Thursday, February 28, 2008


So I graded four essays yesterday, in my bed, between napping and watching Project Runway. It wasn't very much, but at least it was some and I got some sleep, so I feel a bit better today. My bloodwork came back with nothing serious indicated, so that was good, too. I just need to work really hard on my immune system, and I consider myself under doctor's orders to reduce stress. BG playing MSU this weekend aside, I think I can at least manage to forget about some of the less important stuff that tends to crowd my life, until I get better.

Thoughts on last night's PR:
Rami and Chris both put forward distinctive ideas. On the whole I think Rami was rewarded for refinement and broad applicability of his designs. Chris would certainly have a big niche market for his work, but I don't think that's what the judges want to support as much with corporate money.
About some of the choices for the mini-show: I was not bothered by the proportions of Rami's coat. They said it looked big, but at the same time it is a fall coat. I have to see it on the actual runway, in motion, but I at least liked its color. Some of the judges had a problem with the sides of his glamour dress, but here's the thing: Yes, the hips look bigger, but the waist looks SMALLER. It's an illusion that used to be created all the time to make the wasp waist. I was surprised no one mentioned that. It is a very Barbie shape, which is pretty popular.
When I first saw Chris's collection online, I totally thought that the hair was monkey fur. It looks almost exactly the same as 20s designs utilizing monkey fur. In all, though, I think Chris will end up being sought after in the way that finalists sometimes are by viewers. I think he'll be successful.
The show itself: I do really love that these designers get along pretty well. There is conflict, but it's not the kind that leaves you with a bad taste, at least not now. Can you imagine what it would be like if, say, Victorya were in the final three?
Did anyone notice the significance of two designers going with a military inspiration, Jillian and Rami, and two with a sort of gothic inspiration, Christian and Chris? That kind of threw me, and I'm surprised nothing was said. The judges thought Rami and Chris were both dark, but Rami isn't really gothic, and he has some very colorful pieces in his collection.
I'm a little worried about Jillian because of what Tim said on color palette...I noticed the same thing looking at her collection online. But then, Christian doesn't have much of a color palette either, so I'm not sure how that will play out.
Yikes! I'm really glad Ghosthunters is new next week, and PR finishing right after. That's good TV right there.

And now, for something completely different, copied off Cornshake:

You Are a Colon
You are very orderly and fact driven.
You aren't concerned much with theories or dreams... only what's true or untrue.

You are brilliant and incredibly learned. Anything you know is well researched.
You like to make lists and sort through things step by step. You aren't subject to whim or emotions.

Your friends see you as a constant source of knowledge and advice.
(But they are a little sick of you being right all of the time!)

You excel in: Leadership positions

You get along best with: The Semi-Colon

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry

I felt really unmotivated to do much this weekend. I didn't have any work, and I went to my hockey games and then went straight home. I watched some TV, and on Sunday I cleaned a great deal of my kitchen, including completely flipping my storage system. Pots and pans are now in the bottom cabinets, and most of my food is in the top, and plates and bowls are right above the sink. I also bought a lot of airtight canisters for my flour, sugar, pasta, potato buds, and such, to take care of the bug problem (did I mention that? I can't remember). I have great hopes that everything will be more accessible, though there are some kinks to work out.
My laziness/homebodyness caused me great guilt, since my friends were doing cool things like hearing bands play and eating fancy foods whilst watching the Oscars. Instead of joining them, I spent time in my jammies and watched Pride & Prejudice twice (yes, all 5 1/2 hours or whatever it is). And flipped my kitchen.

Things started coming into focus when on Monday and Tuesday I kept dropping things, and things were falling out of my cabinet as a result of me not fixing them in place when I pulled stuff out. I broke my favorite plastic cereal bowl, but didn't realize it and put milk in it anyway, which ran out all over my counter. Then, on Tuesday, I was inexplicably sleepy at strange times. Monday I had a small cough but didn't think anything of it. By Tuesday night, I had a raging sore throat. Now, I am miserable. I am at school, but I am actually going to the doctor during my office hours. I went to ReadyCare last time I was sick, but this time, with strep going around and the fact that I am sick for the fourth time since New Year's, I want to go to my actual doctor. Or rather, nurse practitioner.

