Thursday, August 14, 2008

PR: Appropriately, associated with lipstick

I finished my syllabi for the first four weeks of my classes, which means I get to do my PR post...that's right, I'm bribing myself to work with blogging about fashion. Actually, I am looking forward to getting lots of handouts and lessons taken care of so I can relax a little next week.
And, as a side note, there are few things more frustrating than knowing that your lips will react to your lipstick (having done so on command a few times), knowing that your back has reacted to a chemical that is in your lipstick (namely, propyl gallate), but not having your back or your arms react to your lipstick. I'm chalking it up to skin thickness and sensitivity, but who knows? It really is a nuisance. But I have a new lipstick, which seems to be okay, and I'll be testing the one Outlast type that doesn't contain gallates on Saturday-Sunday. It is worth noting that, if that one works okay, I'll be able to purchase it in a color called "Tutu."

On to the fashion!
I admit that, with GHI and the Olympics going on, I was worried about catching PR. I did, in fact, miss a few minutes here and there, like the first two outfits of the runway show. I saw enough, though, and of course the PR website has the pictures.
I have made no secret about the fact I don't care much for team challenges. I understand the use of it, and I think pairs challenges are better than the en masse "make a collection" groupings, but I still am not super-thrilled. Ah, well. It was time, I guess. Did anyone notice that all the teams were boy-girl? I wonder how that happened.
Blayne, with Leanne--I did think that Blayne's pieces were a little mundane, but I also think he made a bad styling choice. He didn't show what the outfit would actually look like at work, as he did when he showed it to Tim, so the transition from day to night was completely lost. I don't think that the outfit showed boho chic, either. I liked the colors, though not together, and the whole thing just didn't come together. I missed Blayne's pitch to Brooke Shields, and I'm baffled on why she picked him to be a leader. (Also note that for the second time I get a Victoria's Secret catalog vibe from Blayne!)
Jerell, with Stella (bobbarella)--Okay...personally, this look didn't appeal to me. It's too busy, and while Brooke liked the colors, I'm not sure I did. I also didn't really feel like the look would work for the workday or for evening, but maybe more for the ladies who lunch or for shopping. I don't live in a lipstick jungle, though, so what do I know? I am a little confused on why Kelli was busted for leopard print, but Jerell's skirt and belt tie looked jungly and he escaped criticism. Oh well. Anyway, lucky Stella this week, no? I did like watching these two work together. They got along well.
Keith, with Kenley--You know, Keith has really come on for the last two challenges. His oufit was my favorite this week. I really liked that skirt, and while I personally probably wouldn't wear that print (but definitely not the print Kenley was gunning for--girl, what are you thinking?), I liked the transitional design of the top, which was clever. I think this pair unexpectedly worked well together in execution, and their finished outfit was definitely TV worthy. While Tim is skeptical of the day-night move, I think it could be achieved with the top's changeability and a hairdressing shift. Easy. I don't want to talk about Kenley this week because she was completely bizarre.
Kelli, with Daniel--This pair was doomed. I really liked the color of that greeny-blue offset in the jacket, and as I believe Brooke pointed out, the shape was interesting. But Kelli's work has been all over the place since her creativity of the first challenge, and Daniel's weird attitude combination of Eeyore and snobbery is really getting to me. I, like Nina, have not seen evidence of his so-called "high fashion" design--only the attitude. Alas, I was hopeful for Kelli and her Ohioness, but leopard print? Really?
Korto, with Joe--This is a look I didn't get a look at on the runway. While I do not think the shirt looks like a giant sweet potato, as Tim said in the design phase (he's getting snarky this season, no?), I don't think it fit the challenge. It was eyecatching, and might be interesting as the "pop" piece in a travel ensemble with a pair of pants (the piece you bring that is completely impractical but which cheers you up and gets you some attention in the midst of your trip, like when you finally buy a real dinner at a real I the only one who does this?). The skirt was bland, though. (Actually, Tim's Take informs me this was a dress and overshirt. Hmmm.)
Terri, with Suede--I feel like this was Terri designing for Terri. While not unattractive, I don't think the outfit reached the sophistication level necessary--the "expensive look" that Brooke spoke of. Her model also did a very unattractive job of demonstrating how the sleeves can sit on the shoulders, not just off them. I think this might have gone better on the shoulder with a cute vest for work, then off the shoulder and no vest for going out. A different neckline, in other words. Almost like a ruffly cowl. I don't know what you call it, to be honest. Anyway, I didn't dislike the look, but I didn't see it for this show--even though I've never seen it. Also, I don't know why Terri insisted that Suede do that top, even when he expressed discomfort. She knew he could do it, but...I don't know, the whole thing seemed off. And if they'd been called out, it would have been easy for Suede to call Terri out on poor leadership. Bad dynamics.

