't get a reading on him yet as a person, but I loved his dress.
Four very wearable designs in the very first challenge! Others were certainly interesting, and some wearable but perhaps not well made or not fully conceived.
I don't dislike anyone yet, though I would feel distinctly uncomfortable around Malan, Vincent, and possibly Jeffrey if I were among them. Malan's laugh will keep me entertained, though I don't think he really "needs" the show as much as some of the others, and I don't like his arrogance. Vincent...I can't get him at all. I admire what he's doing in re-starting his design career, but I am baffled by him as a person and designer. Jeffrey...I liked some of the stuff in his bio video, and I think it's great that he's designing for rock stars, but there's something about him I can't quite place that disturbs me. Something that turns me off. I'm down with rock and roll, but I think he, too, might have that special sort of arrogance that makes him a pest, not a genius. That may be a too-quick judgment, and I might be projecting on him feelings about similar people from high school. We'll see.
Anyway, it was an enjoyable first show, I'm piqued for the remaining shows, and glad there's something new on that I like. I can only survive on reruns of House, Supernatural, and Gilmore Girls for so long. I also note that PR has gone the way of Top Chef and gotten a lot more current professionals into the mix. I wonder how that will spark the attitudes?

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Awkward Years

I wanted to share some pictures of my newly expanded LUSH-from-Chicago-trip pile today, but forgot my camera.
Instead, I shall gabble about the phenomenon of Family Movie Night in my house.
When I say family movie, I don't mean, we all pick a movie and watch it together. What I mean is, my sister and I drag the projector, table, and screen down from upstairs, select some super-8 reels from the cabinet, and all gather around in the living room to relive our younger days.
We all enjoyed two nights of movies this past weekend, as all the family was in one house and enjoying rather sedentary activities. The idea this time was that my sis and I would run the show and learn, at last, how to use the projector. We did learn, but Dad still did most of the work. At least we know, now. I also learned about how to splice film. My Dad's system is very organized, with a little notebook about where sections of the film have gone on which reels, and what roughly is on them.
So we started with some of the really older films, when I was a baby or toddler and my sister was 5 or 6. We also watched some when I wasn't born and she was a toddler, "helping" my Dad hammer part of the house addition. To be honest, even though she was small she was pretty good with a hammer. Later footage reveals her pounding nails into a board, "helping" make a "jiminy" (chimney). For my part, probably the best footage of me at a young age was a: dancing in a diaper to some jazz in front of our fireplace, or b: singing in the shower (sounding much like Boo in Monsters, Inc., which you should see immediately if you haven't) and then emerging starkers and soaking wet.
But then, the second night, I snuck in some later films. My sister has a definite thing against the films of her awkward years, and certainly I used to. I was awfully obnoxious or squeaky, and I had some truly awkward times. Recently, though, I've sort of started to embrace them. The other thing is that my awkward years and my sister's are a bit different, so in order to watch the old recital footage, or our My Little Pony plays, or whatever, I have to convince my sibling to put up with it. Really, neither of our awkward years are as bad as we make them out to be, we just get shy about glasses, bad haircuts, and dumb things we said, and it felt good to me to watch some of the films we haven't seen in ages, including "The Teenie Genie of the Lamp" (pony play #2) and ice skating out on the lake.
Our current reel selection, I think, doesn't quite hit the 90s, since there are some films not yet on reels, and they'll stop about 92 or 93 when they're done (we refused to be filmed after that, which is a shame, because we got sort of glamorous). I'm looking forward to seeing the films I haven't seen yet, and hope there's a day when we can get them on to DvD and all have a copy of everything, though I hope we'll always gather around for family movie time. The transfer process is pretty expensive if you don't have the equipment and software, so we'll see. If anyone has any suggestions about transferring super-8 reels to dvd, let me know.
And sister, I know you're reading this: Thanks, or "Thank you, Sawah!"

In other news, two new poems accepted by Backwards City Review!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Open Letter to Person Whose Car I Scratched

Dear Person,
I am so sorry. As I was heading in to church, the wind tore my door out of my hand and sent it clunking into your car door. I left a little paint and a bit of a dent in your door. I'm sorry.
I wanted to catch you after church, but somehow you're quicker than I am, which is hard to believe. I ought to have left my address before church, but I didn't think of it. I'm sorry.
If you're anything like me, you might be angry right now. I take my car very seriously, I love it perhaps a bit too much like a child or a sleeps right outside my door, after all. Whenever it gets a new scratch or dent I'm sad. I noticed you had another scratch, not caused by me, on the same side, so perhaps you won't notice, but if you're anything like me you'll have noticed immediately. I'm sorry.
Thank you for not leaving me a nasty note on my car, because it was probably pretty obvious, if you noticed the scratch, that it was me. The paint I left will come right off, but I am sorry to have left any other marks, if in fact I did and I'm not just exaggerating out of guilt.
You'd think after five years in "Blowing" Green I'd have learned to hang onto my door, but the truth is, my car shocks me nearly every time I step out of it, and I'm a little gun shy. I'm sorry.
Please Forgive Me!