Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Ok, Ok, maybe Do Not Disturb is excessive. I would certainly answer the phone or the door, and I wouldn't be upset about it.
But I gotta say, TV is heating up big time tonight. Witness...
8 pm: America's Next Top Model. (It's true that I abhor the teenaged dramas of these girls, but I love watching the photo shoots and seeing the results. I just mute the drama-in-the-house parts).
9 pm: Lost. (Stupid Steve. You are responsible for this desire to watch.)
10 pm: Project Runway. (Obviously the highlight of the evening. There is some drama afoot here, I know, but I love the episode where Tim visits everyone at their homes, and I look forward to seeing what everyone is up to).
11 pm: Ghosthunters. (PREMIERES TONIGHT! Oh yeah, baby. Actually, the show is at 9, but Sci-Fi takes massive pity on me by reshowing the ep at 11. Bless you.)
And, on top of all of this, game two of the Tigers vs. A's showdown. Tigers up 1 game, and as an obsessive Tiger fan of yesteryear (how many of you had a mini-Tiger shrine in her bedroom? How may of you dressed in a Tiger t-shirt and leggings and cap every time a game was on? How many of you carried a portable radio around the yard no matter what when there was a game on? How many of you fell blissfully into dozing from the 4th to the 7th innings on Saturday afternoons, tummy full of Faygo creme soda or Coke float? How many of you got as close to the TV as possible and stayed as quiet as possible during late night games so parents wouldn't tell you to go to bed?)
It's all good in the house.
Also, this weekend I planted mums.
Also, I ate a lot at home. One of my requests was oven-fried chicken, and oven-fried chicken I got and ate a huge amount of. My Mom rocks. Meanwhile, my Dad and I examined mysterious holes in the lawn out by the lake, holes that don't really go anywhere but are also not hidden as squirrel holes tend to be. It's quite unusual, but as Dad said, might be good for the lawn, aerating it and such.
Ah, home.
And now it's time to teach.


Carrie said...

Hey, I still haven't gotten around to watching last week's reunion show of PR. Is it worth viewing or should I just give up on it? (I'm leaning toward the later.)

You are wise to embrace Lost. It will bring you hours of entertainment and possibly want to make you pull your hair out in confusion. Enjoy.

Glad you had a good time at home!

Abs said...

Hi, Carrie. I'm glad Monty is better. I liked watching the reunion show because it was nice to see Alison and Kayne again, and there were several funny moments. It was also interesting to hear about how things are judged. There were definitely tense and ridiculous moments, though, with Keith and Vincent and so on. I am undecided.

Anonymous said...

Did I know mom made oven-fried chicken? I thought she usually roasted, and perhaps fried in the electric pan once in a while, but maybe I'm thinking of Grandma Riva.

I am sorely missing pork cutlets and spaghetti right now. It won't be the same if I make them. I just want to put on some jammies and pour a glass of milk and have pork cutlets.


Abs said...

Mmmmm. Pork cutlets. Soooo good. I make those once in a while, but I can't get them perfect, either.
I don't know if the chicken really is oven-fried or not. It's the delicious chicken with salt and pepper and oregano on it, not fried in the pan, but done in the oven. Maybe it is roasted. What is the difference between roasted and oven fried? I guess I don't know. But it tasted awesome. I have trouble coming up with an answer to "what are you hungry for?" but this time at least that was easy.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I know that chicken. I just always think of frying as involving some sort of breading or batter, cooked fast in oil at a high temperature. I make oven-fried fish, for instance...dipped in butter, breadcrumbs, herbs, and hard grated cheese, then cooked in a small layer of oil in a casserole at 450 for about 10 minutes.


Stephanie King said...

Ooo... that fish recipe sounds good. What type of fish do you use?

Abby- I am in the process of getting an email out to you about the workshop I had mentioned earlier... We just wanted to run it for the first week to see how many students will be participating. You will hear from me soon.

Anonymous said...

You can use whatever's on special and looks good at the grocery store, and experiment with herbs. I've used catfish fillets a couple of times, and I seem to remember I also tried tilapia.

I just melt some butter and dip the filets in it, then press each side into a bowl of hard breadcrumbs (or smashed crackers if you don't have crumbs handy), herbs, salt, pepper, and parmesan. Whatever butter is left, I drizzle over the filets in the casserole dish.

I like the method because it's fast, you can get fancy with the coatings but still get a nice fried juiciness, and you don't waste as much oil as you would with a deep fry method.