Saturday, May 13, 2006

In Which She Is Freezing Her Fingers Off

My office is so cold! I don't know why I'm here when I'm so cold!
I'm trying to decide whether this is better or worse than the fever I was running Thursday-Friday. Is this like the age-old burn or freeze to death question?
It's been a fake-busy week, meaning I've done a lot, but very little was at all productive for the world.
Take TV for example. Tuesday's episode of House was good enough, but I wish the shows I watch would stop involving vomit on such a regular basis. I actually liked the re-run on last night on USA better, but it too involved throwing up. Only for you, Hugh Laurie, will I tolerate this.
Wednesday's TV was also engrossing. ANTM says goodbye to Sara, which is okay, I guess. I don't agree with questioning the girl's commitment to the process...remember, as a discovery from a mall, she has further to come in terms of her understanding. However, her copying of poses sort of turned me off her. Jade...well, I'm tired of Jade. I respect that she's older than the other girls, but her behavior is the poorest. I wonder if she's going to be the Stephen...see below. I do like the looks of the finale's runway. It looks absolutely beyond gorgeous...wickedly difficult, but like a dream.
Back to Stephen. As I watched the Top Chef reunion show, I was gratified and warmed to watch Stephen's demeanor, even when he wasn't speaking, and his apology to Candice. I think of all the TC characters, Stephen grew the most, or made the most profound personal discoveries in watching himself on TV. I was genuinely glad for him and loved watching him giggle while watching the tapes (Jade, pay attention). The TC reunion was not a little disturbing, but I stand by my feeling since a few weeks ago: Harold. Harold, despite some misses attitude and serve-nervewise, should win. Tiffani is a great chef. Dave is a charismatic person. Harold should win.
Ghosthunters was largely uneventful this week, and Supernatural was nonexistent since the finale was last week. Jared and Jensen, how I missed you. While watching a TV Guide channel supernatural shows special, I learned that Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles (who is eight months older than me) look at websites or message boards about themselves. So, guys, if you're watching, I heart you both, as the kids say, and can't wait until you're both conscious again...and if you're shirtless, so be it.
About the season finale of Gilmore Girls, I can't talk about it yet. Many's the time I would feel the same way after a season of X-Files. Suspense and I...well, we get along on a short-term basis, but long-term tests my patience.
I think that's enough. My fingers aren't typing so well...freezing and a week of knitting and guitar playing have sort of done them in. Enjoy the rain, everyone.

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