Wednesday, June 17, 2009

And now a message from Hallmark

I learned a valuable lesson today.
I was looking for a Father's Day card I could love. Amidst the cards was a Family Guy one with Peter Griffin on the front and a weak joke about doodie (ie "ha ha. I said doodie."). I didn't read the rest. Instead I thought, "Who would buy that for their dad? Whose dad would really find that funny? Or heart-warming? Whose dad would feel special after reading that card?"
Not ten seconds later, a woman came along with two daughters. She immediately saw the FG card, snorted, picked it up, and said, "This is funny. Your dad would love this." She gave it to her daughters to read; they giggled, and then handed it back to her. She asked if they wanted to get that one and, to their credit, they said No. She repeated that "Your dad likes Family Guy. He'd really like it," and they actually whined no, and continued rifling through the cards.
So I guess that's my answer.


Anonymous said...

Chacun a son gout!

I have similar wonderings when I'm in places like Spencer Gifts, or when I'm at one of those big highway rest area truck stops with all the bric-a-brac souvenirs like crystal puppies and plastic fairies and wooden boxes engraved with potty humor. Who buys this stuff for themselves? Who buys it for others? Do the recipients love their gifts? Who *designs* these things, and what chain of people believes in their saleability enough to produce them, market them, ship them, and carry them on their shelves?

I have to admit, I'd have been delighted with many such things when I was a kid. I hope it's trucker dads buying the lavender crystal puppies for their little girls, who miss them when they're on the road.


Abs said...

I feel what you feel at truck stops...I suppose, though, if you have a snowglobe collection or something, a snowglobe with "Fort Wayne" on it might be just the thing.
I know what I'm getting you for your birthday! (J/K?)