So, please don't think badly of me, my friends, because I have been antisocial. My body has been trying to tell me something, and despite all the rest I was thinking I'd been getting, it's still not ready to roll. I promise I will do my best to get healthy all the way this time, maybe get some antibiotics if it's called for, and beat the daylights out of these stupid germs!

Friday, February 15, 2008

I'm so busy I'm not doing anything.

Oh, saints alive. I just found out I'm going to have to go after work on Tuesday to the place I'm ordering my JUNE bridesmaid dress from, with RUSH on it, in order to get it almost for sure on time. WTF? And that's not including any alteration time, which usually takes 4-6 weeks and which I certainly won't have time for.
IT SHOULD NOT BE THIS HARD. Bridal industry, you piss me off.

Speaking of fashion.
I totally betrayed my plan and watched all my TV so far this week. Because Ghosthunters repeats at 11 and who really wants to grade at that time? And I was home so late Wednesday I had to eat at 10, which is when PR is on, so that took care of that guilt. And then Supernatural. Oh, how I knew the Trickster would be back. I knew it!
First of all, Roberto adorable is he? I understood him perfectly without the just have to let yourself be seduced by the rhythm and lilt of his voice.
Chris--Oh, Chris. While I think there is such a thing as over-editing, I, like Tim Gunn, was stunned that Chris chose just to take a nap rather than doing anything else with his garment, even sitting and thinking about it. And he seemed completely unfazed by Tim's commentary, the points of which were obvious to everyone else. I was left wondering how he could be so blind...the dress was exciting, yes, but there was only one judge who hadn't seen it. That being said, I also think the shape of the top of the dress, the torso, wasn't all that great. It looked a little hasty and bulgy, and Chris's nap only confirmed that impression for me.
Christian--Tim Gunn admits his look was costumey, but also editorial and dramatic. I agree with those comments, but at the same time it was editorial because it's what he always does...a black jacket and black pants. Theme and variations is very cool, but it is possible to do that and still re-invent until it's almost unrecognizable but equally fierce; he hasn't. I feel like Christian is good, very talented, and with a successful future, but I really want to see him turn his penchant upside down or do something without it.
Jillian--As usual, I liked Jillian's garment. And, even more, I liked that she was on track with it through the challenge, and didn't have a melt down. It seemed like for the time being that's out of her system. The jacket was adorable. I wasn't crazy about the dress, but I liked the inspiration-to-garment results. Her model remains my favorite model, too. I really want these girls to succeed.
Rami--His dress was lovely, there's no question. I love the side with the draped sleeve, and I love the color. But, as with Christian, I thought this would be a great challenge to take what was expected and twist it, to amaze us by doing something consistent with his taste but also extending outside his comfort zone. That being said, I feel like he was sabotaged a little by being offered the Greek and Roman sculpture wing at the museum. It would be like drugs to him, don't you think?
Sweet P--I didn't hate her dress, and I didn't love it. It looked like Sweet P, but it didn't seem masterfully put together, and I think at this stage the judges were really looking to be amazed by craftsmanship. The dress was wearable, but not stunning. I can't really think of more to say, which says something.
As far as the results go, I am most intrigued by the showdown between Rami and Chris. That excites me and promises me more fashion than I usually get. And now that I know the story, I feel more inclined to go look at the pictures of Bryant Park online again. I should be doing work, but...well...okay, there's no excuse. I should be doing work.
Part 2 of Pride and Prejudice on Saturday!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Abigail is thinking...

she's going to have to record most of her TV shows this week in order to read essay drafts so as to not feel guilty taking many hours out for a bridal shower in Michigan.

of buying a Lite Brite.

it shouldn't be this hard to order a bridesmaid dress.

that receiving a "Romance Party" coupon in her blue ValuPak mail is really both hilarious and mortifying. I love you, friends, but I don't want to get together and look at "romance enhancement products" with you.

she should be dancing more, but...

her knee really needs to be less bursitisy, or whatever it's doing on the 7-year anniversary of being twisted.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

'If you want to make it, twinkle while you shake it."

