Monday, June 14, 2010

Third Floor:Bridal.

I am officially a little obsessed with this website.
I think I've mentioned this before, but I love the show Say Yes to the Dress. I also love looking at wedding dresses online. I also, at very random times, get great ideas for wedding favors or decorations. It's not at the point where I think wedding planning is my calling, and it's not to the point where, like so many ladies, I am planning my own wedding before I even have a boyfriend.
I just like looking at wedding stuff. The wedding industry, I think, is to some extent a racket--the various stores can charge what they like and do what they like and make mistakes and you have to deal with it because you're getting married. Yet there are a lot of great wedding businesses out there, and a lot of opportunities for DIYers. I find what people do creatively to be fascinating. I don't watch Bridezillas, and I don't watch Platinum Weddings--those aren't the kind of attitudes I want to enjoy. But I have a really soft place in my heart for independent, unique, and...loving wedding creation.
Take my sister's for instance--she made her dress, had a string quartet, and gave everyone chocolates from one of her husband's business associates as the favor. The details in their event spoke of what they are like as people, what their tastes are on an everyday basis--and those tastes are, of course, tasteful.
That's what this site, Ruffled, seems to celebrate. I love the small details that people come up with to make their events memorable, and I like the feelings of inspiration that gives me, even if I don't have an event myself.
Also, if I must be honest...I like how girly it makes me feel!


Carrie said...

You might like to read the story of the bloggers behind Young House Love. I'm a fan of their site, and they did their wedding in their backyard!

Tudor Rose said...

I discovered this website,, when I did have a boyfriend and loved looking at all of the unique wedding ideas.

Cloud of Secrets said...

Awh...thanks for the kind mention! It reminds me of what Eric Oehler said about the wedding -- it was the most tasteful one he'd been to. Tasteful with a gilt edge of Renaissance luxe, I hope.

It can't hurt to start a folder now with tear-outs, clippings, printouts, and notes on ideas you like. When the time does come, you'll find it a valuable and inspiring resource. You'll have focused ideas on aesthetics when you talk to vendors, and your brain will already be percolating on how you can do some things yourself. I think I did the clipping-gathering and shopping around for the first year of our two-year engagement. But not everyone has that kind of time.

hadjare said...

If you give me your email address I can share a link to Nick's Bday party photos. email me: hadjare at