Saturday, July 18, 2009

Been busy.

This week, I attended Harry Potter 6 and a grant workshop, and finished two projects.
1. HP 6 is awesome. My friend Carrie has already done a quick review, and I agree with her on all points. 6 is my favorite book anyway, because I like the character development and the balance of the book, and even though things had to be cut (and they also added a scene), the balance matched really well for a blend of funny and frightful. I shed a fat tear at the end, and when the credits began to roll everybody let out a collected sigh of "it's over?" After a two and a half hour movie, I think that speaks really well of the quality. And, seeing it with my peeps Carrie and Paul was awesome, too. I want to see it again.

2. This funding request workshop was intense; two days, 9-4, but with a hefty lunch break and a morning and afternoon break. There was also plenty of coffee, and breakfasty treats available. I learned so much in these two days my head is still spinning. I really responded to the leader, whose dry humor made me laugh even in the morning hours, and she was very straightforward and easy to follow. I can only think of one thing I didn't learn, and that's about how peer reviewers score grants, but I also haven't explored the information we were given very thoroughly yet. On the second day, I was able to bring the campus ministry's computer and do a few searches on it using the wireless available at the country club, and also get the ministry's camera software installed. The workshop was expensive, but I feel it was worth it, and I hope I can write some great grant requests to earn my keep (the ministry paid for it!)

3. Projects one and two for the summer are complete, both blankets, and are soon delivered. I have one more blanket, some pants, and a shelf to craft this summer. I'd also like to work on my wings a bit, and of course on my manuscript.

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