Friday, February 12, 2010

PR: Cover Klum

It seemed like a lot of designers missed the challenge this week, no? For such a high-stakes prize, I'd have thought they'd pay more attention to the instructions they were given. Very few did, however, and there weren't many looks that would have worked on the cover of a magazine. And the one said you had to use lime green to represent spring, but at least something that has some richness to it would have been appropriate! I honestly don't think anyone put his or her best foot forward this week.

Amy: This dress looked a little too hodgepodgey to me. The top was also a little too similar to her previous dress. It didn't seem to fit the challenge as a spring cover look. Just too busy all around.
Anna: Oh, Anna. In her defense, the blouse was kind of cute, but I'm so tired of that short pinstripe short thing (Really? Business fabric and hoochie shorts?), and I really disliked that vest. The look lacked sophistication.
Anthony: This is kind of weird, but when I saw Anthony's strips of fabrics, I kind of composed something in my mind that was really similar to what he came up with. The only difference is that my strips made more of a wave over the whole breast area, and were more petite, like a ruffle. Thus, I was a little surprised on the runway to see what he produced. I had a feeling the judges might pick this one; I have to say, though, I'm kind of tired of seeing that length and shape of skirt on Anthony's looks. They're all the same size and cut around the legs, and this is really the first one that hasn't been too trashy.
Ben: Okay, styling wise, I didn't like this--he made his model look like a drag queen, with much too heavy a makeup job. The garment itself, though, I liked. I thought this was very much inside Ben's comfort zone, and I would have liked to see this one win. I think. If only because it was different.
Emilio: No. Cute? Yes. For Heidi? No. Talk about one-note--Emilio seems to make great dresses for the youthful, as Nina says, Juniors set. Even without the straps, the cut of the skirt was very babydoll and it looked like a skating costume. I think this did well mainly because of the color.
Janeane: I actually liked that little bolero, but it really was much too bridal looking. A lot of comments on the website declare this ugly; I don't think so at all, I think it's pretty, but for a bridal party. I also see some construction issues. Definitely not meeting the challenge.
Jay: Linen color on a magazine cover? I'm not so sure about that. I confess I don't spend much time looking at magazine covers, but I found that choice questionnable. I liked the flow of this garment, and its shape, but the fabric choice made it look like a prairie fantasy look, maybe for an inside cover shoot, but not a cover.
Jesse: I liked the basket weaving, but Jesse basically disregarded the instructions: Details won't show up on a magazine cover, especially not in dark fabrics. Think if he had done this in silver or a lighter green. Maybe then. But this said evening, not spring. The back also did not look carefully constructed.
Jonathan: I honestly am not sure what to say about this. A gold romper. That's what I have to work with here. OK--I liked the garment. Surprised? No, I did. I thought it fluid and handsome. However, I liked it as a bedroom outfit. I'd sleep in that. Or maybe throw some brown legwarmers and character shoes on and you have an outfit for some dance practice. Maybe he was considering that they'd only photograph from the waist up?
Maya: I didn't understand this look. With major changes to the disparate elements, I could see it, like if that top blue part was heavier and more jacket like and the neck ring more deliberate. And a sleeve of some kind. But that's not what went down the runway, and I just don't get it.
Mila: I don't get this either. Even if that central color were peach, that was too much peach, a weak color compared to the others, especially at the top. I can't figure out how this would have looked right on a magazine cover. The top is downright matronly, and I hate that word.
Seth Aaron: It looked like the construction was on with this suit, but it was not the right color. I could see it on Heidi, as an outfit for another event, but not for the cover of an April issue, when you're desperate for something that isn't gray.

Kids next week...I'm scared.


Anonymous said...

I was strongly and strangely attracted to Ben's. It's totally not me, but the saturated colors were appealing in comparison to the neutrals we've been seeing in this and other challenges, and I appreciated the flattering symmetry and the Madame Butterfly influence. I wanted to have this piece as art, even if it stays on a mannequin.

Anthony's was...okay. Pretty. A safe choice. Nice color, rich folds of fabric, put some aquamarine chandelier earrings on Heidi and she's all set for the cover.

Curious how the bob-sy twins both chose to do Band-Aid flesh color with grey accents...yeesh. (At least, that's how the colors came across on my TV.) And no one commented on this unity.

Seth Aaron...interesting, kind of steampunk, but looked stiff, stuffy, and uncomfortable for a springtime cover. I don't see Marie Claire going with a gunmetal color scheme on their cover, either.

I liked Jay's, and I could almost see it as a summery cover look (or high winter) on a simple cream background with warm blue or burgundy text. The look was very bridal, though. He, like several of the others, was designing to the wrong purpose. What was up with that? How hard is it to do a simple, elegant bottom, and a vivid top with a bit of embellishment?


Abs said...

I'm glad you commented, because you have more experience with magazine covers than I do. I also think that Mila and Maya kind of shared a brain this week.
I'm glad I'm not the only one who was drawn to Ben's piece. I think it was just the only one that was interesting and unique, visually. It was tastefully risky and not risque.
All in all, I thought the response to this challenge was kind of strange. Like they all hit a hump at the same time.