Monday, July 06, 2009


I haven't made much of a fuss about July 4 since I've been in BG, and only rarely have I spent time with people for the holiday. Last year I did go to the fireworks, sitting on the lawn of the rec center and peaceably appreciating both solitude and being part of a crowd. This year looked to be much of the same, but then Carrie texted me and I ended up donning some red, white, and blue and heading over to a gathering complete with friends, sangria, grilling, firepit, and a mad dash up the street to see what fireworks we could over the trees. And pink marshmallows.
Standing with Steve and Melissa on the sidewalk of Main Street, jumping up and down like crazy people, and cheering for the really big ones, as traffic went behind us, I felt completely at peace. It's nice to have friends.
God bless America.

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Steve said...

It's a country worth making an ass out of oneself before traffic, and you do it better than most, yo.