Thursday, October 19, 2006

Wednesday TV rocks.

So, I know you are all dying to know what I thought about PR last night, and here is a rundown of my responses:
Tim Gunn all verklempt? Priceless. I love you, Tim Gunn; you are beyond humanly possible in nobility and class.
The resolution of the Jeffrey concerns? Warm and fuzzy, just the way I likes it. As I mentioned earlier, when we found out four designers were going to Fashion Week, these four all have flashes of brilliance and entirely different tastes, and I was more than gratified that they all seemed content to be there with each other. The proposed compromise to the budget problem and the resolution of the investigation made me feel happy for them all. I could not have been more delighted if I were sozzled.
I was disappointed that Michael's collection seemed straight out of the Frederick's of Hollywood clothing section (yes, in fact they do sell clothing). Actually, there's another catalog they resembled even more, but I can't remember it. It has a similar flavor, but less of a rep. Certainly that's a style, and sometimes even a popular one, but I don't think it was his best work. I have a theory: Sometimes with young poets, I see the most creative work come out of exercises and projects with restrictions. It helps them seek their own style even as they strive to meet constraints. I think that's where Michael is, sort of finding his way still and how it might fit into reality of clothing. Note that the looks he showed in his audition portfolio (I noted this before Nina even said anything) were very similar, yet the looks on the show were crafty and innovative. Right now, Michael performs best when given rules to deal with. As he develops, he'll hopefully come into his own inner innovator.
Major props to Uil. I LOVE that little bone belt thing at the top of several of her dresses. My friend Amanda and I are in agreement that a different order to the collection on the runway might have softened that jarring neutral-to-print moment. But, I think the amount of applause she received during the showing is a good indication of its potential; I love that they included Nina saying she'd already had questions about getting in touch with Uli.
I am in love with Laura's collection. I would wear any of those dresses, and I am drooling over that low-cut one with the black lace cups and the little moue it made at the cleavage. Do you know how hard that is? It was exquisite. Not rangy, certainly, but Chloe won last year with a similar contingent. Fern Mallis didn't care that it didn't have range, either. I want Laura fashion. I want her to design red carpet dresses as long as she desires to do so.
I am still mad that Jeffrey was mean to Angela's mom. Likewise, I did not find his collection personally pleasing (or rather, like it made me want to wear the clothes). However, I am not upset that he won, because it was a collection with a point of view and with range, and I can absolutely see the woman (or girl, really) who would lean in that direction. I've already heard many comments lusting after the zipper dress. My favorite was actually the short navy blue dress, even though it didn't quite match up with the rest of the collection; actually, I didn't find Jeffrey's collection to be as cohesive as some pointed it out as being; the point of view was consistent, but the outfits sort of ranged to different degrees off that line (eg. that short wispy babydoll thing that looked like she put on an apron and called it quits).
In any case, I am left with the same feeling in which I started the show (post-results of investigation): Pleased for the designers, pleased for me, and excited about all of their potential career moves. It feels, as Tim Gunn so aptly said, that everyone is a winner!

Now, Top Chef has begun. It looks like it will be a snipy sort of season, which I hate, but the mere inclusion of Harold Dieterle as guest judge alone made me want to watch. He looks like he's been living well. I did enjoy that gal who made frog legs southern Sunday style. That's the way to eat! I also felt like the second group's mystery box ingredients were weirder than the first group's. I've been wondering if they felt the same way.
Ghosthunters was ok, but not as exciting as last week. Lost...I know a lot of people have dissed it, but I loved the polar bear. Any episode with monsters is okay by me. As far as ANTM goes...well, I'm sad to see AJ go, because her walk is killer.

I'm looking for a Wednesday tv anonymous group. Any takers? Things have gotten out of hand.


Anonymous said...

I don't appreciate Jeffery's conceited character and so-badass attitude, but I'm glad glad glad that his collection won. I loved the Japanese ghost story idea, and how the colors and angles reflected the kimonos in old Japanese prints. The fabrics looked edibly delicious.

Unlike everyone, I couldn't *stand* Uli's collection. I got so tired of those beige and silver fabrics popping up on model after model. Making a cohesive collection doesn't mean forcing your two favorite fabrics into so many designs. Some of her items made me think of classic Star Trek costumes.

Like you, I loved Laura's dresses, but she didn't play the innovation and diversity game at all. I feel about her as I felt about Kayne - you're meant to do fabulous evening wear and you love it; why force yourself through a competition where they're also looking for sporty casuals and avant-garde couture? Also, I got tired of her evolving wicked jealous stepmother personality. Simmeh down, Laura. I read somewhere that she would call Jeffery regularly during the weeks leading up to the show, and tell him about how much people in the blogosphere hated him.

Michael...I never was a believer. He's an intelligent and kindly guy, but I too was thinking (and have been thinking, for a while) Frederick's of Hollywood. He needs to think more expensive and more subtle.


Carrie said...

I'm really glad Jeffrey won. I never really minded him all season, and since I hated Angela, I really didn't mind he was mean to her mom. I would've worn almost everything in Jeffrey's collection. The zipper dress? Love. The white jeans and striped blazer? Love. The wispy babydoll thing you didn't really like? Also love.

Laura's dresses were beautiful, but I don't see her potential to be a breakout hit in the fashion world like I do Jeffrey. Uli's dresses left me a little more cold, but I did like that bone thing also and that green dress was super pretty.

As for Micheal, I can see where he's coming from, and I think it's good he brings a different perspective to PR. One that's a little more urban, a little more hip-hop. I could see that even with the runway music he picked. That being said, while I think a few pieces turned out better than I would've expected, I did think it veered more towards the trashy side. But he is the youngest designer, so I have high hopes for him, mostly because I think he's so darn cute!

Project Runway, I love you. Hurry back soon...