Monday, January 10, 2011

Accio Bath Cap!

It didn't work, by the way.
I had a lovely stolen day on Sunday. Went to church, then off to volleyball (I signed up for a co-ed team at the community center with some friends), only to find out they'd delayed the season for a week. So, back home. I finally got some things put away, though the house still looks a mess. I watched TV and read a book, and dozed on the couch. There was a Star Trek movie marathon on all day, and later Masterpiece Classic began Downton Abbey.
It was the perfect evening for a bath and a paperback book, which I often do on Sundays. I used a new Lush bomb, one that is meant to smell like strawberry ice cream. It kind of did, but more important was the delicious foam that resulted when I held the slow-dissolving bomb under the tap. I was so entranced by this process that I failed to realize that I had not grabbed my new Victorian Trading Company bathing cap, a Christmas present I'd intended to use at earliest opportunity.
So there I was, already cozied into the water. Helas! The spell did not work, and I went capless. I certainly wasn't going to freeze by getting out of the water onto the chilly floor. As it was, inside all day in wool socks, my toes were cold and rather white. My apartment does not seem to be heating quite as efficiently as last year.
I can only imagine how much more girly bathtime will be next time, with my charming new accessory!


Anonymous said...

It's a lovely cap and I can only imagine it on you, emerging all damp from the bath.

Cloud of Secrets said...

Lovely display and photograph! I wonder when I will have some long moments to relax in a tub, or to take an extraneous long hot shower during which I don't need a hairwashing. I like having my bath cap anyway; it's pretty in our bathroom, and a better match to the decor than my bright blue plastic one from Walgreens.

Abs said...

Alas, the photograph is not mine--it's from the VTC website!
@Cloud--Having it does make me feel more ladylike, even by its very presence. Mother's Day is coming up...perhaps a child-free house is in order for a few hours?
@Terri--I think I shall have to employ a giant powder puff and a frilly peignoir, too, don't you?

Rachele said...

What an amazing shower cap! It's almost too cute to use..ya know? I'm traumatized by shower caps at the moment because last time I put one on, there was a stink bug inside. eek!


Abs said...

Rachele--EW! That's a good reminder, though, that I should check mine to be sure no house centipedes crawl inside.