Monday, March 23, 2009

What Say You, Magic 8?

Evidently, BG hockey is saved for another year, which I predicted, silently, but still fretted over.
The Alaskan Mount Redoubt erupted, as predicted.
The Mars Rovers are still in action, as not predicted.
Campus lawnmowers are spitting out massive amounts of grass and whatnot into the air, which I predict will give me a sinus headache and make my eyes itch.
I have no idea what I will have for dinner. Predictions?


Anonymous said...

Filet o' Fish or Reuben.


Abs said...

Oh, my gosh, you don't know how close to right you were; I was leaving the arena and was starving and exhausted, and came so close to getting a Filet o'Fish! I went home and made one of those Betty Crocker Complete meals instead. I'm saving my fast food points until next week's panic time.

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