Thursday, May 04, 2006

I am a zombie.

Wow, so it has been a whole week since I blogged here. Sorry about that.

So last night was a CRAZY TV night. It was all suspense all the time. I had to eat an ice cream sandwich to stay calm.
I started with a little warm-up action with the Simpsons, just to get my funnies in, and then watched a re-run of the Ghosthunters I've never seen before at 7. Then, at 8 o'clock, it was all on.
I confess that I taped America's Next Top Model. I'm not sure how much of it I'll watch, but it definitely lost out in the immediate need to watch House on a special night from the two-parter, in which Dr. Foreman has a mysterious disease and Dr. House breaks all kinds of rules to save him. I do love Hugh Laurie, as I've previously made clear here, and there was some pretty good RSL (Robert Sean Leonard, to those of you who didn't have a huge crush on him in high school) action thrown in there, too. Good times. Looking forward to next week's episode when we find out if Foreman's right/left disorientation is permanent.
Then, it was time for a new episode of Ghosthunters that seriously made me jump and made my heart race. I can never really tell about that show...they usually go in with the mindset of debunking, but then you always wonder, when something does happen, are you being played? But the footage they showed was pretty awesome, it gave me chills, and I'm just going to throw out to Paul that you should probably not watch this episode by yourself in the dark. (And thanks, Paul and Carrie, who helped me out bigtime by loaning me a tape with Supernatural on it from last week, since I inexplicably forgot to watch it. It was, as they said, a doozy.) So--the night is ruling at this point.
Then, we headed into Top Chef, the show that determines the final three. The results were not all that surprising, as it was a similar situation to Project Runway with several strong contenders. I know a few of the chefs (and one of the judges, and maybe me) were a little disappointed in the results, but I still think these finals in Vegas are going to rock. I did feel sorry in a big way for Harold, who was ill during proceedings but managed to kick out a superb dish. Lee Anne, you will be missed.
Mmm. Delicious TV goodness. Now I have an episode of ANTM to watch, and Sunday's Charmed, a show which is alas winding down, and tonight's season finale craziness of Supernatural. AAAA!
In other news, on the rental of a video game system front, no luck. I might check with a place downtown, but I'm starting to lose hope of a weeklong game fest in which to further my zombiehood. I don't want to buy a system, because I really don't have time for that degree of goofing off, but I just want to play Zelda on a near-continuous basis for a while.


MAW said...

Robert Sean Leonard (or RSL as you so foundly call him) in Dead Poets Society was the primary source of a great many romantic/dirty dreams during my high school years.

So, I guess you are certainly not alone in your crushing.

Carrie said...

I also had an ENORMOUS Robert Sean Leonard crush in high school. As excellent as Dead Poet's Society was, it was more born out of Swing Kids- he danced! And let's not forget about Much Ado About Nothing- very cute in that movie too. You girls got nothing on me!!!

So, does that make him king of the slightly nerdy smart girls? :-)