Friday, February 27, 2009

I Can Haz Muzik?

I tried a Facebook note on this, but for some reason I don't think it ever published. So.

I need some advice:
I have 9 bucks on an iTunes Store card. It's pretty well known that I'm a music sampler, often buying soundtracks because I like random songs in combination on them (like, I own all three Charmed soundtrack CDs). That's why I love Carrie's birthday CDs, too. I know almost nothing about what the kids are listening to these days, and usually run into songs several or many years behind schedule. My music tastes are eclectic, but I do not listen to country (I do sometimes listen to Bluegrass), or rap (but sometimes R & B), or Christian (but I like Gospel). Feist is my favorite current artist, but I'm not averse to buying old songs I don't have yet, or classical music. I gravitate toward female singers or female-led bands, but that's just because they're easier to sing in the car.

So here I have these 9 bucks (9 because I obviously bought "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)" as soon as I got the card). So what do I buy now?
I am kind of intrigued by Duffy right now, and am contemplating how "Mercy" would sound on my Shuffle. But that's all I got. Shuffleability of songs is important--Can I dance to it? Will it make my spring jogging easier? Will it calm me down when I'm taking walks, whether because it is soft or because it is angry?

Help me, plz!


Carrie said...

Look into Ladyhawke, she's got a fun Pat Benatar vibe. I personally prefer Adele to Duffy, but that's just me. Jessica Lee Mayfield is from Ohio and has some lovely songs (try "For Tonight"). I'm also digging a couple of songs off the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack for working out.

Anonymous said...

If I had music download money to spend, I would get Brandi Carlile's "The Story" (the whole music video is here):

I think it would be good road trip or dancing music, esp. toward the end. The singer also reminds me of Ruth's pediatrician.


Mrs. White said...

Basis Bulat is a female singer I love and who's really fun to sing along to...