Sunday, April 12, 2009

Pretty People

So, yesterday I think I had a taste of what it is like to be a pretty person.
I had big plans to to out to the Franklin Park mall, to go shopping for a few things that I needed, like a light-colored trench coat or similar. I haven't been shopping in a while, so I decided to go fancy. I hot rollered my hair. I wore my lavender boucle sweater with the satin obi. I wore my favorite jeans and my black mary jane heels. Also, I did not wear a coat.
Throughout the day, I kept noticing people looking at me, and I think I overheard a comment that involved "sweater" at one point. I also got several direct compliments on the sweater, including one from a sales girl in Express who was quite glammed up herself. I'm not counting the weird kiosk guy who called me "meess" and who wanted to do my hair because I am "so preetty."
It was most noticeable in Victoria's Secret, where a sales girl complimented my hair. That never happens. Also, all the floor girls were very chatty with me, and I didn't initiate any of the chattiness. Now, I understand it could be because I finally found a bra that I think will work as well as the old Angels Lined Demi with Lace, which they don't make anymore and have replaced with the Miracle fit, which is not miraculous for me in any way. After a bra consultation, and being measured again, I am back to 32B (they can take as much band as they want, but leave my cup size alone!). The gal brought out some options, and we discovered that the Biofit is not only flattering but also the right size for me. So I was all smiles, and some people are of the opinion that this helps one's prettiness. Could be.
In any case, it was a little weird to get that much attention and I'm not sure how I feel about it.
The good news is, I found a coat. I went into every store in the mall where I thought I could find such a thing. Very few stores have any coats right now, even lightweight ones. J. Crew had a few on sale. JC Penney had a few colored vinyly ones. But no, it was H&M that won my dollar, as Carrie will no doubt be glad to hear. They had a number of cute trenches, but very few left in my size, so I got a cute fitted A-line, sand-colored coat of trench length. It was also the right price (since J. Crew's even on sale were $100 and up).
It was an interesting day and one which left me exhausted. I did barely any work, but I guess a girl needs a day off every now and then.


Carrie said...

Reading about your shopping excursion makes me jealous. I haven't been to Franklin Park in forever, due to the whole lack of job situation. I can't wait to get employed so I can buy some darn clothes again. I bet you looked super cute! And I'm anxious to see the coat - you know I love H&M!!

Anonymous said...

*sigh* I'm looking forward to losing this baby weight and wearing normal clothes and shoes again so I can have pretty, stylish days. I'm so tired of my maternity wear, some of it hand-me-down stopgap stuff that doesn't really suit. But I don't feel right buying fresh pieces just for 11 more weeks.


Abs said...

Oh ladies. Two people with whom I have enjoyed and would enjoy shopping!
To be honest, looking around I didn't see a whole lot of clothing I wanted to wear in the summer collections. Nothing in my price range, anyway. It was good to shop for one particular thing, and find it.
Carrie, I'll try to remember to wear the coat to the shower, maybe.
Hang in there, Sis! I think you are a beautiful pregnant lady!