Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Things at which I am bad but love doing anyway

(A tipsy comment about bowling is now a blog post, thanks to a suggestion from Carrie.)
Normally, I hate doing things at which I'm bad, or suspect I might be bad. But some things are just delightful no matter what, and here are four of them:

1. Bowling. I think I might have broken 100 once in my life, and that was surely an anomaly. On Saturday night, I got two strikes, but probably about eight gutters. I can usually get pins down now, unlike in my youth during which, when my youth group went bowling, I was the She-Ra of bowling only because I was so terrible (we were being ironic...get it?), but I'm no great shakes. Yet I love it and will continue to love it, especially if it means I can hear "I Kissed a Girl" and "Crank 'dat" for the first time, mixed in with "Ice, Ice, Baby."

2. Ice Skating. To be fair, I am not as bad as some people. I can usually stay up on my ice skates, can skate forward fairly steadily, and a tiny bit backward. When you grow up on a lake and it is the fashionable thing to have skating lessons, you will tend to pick up a little, but beyond that I can't do much. It is my dream to learn how to skate backward with the panache of a hockey player, or at least to learn proper backward crossovers.

3. Crocheting. I don't crochet much these days, but I go through stretches when that is all I want to do. The only problem is, I usually end up ripping out whatever I've done, because I forget to count, or can't see a stitch. Good times.

4. Painting. Like, art painting (I can paint a fascia board like I was born doing it). Yes, I'm terrible at putting paint to paper, and making something pretty, but the activity is so soothing to my mental state that I sometimes wish I had a little studio set up just for painting. Two apartments is probably enough, though.


Anonymous said...

Well, Ruth gets compliments on the little white hat you crocheted, just about every time we go out in public. I am proud to say "my sister made it." I say it because I'm proud, but also to dash their hopes of finding the same thing for their own tots.


Mrs. White said...

This was cute, Abs. I very well might steal your idea, seeing I am fresh out of ideas for my NaBloPoMo nonsense. Stupid NaBloPoMo nonsense....

Abs said...

Alas, that hat was knitted. My knitting skills are much better than crocheting. And how can you not love a little white elf hat on an adorable baby?
Steal away, Mrs. White!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha. I guess yarn work is my crafting blind spot. I know what I like, but couldn't tell you if it's knitted or crocheted.


Abs said...

Well, get ready, because I got a lace kit for my birthday, and it's about to be time to see whether I'll be any good at that! It's kind of complicated, so it'll take me some time.