Friday, May 20, 2011

Feathers, anyone? Emily West Lowry

My hours and computer habits this week have been completely ridiculous--random, meandering searches, at the office until nearly nine...
Yet I also searched myself straight into a very intriguing new local business:
Emily West Lowry Designs
Emily is a local woman, who attended BGSU for degrees in history and geography; she is now running an online business and consigning her work to bridal shops and salons, and opening her own store in Waterville, OH.
You've heard before my affinity for 30s/40s fashion, and for vintage gear. You've seen my modern outfits with spins from another time. Looking at Emily's work, it is clear why it appeals to me: feathers and birdcage veils, jewels and buttons, in glamorous and well produced arrangements for the hair. Her work is feminine in the way that suggests a woman who is strong and insightful, used to making statements that people notice, but also keeping a part of herself secret.
I'm greatly looking forward to visiting Emily's shop when it opens in June.
I'm also continuing to work on designs for unique garters, and Emily has given me a new charge to believe that my work has a place in the modern fashion world.

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