Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Faux Foodie

Hey, y'all.
Thanks for the music suggestions. I am exploring some artists and employing youtube and Amazon to sample. For some reason, I am really hemming over these 9 dollars, like I have to get blow-my-mind songs.

Things are a little rocky in avacious land, but I wanted to share a couple of cool things food-related.
First, I made a pretty great "appetizer" (read, could be appetizer, but currently being eaten as lunch) the other day. Brown some ground sage sausage, remove from pan. Stir fry bag of frozen stir fry veg, or other veg of choice, being sure to cut up larger chunks. Add sausage back in and season to taste. Meanwhile, brown some mini-pastry shells in the oven, then fill with sausage mix and top with a bit of mozzarella or other enjoyable cheese (0ne could also mix the cheese into the sausage mix and get it a little melty), put in the oven for a bit longer, and enjoy your tres fab deliciousness.
I also utilized my much-loved subscription of Cook's Illustrated the other day to make their creamless creamy tomato soup. I won't tell you the secret ingredient here, but it worked out pretty awesome. I also bought a cheap immersion blender (on sale for 20 bucks) so I wouldn't have to do it in my big blender, which is missing its handle and thus is a bit awkward. I struggled with the suction of the immersion blender, but in the end it worked out pretty well. I made it a bit too salty, but am enjoying it, especially since it's made with canned tomatoes. Their recipe uses chicken broth, but you could probably do the same with vegetable broth if you wanted to go vegan. It was all pretty easy except that for some reason I suck at cooking onion and garlic--the garlic always gets too brown. Anyone have suggestions for this?


Anonymous said...

Don't put the garlic in right away.


Carrie said...

I love my immersion blender! I got it for Christmas and it's my new favorite kitchen tool. I hope you end up liking yours. Try it to whip up some eggs for scrambling. Makes them very fluffy.

As for the garlic, I too would say to not cook it as long, but also watch your heat, and make sure your pan is well-greased. I sometimes burn our garlic too, and it's usually because our stove is too hot. It's getting hard to regulate the flame between anything besides off and high.

I would *love* to know what the secret ingredient is! My guess is tofu. :)

GMS said...

mom's right--start cooking the onions first. they won't burn as quickly and lower the overall heat of the pan. :)

(btw not trying to stalk or anything i've followed your blog for quite a while. i enjoy reading your writing as much as i enjoy sarah's)


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