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PR: Nina's Day-to-Night Adventure

Confession: I did not actually watch all of this episode. I recorded it, but I managed to turn it on right when the runway show was about to start. Watching that last half hour was the most important part for this blog, especially since I read the other PR blogs on
Since my concern is generally the fashion results, I'm good to go.
The challenge was to design a look for Nina that she could wear all day, at the office and then at some industry event. There were a lot of prize components, and a lot of judges. Let's see how things came out (and once again I've listed the scores-to-date from Rate the Runway).

Anthony Ryan (2.86)--the fabric choice seemed on, but this look was kind of plain, and the shape too round, meaning it wasn't quite fitted enough. This black-and-white outfit would be better for a lunch out than day-to-night.
Anya (3.24)--I liked the top back of Anya's jumpsuit, and I'm glad for her that her dyeing came out well. However, I'm really not into jumpsuits in general and I cannot see Nina in this piece. It was just a bit too young--not that Nina is old, just that she'd look like a junior in this piece instead of a superior.
Becky (3.53)--I have to say, this is my favorite look. It's the only one that made me go, "Yes." Maybe it's not super fashion-forward, but it's not fashion-backward, either. I wish this would have gotten more love, because frankly I loved it and I thought it would have looked fun on Nina, too, but without beeing too youthful.
Bert (2. 63)--Two words: Crotch slit. Yes, there was some merit to the shape of the neckline and shoulders, but that crotch slit was absurd. I normall don't comment on references, but this dress seemed derivative to me, like a wannabe Holly Golightly.
Bryce (1.88)--Someone please tell me how Bryce did not get called out this week. Sewing problems don't always show up on the runway, but that hem stood out miles off. It also was very like dresses we've seen on the runway before, only in a less skilled version. Andy South had a similar shape in the couture vs. ready-to-wear show, and I pointed out that it was a little juniory. On top of all of that, it would be a disaster for Nina.
Cecilia (1.44)--Kind of surprised, like everyone else, that Cecilia didn't go home this week (although really it should have been Bryce). The dress had no shape. I mean, that yellowish fabric wasn't terrible. Something chic could have been made with it. Even that striped trim sort of idea could have worked with a better neckline. In any case, Cecilia sounded exactly like Fallene this week.
Danielle (1.94)--Danielle should have been safe this week, not in the bottom. Sure, there's nothing great about this outfit, but it is at least wearable, unlike Bryce's dress. No, Coles, it does not look like something a mother would wear in the kitchen while making babyfood. No, Kors, it does not look like the 80s. (These judges--honestly, it's like they live on the moon. They have no idea what the populace wears.) There was some design in the blouse that I could respect.
Josh M. (2.64)--Coral and grey. *sigh* The shape of this dress was good for Nina, and I can see why he thought it would appeal to her, but this was another look that fell in the middle. It's just a little too punk, not really for the challenge.
Julie (1.78)--As evidenced by the PR blogs and various other opinions, Julie's outfit was not that bad. I openly acknowledge that it didn't fit the challenge, and I was not at all into the creamsicle color of the sleeve. But the shape was cool on the wrapped-over side, and it does take some skill to block things together that way. It was flawed, yes, and it could have gone better, but it was not the disaster the judges made out, particularly in comparison to some others.
Kimberly (3.73)--I don't get it. She made a sci-fi top and she won. Even a slightly dated sci-fi top. The shape of the bottom of the top I like, the draping of the wraplook side. I also think I would have liked the top more if it had been in another fabric. Someone said it was gold brocade, but it doesn't look like it. The pants are very nice (they're navy, by the way), but that's what Kimberly does, just as Terri did. I will also admit that Nina looked nice in the outfit as a whole, and it photographed well. From the viewpoint of fitting the challenge, that's great for Kimberly. But that fabric...
Laura (2.66)--I liked this better on the runway than in the still photos. The idea of the dress was solid, but little flaws stand out, like the over-bunchiness at the waist, the shortness of the top skirt panel, and the fact it doesn't really say day to me. I guess in the end I want to like this more than I do.
Olivier (2.25)--Remember what I said about that line between subtle and too subtle? Yeah. Olivier lives there, and this time, he crossed the line into, "What is this?" The sewing didn't seem as skilled, but more than that this look doesn't meet the half of the challenge aimed at evening fashion events. This outfit, like some of the others, also indicated poor use of shoulder padding, or cuts that look like shoulder padding.
Viktor (2.81)--The shape here was good for Nina, but that black is kind of dull. It also made the exposed zipper very obvious. The skirt dart horizontally was kind of interesting. This outfit more than the others made me think of Nina, despite the color. It's also interesting to look at Viktor's outfit and Bert's side by side. This one is much more sensible.

So--let's recap.
The judges' favorites:
Kimberly, Viktor, Anya
The judges' least favorites:
Julie, Cecilia, Danielle

The popular vote favorites:
Kimberly, Becky, Anya
The popular vote least favorites:
Cecilia, Bryce, Julie

My favorites:
Becky, Viktor (for Nina, not for me)
My least favorites:
Bryce, Cecilia

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