Monday, August 25, 2008

You're In/You're Out

Following are my top and bottom 5 PR episodes of all time...I think. I had to comb back through some blogs to remember my thoughts on some of them. Favorites are generally based on both the results and the challenges themselves, producing synergistic enjoyment. Least favorites made me angry or annoyed for some reason, or were boring. I have also completely left the finale fashion shows out of the mix, because the final runway shows are always exciting.

My Top 5 PR Episodes:

Grocery Store, season 1

I love this episode not just for the challenge, which sort of established the PR "way," but also because when I think about it I feel a little excitement, like the Earth is new. Rose-colored glasses and whatnot.

Postal Uniform, season 1

I loved the idea of completely revamping a truly everyday and almost invisible element, and I loved the results of a couple of the designers--it gave you the feeling like PR could change the world.

Garden Party, season 2

How can you not love designers creating things with plantlife? Despite their difficulties, some of the designers knocked out truly amazing dresses.

WWE, season 4

I lovedlovedloved Jillian's results for this challenge, but it was also fun and relatively dramaless. The drama had its proper place, rather, in the challenge itself. Also, one of my favorite lines ever: Thank you, Spandex House!

Drag Queens, season 5

Fun, madcap, and with a lot of great results.

My Bottom 5 PR Episodes:

Makeovers, season 2

Some truly tragic results here. This episode made me feel bad, and I don't like that. Kara and Chloe both managed some good results for Santino and Nick respectively, but in all this was very disappointing.

Trash challenge, season 3

The result of this episode (the ousting of Alison) made me feel genuine outrage, and I considered quitting PR with this challenge, and several of those following this season, as noted below.

Everyday Woman, season 3

This should have been such a glorious episode, but instead there were tears from clients and ill will, and the results from some of the designers were truly horrible. I'm sorry, but you just don't mess with people's moms.

Black & White, season 3

I wrote in my blog that this was a truly wasted effort. While Laura won, which was good, I really felt like my time got robbed this one. The shenanigans in response to the "no wasted fabric" element and the bringing back of Vincent and Angela were ridiculous.

Denim, season 4

There are probably episodes I disliked more than this one, but it stands out in my mind as being kind of dull, and its results dubious. I'm generally not a fan of denim outfits in general; I like jeans and the occasional mini-skirt, but I associate denim other things with the 80s and 90s and had trouble getting around that.


Carrie said...

Interesting list. I wish I hadn't missed out on the first season, so I could have a fully informed opinion. I never new they did a postal worker uniform challenge! How my father-in-law would be interested in that. I should go look up the pictures.

Anonymous said...

Your thoughts are much more organized than mine are, but I know I'm with you on several of your top and bottom choices. I loooved the WWE challenge too, and the drag queens of course. I don't know if the Postal Uniform show is one of my favorites, but how fun that Austen was game to walk (and fabulously) as a substitute model!

The Everyday Woman challenge is still heartbreaking to watch in rerun. I was disgusted when Angela and Vincent came back (although this precedent meant that Chris could come back in season 4). And the denim challenge...blaahhh, and so commercial with its touting of Levis throughout the episode.

I liked the Hershey candy challenge despite the blatant product placement. The episode made my mouth water, and I truly admired Rami's design.

There are several Season 1 episodes I haven't seen. I'll have to see if I can DVR them. I want more Austen.


Tudor Rose said...

And, of course, let's not forget the best part of the Postal challenge:
Austin filling in for Jay's model.