Monday, April 09, 2012

Lazy-Busy Girl Tip #3

Picking Monday clothes for work can sometimes be a pain. You're in a rush, you don't really feel like going to the office anyway, and nothing looks right. Save yourself some time and effort by wearing your church clothes from the day before to work.

When you get home from church (or Temple, or Mosque, or whatever) on Sunday (or Friday, or Saturday, or whenever), immediately strip off your clothes and lay them gently on a chair or put them on a hanger. You could even run them through a freshening cycle in the dryer, but I never do. I'm too lazy-busy! Then, for the work day, pull them right back on. You could mix it up a little with a different sweater or accessory, or a different pair of shoes.

This works best, of course, if you don't work with people who attend your church.

(What I wore to church for Easter is pictured, but with a different sweater and a belt added. The skirt and belt are from H & M, the cardi is from NY & Co, the gold shell is from parts nonremembered. Heels from Candie's and bracelet from Black Swamp Arts Fest.)

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