Friday, March 16, 2012

Rond, by Cloud

At right: Isabelline, Queen line. Ivory cotton, feathers and lace, smoke quartz pendant.

I am pleased to announce that I am now making and selling custom garters. My garters will soon be available with Emily West Lowry Designs; Emily designs magnificent feathered hair accessories, shoe clips, and jewelry, and creates custom bridal pieces, including birdcage veils.
Rond has several lines of garters: Empress, Queen, Duchess, Marquise, and Dame. At present, each garter is a wholly unique creation, but I am also able to craft sets if desired. Some garters are for very special occasions, but some are suitable for everyday wear. Some garters are the now-traditional elastic, but some come in pairs and tie with long ribbons.
Below are some of my current pieces, with their names and lines.

At left top: The Childlike Empress, Queen line. White satin, with pearl strands and a pearl and gold button.
At left middle: Petticoat Government, Duchess line. Blue pinstripe suiting with lace and white ribbons.
At left bottom: Ariadne, Duchess line. White cotton, pleated ribbon, blue tie ribbons, and Grecian beads.

At right top: Pavlova, Duchess line. Pink dupioni silk, with pink satin ribbon ties.
At right middle: Moon Child, Queen line. White, sparkly cotton, rhinestone moon, dotted with tiny rhinestones.
At right bottom: Bride-Lace, Duchess line. Ivory cotton with satin ribbon band. Lace square, feather, and vintage button embellishment.

At left top: Lady Maud, Marquise line. Paisley cotton, beaded and feathered embellishment.
At left middle: Morning Train to Brighton, Queen line. Paisley cottom, feathered and shell bead embellishment.

At right: Ten-Hut!, Duchess line. Green cotton and Gold lining, decorative stitching, and beaded badge embellishment.

At left top: Rajni. Burdundy satin, rhinestone starburst.
At left middle: Mrs. Wallce, Marquise line. Tartan with red ribbon band, leaves and gem embellishment.
At left bottom: Parvati, Queen line. Raspberry brocade, spray of raspberry feathers, gold coin pendant.

At right top: The Merry Shepherdess, Duchess line. Tapestry toile with cotton lining, grosgrain ribbon ties.
At right middle: Assignations in Vauxhall Gardens, Marquise line. Tapestry toile with cotton lining, locket brooch embellishment.
At right bottom: Wren, Marquise line. Grey satin, feathers and rhinestone button embellishment.


Anonymous said...

You are just too cool for words. EAC

Abs said...

The genes are yours!

Anonymous said...

Maybe from both grandmas - I was the conveyor. EAC

Sarah said...

This is amazing! I am envisioning some very lucky brides -- and grooms -- and onlookers at wedding dances. ;-)

kobe said...

are they belts? so many styles

Abs said...

Thanks, Sarah! I like to think about the onlookers at weddings, too, but also just any lady flashing a sneak peek :)
Kobe, they are garters for the thigh! Some of them are obi-style garters that you'd wear on each leg. Very fun.