Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sound Bytes

Every time students write about melting pots I get hungry for cheese fondue.

I have ordered some bath melts and bath bombs to get me through the winter months. By which I mean they smell good and I cannot resist.

Michigan State vs. BG tonight. Both squads are depleted with injuries and departures. MSU pulled it out last night at Munn, so we'll see what happens on the Falcons' home turf. Go Sparcons!

Have I mentioned that I'm getting a nephew in July? Yippee!


Anonymous said...

Sad for Spartans Saturday but glad Falcons had a good home Senior night.

Abs said...

I know! Every time BG scored I immediately stood up and cheered, like normal, but then as I sat my heart went, "Oh, Jeffrey." Dad's right, though, that he isn't getting the protection he needs. Our Jimmy usually doesn't, either, but everything went more smoothly Saturday night.