Friday, April 03, 2009

Blasphemous Shows and Facebook Statuses

Avacious enjoyed being mocked from within Supernatural last night. It wasn't snort-milk-out-of-nose funny, but she definitely laughed aloud in the first fifteen minutes.
Avacious is usually a Sam girl, but she's not sure how she feels about the demon bloodsucking thing.
Avacious is decidedly not a Dean/Sam girl. Ew.
Avacious wonders why Dean told Lilith what was going on; why not just let the archangel blast her?
Avacious thinks Supernatural has been exceptionally blasphemous lately.
Avacious is not sure how she feels about the Winchester Gospel.
Avacious sometimes wonders if she's going to hell because she loves Supernatural so much.
Avacious sometimes wonders if Supernatural is going to hell.
Avacious loves Castiel's edgeways stares, and wishes she could do this effectively to add to her expressions repertoire for striking fear into the hearts of her students.


Anonymous said...

I'm not familiar with Supernatural. But I do think the good lord gave us interesting, complicated brains so we could think, wonder, question, imagine, and present new ideas, and also appreciate enjoyable media even if it seems blasphemous.


Abs said...

You raise a good point. This year, there are angels to go along with the demons in the show, and evidently there's a new prophet. His name is Chuck. Good times.