Monday, November 08, 2010

Questions from Cloud of Secrets

Two for one blogger day. I got tagged!
Cloud of Secrets tagged me to answer some "I love your blog" quiz questions. Thank you, Sister!

The rules:- Do an entry with the prize.- Answer the questions.- Give the prize to 10 blogs.

1. Why did you create the blog?
To be truthful, it's because I like talking about myself. Also, many of my friends had a blog, and I thought it would be nice to stay in touch with their inner thoughts, and share some of mine. Indeed, my first blog entries (and probably many of them since) are intensely chattery. I'm terrible about keeping a journal or diary on a regular basis. Blogging is more manageable.

2. What kind of blogs do you follow?
Mostly family and friends that I know in person, but I also follow Grosgrain (Kathleen is so clever, and she and I kind of look alike) and {this is glamorous} (for a bit of enchantment).

3. Favorite makeup brand?
I guess it's still Cover Girl, even though I seem to be allergic to some of their products. For eyeshadow, though, I have a great Physician's Formula set for blue eyes, and for lipstick I now wear Revlon.
If you ask about bath products, I will say LUSH (who do some cosmetics also).

4. Favorite clothing brand?
Difficult to say. I guess I buy most of my clothing at Forever 21 at this point. Is that sad? I don't know--it's awfully hard to find clothes that really fit me in department stores because I am juniors-sized in a lot of areas, even though I don't follow their trends. Some seasons it's completely a no-go.
I used to buy tons of stuff from the Victoria's Secret catalog, but lately I haven't seen as much that I fancy. I'm not sure why. Their boucle sweaters are still my go-to.

5. Your indispensable makeup product?
Um...I guess some kind of lip product. I really rely on concealer, powder, mascara, and lipstick, but on days when I go mostly makeup free, I still put on some lipgloss or something, although it doesn't always look that great when my face isn't made up. For work I definitely rely on colorstay liquid lipstick, with a gloss. As my sister confessed of herself, I have pale lips and have no idea how to make that work without some color.

6. Your favorite color?
Easy. Blue. Is it because I have blue eyes? I don't know. But I love blue. My niece and nephew's gift to me last year was a few delightful lengths of blue printed quilt fabrics, basically combining two of my favorite things in the universe.

7. Your perfume?
My favorite scent is from LUSH's Something Wicked This Way Comes...only it's not been made into a perfume. I wish! I have a number of perfumes that I wear off and on, but like my father I am sensitive to heavy fragrances. I like my Ginger, spritzed into the air and walked through (it's strong). I also like my Potion lotion as a fragrance (both by LUSH).

8. Your favorite film?
This question is so hard for me to answer. I usually say it's a tie between Jaws and Sleeping Beauty. Jaws is a very complete film. It is adventurous and horrific, but also includes a study of humanity. Sleeping Beauty is beautiful and lush, adorable and also a little spooky. I still get a little creeped out during the green-light-following scene.
I also love the Ehle-Firth Pride and Prejudice, Fantasia, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, Star Trek, Star Wars...I'm all over the place.

9. What country would you like to visit and why?
Egypt. I have always been interested in Egypt's mythology and attitude toward the dead. I am also fascinated by the idea of a souk. How can you not want to go to someplace called the Khan el-Khalili? (Although I'm more interested in Luxor than Cairo, generally).
At the same time, the idea of such a trip terrifies me. It's not someplace I think I could go alone, as I generally travel, and the undertaking involved when I don't travel well anyway is daunting. It's also less safe than most of my journeys, with more difficult travel arrangements, more ways to be ripped off or misunderstood, and fewer things that I can eat safely. Someday, if I have the money and sense of adventure, and health, I might make a go of it.

10. Make the last question and answer for yourself.
What is a talent you suspect you possess but have never thoroughly explored?
A recent conversation with my Dad made me think of this--I suspect I could become good at handgun shooting. He taught me to shoot once, and I wasn't so hot with a heavy rifle, but I did pretty well with the handgun, especially for my first time. We even tried me on shooting a piece of wood going town the creek, and I got it after a couple of tries.

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Cloud of Secrets said...

Great answers, sister! I wish I'd known that you favor Revlon lipstick now -- I often got coupons from Lucky, but didn't use all of them.

Nothing wrong with Forever 21, if it works for you. My blogfriend Collette does great (and grown-up) looks with lots of their things.

Did you notice that the blue fabrics all had a cloud theme, if I remember rightly?

I think, once your health stabilizes, you could see Egypt safely as part of an intelligent, quality group tour. Tauck tours aren't cheap (12 days cruising the Nile for a single: over $6000, or $500/day for cruise cabin, meals, experiences, transportation, and tourguidance), but they seem to be an exemplary gold standard of world group travel. I guess my point is that non-cheesy, seemingly safe tour groups are out there for the single traveler. Thank goodness for the internet, where we can read reviews of such things.

Abs said...

I started wearing Revlon because one of their longwear lipsticks doesn't make my lips break out...yet. I tried a bunch of brands and that was the only one that met my requirements.
I did notice the blue fabrics all had clouds, but I'd forgotten. I am hoarding them for me, for when I finally do something for myself!
Forever 21 is great if you can stand how full of things it is. It's a little overwhelming. They do often have some cute professional things, so I guess it's not that bad.
It's true that web reviews are a great way to research Egypt. As long as the country doesn't unravel in the next ten years from violence, it might be a viable option. Maybe on my fiftieth birthday :) Maybe by then it will be completely worth a safe, fun $6000 trip. A tour group would make it easier to take care of dietary needs, too.