Friday, March 26, 2010

PR: In Which I Actually Get Angry.

This challenge held so much promise. I was truly excited when I found that the designers would be designing their own fabrics, and really enjoyed watching how the computer system would make that happen. I mean, how cool is that, to get your own digitally created fabric? I also loved the butterfly fabric V. Tam showed. I'd like to wear that.
I was disappointed, though, with the results of this week. I didn't agree with much of the judging and felt a little disheartened about it. I feel like it's been a while since everything came together in one episode to be satisfying to me. Are my standards getting too high?

Anthony: So NOW the judges lambaste Anthony about his silhouette constancy? It felt a little disingenuous for them to applaud him so much, and then quite suddenly knock him for doing the same thing over and over. I've already made my feelings on this dress shape clear. I liked Anthony's print and wish it could have been a bigger part of his garment. I still thought his look was better than Mila's.
Emilio: I hated Emilo's print. I like the color, but I can't see myself wanting to wear a designer's personal fabric, nor did I think it represented creativity. I liked the skirt of the dress, but not the top half. The jacket was kind of an interesting departure for Emilio, since he doesn't usually do things like that. I feel like I've seen that coat somewhere before, though, and I can't think where (aside from vintage movies) This was not my winning look or fabric.
Jay: I liked the vibrant color of Jay's print against the black, but I also thought the fabric was kind of boring as a design. It seems like something you could actually already find at Mood. I liked his jacket, which had a strong vibe to it, and liked that he lined it with that fabric. The rest of the outfit was kind of dull as pieces. Again with the stretch pants...or whatever it is. (Tim says it's a catsuit.)
Jonathan: Again with the contoversy. This was the judging that made me so angry I was actually talking out loud to the telly and shaking my head. I don't usually like it when designers talk back to the judges, but Jonathan was well within his rights to do so this week.
I couldn't disagree with Kors more about that print. Sure, it was understated, but it did not look anything like a dirty tablecloth, nor was it sad. I thought it was pretty, light, and kind of dreamy. I felt that Kors was going for more soundbyte than sense there, and I will reprimand the judges here and now for laughing in such a self-satisfied manner at their own (unwitty) witticisms, especially when the designer was clearly upset. A disgusting, distasteful display, and a definite low point of the season.
I quite liked the dress aside from the admittedly goofy kick panel (it didn't pleat, that was the problem). I didn't quite understand the collar of the jacket, but I liked the color and belt and didn't mind that it was backward--clearly Kors has never been so cold that he's worn his cardigan backward, as I have done on occasions. I feel like the judges made up their minds to hate this look and treat it as if it were an alien thing, and I completely disagree. In fact, I think women would really respond to that print if they saw it in a shop. The sum of my feelings are this: I would wear that outfit, and I would look awesome in it. The end. (Except for this: Tim agrees with me.)
Maya: I sensed there might be some trouble when I saw Maya working on another high collar. I liked her print, but the dress didn't seem well composed, nor did it look special. It was kind of 90s throwback, and it was too short. Not a winner for me, but I didn't mind Maya being called out as a top 3. I'd like her to get some applause somehow.
Mila: My pick for out this week. Seriously. It wasn't an attractive garment, and the Model. Couldn't. Walk. That is the kiss of death for me. The dress was saggy and stiff at the same time, which is quite a feat. I honestly cannot find a single thing I like about this look, and that for me is rare. The whole point of a maxi-dress is fluidity. You're supposed to be able to move in it. Thus, Mila did not execute her stated goal at all. Out.
Seth Aaron: I liked how, from a distance, Seth Aaron's print looked sort of baroque, and then it turned out to be something completely different. I thought Seth Aaron was going to win. It's true that he too often makes separates, including jackets, but his shapes are always shapely and sophisticated, and he knows how to put a complete look together. I didn't care for the pants, and his color coordination leaves something to be desired, but I still thought his look was the most polished of the lot.

So it seems like there's some kind of scandal coming up next week. With essays coming in, though, I'm going to have to record the show and wait to find out what's so crazy!


Anonymous said...

I am SOOO curious about the drama in next week's show. I predict that it won't really be all that dramatic, though. A model will be out of commission (not dead, I hope) and the designers will be randomly assigned new models or something like that.

I feel so petty saying this, but I'm tired of Mila, and not just because of her questionable, boringly-paletted designs. She has such a stinkface, and she's one of those annoying people who thinks she can be funny but isn't...due to a natural deficiency in humorous timing, tone, and demeanor.

I wasn't really interested in Jonathan's print. I remember the phrase that flickered through my mind was "dirty seafoam." But I wouldn't have been as cruel as Michael Kors, and I would have given Jonathan points for trying a light, springy palette again, and for including a pretty gold and a warm buttery neutral.

Tim's mocking aversion to Emilio's print *and* the judges' adoration of it were both...weird reactions. I don't understand either mood. I guess I am not FASHION enough to want to display designers' logos or monograms so openly. I feel a designer's style and quality should speak for itself -- I hate things with big Chanel Cs on them, or YSL and LV initial prints, that sort of thing.

I wanted Seth Aaron to win. Sure, he did yet another jacket, but it was yet another *great* jacket, and cutely styled and coordinated with other intriguing separates. He's going to find a wider audience, whether he wins or not.

Speaking of which...I saw Chloe Dao's "Simply Chloe Dao" stuff on one of the shopping channels..and...ick. :-( It all reminded me of those 1980s lunch lady smocks.

All for now---Nick's fussing, time for morning nap.


Abs said...

I think I feel the same way you do about the designer logos. I've never understood that. I am not really that into labels to begin with. In Tim's blog, he commented that Emilio's using his initials at such a young stage of his career struck him as narcissistic, which was interesting--Tim thought Kors would get him for that.
I looked up Simply Chloe Dao--I saw a couple of cute pieces, but also I saw some that are distinctly, as you say (hilariously) lunchladyish. Oh, Chloe. You've lost your way.