Monday, August 23, 2010

PR: Chapi Chapo!

I love hats. I don't think that's a secret. I have to admit--I was disappointed this week in the results in what should have been a very good challenge. Even given the...exuberance of the hats (I'll say it--Heidi's looked like a growth), a creative designer could and should make something sassy to complement Treacy's work.
Take Valerie, for example--she got a LABYRINTH vibe. That suited me right down to the ground. And then her final result was not even close. She lost her way. Or, Kristin--she couldn't come up with the story for an orchid? Really? Miss Organic Process herself? Then, the judging--it was completely strange. Again, we in the TV audience know the designers' process, but even so, nothing made sense. I keep notes not just on my opinions, but also marking who was top and bottom from who got called out--and this time I completely screwed up my Ts and Bs because I didn't wait to hear what the judges thought. It's like I landed in Opposite World, and judging from a few blogs, I'm not the only one who thought so.

AJ--This polka-dot look reminded me a little of the racecourse. Like something you'd wear at Belmont. That wasn't a bad thing, though I did on the whole find it too stiff and poofy. Even the hat had sort of a motion-of-the-horse abstract way about it. That was probably not its intention, but it's what I thought of. Interestingly, the comments are very love/hate on this look.
Andy--The jacket part of this look was a little too voluminous, basically too big all over, but the look was very whole and complete. Also very Japanese, in a way. These elements looked well matched and bold, at least. I am getting a picture of Andy's work that I wasn't expecting from his portfolio, something smoother and a little more...upmarket, maybe? That's not the word I want.
April--This week's WTF moment. I can't defend the underwear look at all. I feel like April is very much in a discovery zone, and you just never know where she's going to fall. I don't feel any trust about her.
Casanova--I agreed with the comment that the dress looked like something you could buy in a store; I didn't get the impression, though, that Casanova thought that was a problem. All that being said, it did look polished and went with the hat well, and the back was really very pretty. I actually would buy and wear this dress, so I guess I can't complain.
Christopher--I love hearing which were the designers' favorites, as I've mentioned before, and I'm glad they stuck up for this outfit. I completely disagreed with the judges that felt this looked like draping fabric; it doesn't. It just doesn't. I liked this garment and I'm not going to apologize for it. It also complemented the hat in a unique way. Judges, I am so over you. I like the silver and the black, the structure of the jacketlike piece, and I even felt this was an appropriate time for leggings. And, while we're on the subject, everyone was down on Christopher because his look was heavy. I'm here to tell you that hats do not need to be buoyant. Where's the fun if all hats and coordinating outfits have to be airy? In fact, most of these hats did not look light to me at all. In fact, the contrast between the lightness of the hat and the drape of the fabric made me like it more, because it was different and thus complementary in another way.
Gretchen--Gretchen went to a kind of Robin Hoody place with this hat, no? I was not really that impressed with her top, though it was a pretty fabric. I'm confused by the leggings/boots. If anyone has figured out what's going on down there, clue me in.
Ivy--Ivy's look was kind of dull this week, and I was confused by what appeared to be fuschia + beige + white + gray. I quite liked the jacket, with the chiffon or whatever in back, but was bewildered by the outfit as a whole.
Kristin--Even more bewildering was Kristin's concoction. Black was a weird choice indeed, and the effect was sort of harlequinesque. I didn't go wtf, but perhaps I should have. In April's case, it was a question of taste, whereas here there isn't even a story being told.
Michael C--I wrote "wood nymph." But the hat was very Stargate, wasn't it? Did anyone else get a Ra vibe? The dress, though it is not ugly at all, was still very dance costumey. The look blended well in color, but not in feeling. Its references were askew. I would wear the garment, but I could also *make* that garment, thus I was unimpressed.
Michael D--I sort of thought this might snake through as the winner. I personally did not care for the skirt, but was intrigued by the top. It wasn't my style per se, but I liked that it was different and an homage to the hat. The petally look was creatively produced. This is a good example as a look that I wouldn't wear, but a look that intrigues me, makes me want to see more, and makes me think about fashion. Thus, I thought it should win.
Mondo--This is another week where I don't "get" Mondo. His outfit clearly said "Mondo" to me before the label came on, but it looks like clown clothes. I really can't bear it. This was a pick for me for the bottom three.
Peach--Pink floral with a zebra hat. I think Peach is just producing what she produces regardless of the challenge at hand. She could have sent this down the runway for really any other challenge. That troubled me, and made me want to keep an eye on her, as you would a child doing something mildly disturbing that you may want to curb if it happens again.
Valerie--Once again, a disappointment. The dress and jacket are certainly wearable, but why this was in the top three is incomprehensible. It wasn't very creative, and referred to the "hat" not at all. What happened to Labyrinth? It doesn't have to be black--Jareth wore lavender, for pete's sake!

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