My favorite part of this week's challenge was when all the designers, like children lined up in a row by their mother, dutifully said:
"Thank you, Spandex House."

Designwise, and I know this opinion might be unpopular, but my favorite was Jillian by far. Chris and Christian did a nice job, don't get me wrong, but I loved the bright and cheery design Jillian did, and if I were a Diva wrestler, that's what I'd want to wear. It was also great to see her sort of get her wind back; she worked away with energy and conviction and had a beautiful product. I love that blue with the white; so crisp, so pretty yet fierce.
Chris' outfit was indeed masterful. He listened to his client and gave her something perfect to fit her. I wouldn't wear it, but really, I'm not a Diva wrestler.
Christian's outfit was also good, but (and here comes another unpopular opinion) I think for me he's turning into a one note, too, in a weird way. I mean, how many times is he going to make a fitted jacket and fitted skirt or pant? Seriously, I wish Bravo had a way to see all of one designer's outfits side by side, but I actually just looked at all his clothes on Rate the Runway, and so many of them fall into one box. And I think we had a peek at what he's doing next week, and it was, guess what, a black jacket or blouse with similar details to those of a previous challenge. I'm done watching him make jackets.
Rami...oh, Rami. How quickly the man that seemed like a serious contender is getting buried. I actually did not mind his color; I think Barbie was an acceptable direction. I also liked the ruffles on the top. But the fit of the whole look was kind of crazy. Things seemed to sag.
Sweet P...her outfit looked like jammies. I think dripping with diamonds would have been the way to go, and it didn't happen. I feel like she might have done better with a different client; it wasn't the challenge that derailed her, it seemed like it was her client's gimmick. It was like she wanted "If you want to bump it, bump it with a trumpet" and instead she got "If you want to grind it, wait 'til you've refined it." Ah, Gypsy. I knew I'd get to work you in here somewhere.
Anyway, I loved this challenge. It was weird, it required people to get outside their comfort zones, and it involved sassy "models." And Jillian did well.

Anyway, Carrie tells me there are pictures of the collections up on the web, and while I thought I might last until Tuesday at the least, I feel like I might be headed in that direction, now that I'm on this road. Oh dear. Where has all my willpower gone?
And tonight? Pride and Prejudice!

Friday, February 01, 2008

Alive, after a fashion.

Aside from the physical whatnot, the grossness of which I'll spare you, I know I'm really sick because of two things:
1. Last night, while doing a logic puzzle, I looked down at a name I'd written in a blank about five minutes previously. The name was supposed to be Duncan. I'd written Dunkin.
2. Today, while getting ready to do a little dance workout, I noticed that my right pointe shoe was not feeling as good as it should. About a half hour later, I realized that I'd put my shoes on the wrong feet. (And with this pair, it matters, because they're precurved a bit and they're marked right and can't tell to look necessarily, but, well, I still felt dumb. I didn't even LOOK when I put them on. That's bad.)

Also, I have a hole in my sweater. And I didn't get a Friday hug.

On the good side of things, the weather wasn't as bad today as it could have been, students are standing me up right and left (shouldn't be a good thing, but I'm damn tired), there's hockey on the radio tonight, I got a trip to Michael's planned tomorrow for crafty things, and there was new Supernatural last night. I'm very worried about Dean, and I want to hug Sam immediately.
I believe I shall go to ReadyCare after conferences tonight and investigate whether I need antibiotics, am dying, or need to just suck it up and try not to cough up unpleasant things in the mornings. I asked my Mom if I should get some whisky and she said no, so...there goes that. Did I mention I tasted Laphroaig for the first time when I was in Madison, Wis? I believe I left that out; I noticed it on the bar's shelf and asked Kate about it, and she gave me a snort for free to see what it was like, since I'd never tasted whisky. Good times.