With all that said, who's ready for drag queens next week?


Anonymous said...

I am *so* ready for the drag queens!

"Daniel's weird attitude combination of Eeyore and snobbery"

Oh lol lol. lol.


I don't have much of intelligence to say about this challenge. I was proud of Jerrell and Stella for being chipper about their pairing and for making a sumptuous and "expensive" outfit.

I was very surprised that Brooke chose Blayne as a team leader rather than Leanne. It sounded like she loved Leanne's design. She said, quote, "I want this for myself!" And she'd seemed polite but dubious about Blayne's pitch for Bermuda shorts. I wonder if the producers had something to do with Brooke's "choice." Like, let's throw Blayne into the mix for some excitement.

Kenley continues to bug me. I'll bet she was one of those obnoxious "A" students who makes a big deal of trying to be the best, rather than being wry and discreet like you and I were. She's like...early Hermione.

I don't know who to root for this season. They're all bratty now.


Carrie said...

Jerrell and Stella were my favorite this week, and I really liked their outfit. Did you catch how classily Jerrell handled getting Stella last? That won him huge points in my book. The guy has heart; it's refershing not to have someone cruel on a reality show. I also think their final look showed true collaboration.

As soon as I heard Blayne's description, I told Paul that shorts aren't professional, while Paul told me to give him a chance. His finished look was very plain, I thought. It looked like something you could get at the Gap. Aside from the design, I think his real problem was fabric and color choice. I think he would've done much better if he picked richer fabrics or a darker palette to make it look dressier.

Kelli - sigh. I didn't want her to go, but her design was definitely the worst this week. I knew she was a goner as soon as the brought up the issue of taste. My problem was not incorporating leopard print- I think she could have done that succesfuully. I think even if she had made it just a dress underneath, and not that horrid cropped bustier thing, I think that could have safe her. But a bare midriff combined with leopard print just screams hooker.

Terri cracks me up, and her attitude makes her my favorite. Hee! I wasn't in love with her outfit this week. The shirt turned out ok, but all she did was make a pretty shirt and very plain black pants. I guess you couldn't pair more with that shirt, but in the end, she really only made one exciting piece.

And man, I think Kenley sucks. That ugly fabric she picked out, her laugh, her inappropriateness on the runway, that stupid damn flower. She bugs.

Good luck w/ the lipstick!

Carrie said...

Oh yeah, and next week has the potential of being the most awesome episode of Project Runway ever. The return of Chris March! Drag queens! Yes!

Mrs. White said...

So SECP already said it first, but yes - I am also *so* ready for drag queens. What an awesome challenge idea.

I agree with most everything you said here, except for the fact that I really liked Jarrell's outfit. It was my personal favorite, and I liked how he and Stella truly collaborated. I haven't really known what to make of Jarrell personally thusfar, but he was really nice to Stella so I think I like him now.

Also, Blayne needs to go. I can't freaking stand him. Dramalicious? Gah.

Also also, Kenley is a crazy person. A good designer, but a crazy person. What is up with her and her uncontrollable giggling? Weirdo.

Abs said...

As a follow up to Kenley laughing: I just read on a blog comment that someone who gets the Bravo texts during the show got one that said the laughter was in part due to the awkward silence and Michael Kors' expression after what Daniel said. Inappropriate still, but mostly nerves-connected.