Friday, September 19, 2008

Spoilers, sort of, not really

I've now sneak-peeked at the collection pictures on Bravo's website. I wasn't going to last year, and then I did, and I'm glad I did this year, too, because it actually makes me look forward to seeing the runway show more. I'm going to give my gut reactions here because they really fit with what I think of the designers' work after watching them all season--it's like they lived up (or down) to everything I already think. Here's what I saw, as vaguely as possible:
Suede...yikes. The garments in the photos look really poorly fit. The silhouettes are often unattractive as well. That dress he did with the strips of fabric back in the day was so sleek. What happened? Also didn't enjoy the "color story." It seemed like he wanted to go a little punk 80s, but never arrived.
Joe had a few cute pieces, but the collection as a whole was not cohesive at all. He was sort of all over the place, and I couldn't see the story he was telling. This was a "decoy" collection, but even so, I would have liked to see the collection better as a unit.
Kenley has some flower detailing that I like, though her overall collection doesn't work for's a little too confectionary, rather than reeling that in and letting it emerge as a surprise with a few garments. Nevertheless, she did have several garments I liked.
I liked several of Jerell's looks a lot, especially the first dress shown in the pictures. But a few of his outfits have that old problem of looking messy to me. Creative, yes, but too many go overboard in the busy category and make my eyes hurt rather than making me want to put on the clothes. Also, they are all shiny fabrics again.
Leanne and Korto...I'm glad I looked at the pictures for this reason, too. They are my two favorites, and their collections are the ones I like the best. I would wear just about every one of Korto's garments, but Leanne also has some really innovative Leanne stuff that is unique and beautiful. Both of these shows look like ones I'd actually like to see in person, things I'd like to ahh over in Bryant Park if I ever went.
So, if you're feeling bummed about the season, consider going to the look book, because you may be like me and get a little excited about the final show.

On another note, I have caught the Rachel Zoe Project a few times on Tuesday; this isn't really my kind of show, but I have to say I kind of enjoy it. I think being a celeb stylist is an interesting job; not sure I'd want it, but I think Zoe would be an interesting person to shadow for a few days, as she picks out garments and jewelry and so on, and does fittings. This show is sort of a guilty pleasure.

And finally, Supernatural started last night, and I think we can all agree that we're in for some crazy business this season. Carrie and I were feverishly texting regarding the appearance of Sam and Dean, and the grossness of eyes being burned out of people's heads! When Sam made a body throw up a demon, I just kept saying "omg omg omg" in my head. I Die! as Rachel Zoe would say.


Anonymous said...

I just looked at the collections via the Blogging Project Runway site.

I'm not fond of Korto's sullen demeanor, but if she doesn't win the finale with her subtle, rich fabrics, bold accessories, and powerful palette, I'm going to bang my head on something. Probably my nice padded couch, but still.

I like the faric forms and craftsmanship I see in Leanne's collection, but the palette is yawnsome. Powder blue, beige, and white? I suppose her work shows up better with these colors, but I was left thinking of some "futuristic" 1950s airport lounge.

Jerrell: I wanted to love his collection, but it reminded me of Jillian's too-much-going-on final collection, even down to the Renaissance armor-inspired glitz.

Kenley: Please, please don't let her be one of the actual three contenders. She's obnoxious and she needs some come-uppance, to put it in Laura Ingalls terms. I mean, I'm sorry, but it looks like she bought a few (rather bad) 1940s, 1950s, and 1980s prom dress patterns at a rummage sale and made them. She's not doing desirable new things with vintage ideas.

Joe: not bad for a decoy. And different from the usual dress-heavy final collections. I hadn't realized his interests lay in Tex-Mexy casual wear. I crave the paisley sundress with the turquoise medallion belt.

Suede: Disaster! Bad recital costumes, JonBenet pageant outfits, and worse. Even the models look despairing.


Carrie said...

I just looked and saw that this week's Supernatural is titled "Are You There God? It's Me, Dean Winchester". Awesome.
I really do love this show. The angel is hot, so thank you show for another hot boy to add to the mix. I'm not sure about the new Ruby thought.

Abs said...

SECP, your opinion about Korto's collection is well taken. It seems like any woman would want to wear her truly gorgeous pieces. I was also really glad you brought up Jillian's comparison with Jerell, because I was wondering about the same thing. It's more characteristic of Jerell's aesthetic, I think, but the similarity is undeniable.
Carrie, I share your reservations about the new Ruby, but I was excited they brought up the problem last night of the boys consorting with her while they are on missions for angels. I'm wondering how long before that comes to a head.