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So, I did things backward this week, and I kind of liked it. I recorded the show because I had work to do. Then, before I watched the show, I looked at the pictures online and read Tim's blog. Then, I watched the runway show in a rerun, but not the first part. Then, I watched bits and pieces of the show I'd recorded. I think I caught all of it by now.
I caught enough to know, for example, that this was a better "everyday woman" challenge than past efforts. People were respectful to their models, and the complaints about ladies' sizes were kept to a minimum, and only as a personal challenge sort of thing, not an actual complaint. More than usual seemed pleased about designing for full-sized women, like Mila. I like the prize for this challenge, a place in a gala runway, and the challenge itself was interesting--and forced the designers to use color In all, given the reality that the dress would be made and sold to people, I think the judges made the right choice on the winner, and I was glad to see Amy pull one out. I think she's doing well at responding to the challenge at hand, keeping a point of view without getting precious or obstinate about meeting challenge constraints.
And it is interesting, no, that after the frustrations over Jesus and Ping staying in, they are both out shortly thereafter? Gives a sort of feeling of rightness.

Enough chitchat. The garments:
Amy (flowy red strapless): Practical and pretty. I know some might not be happy with the deconstructed work she did as trim, but this dress moved beautifully and would be appealing to many customers. Kind of wish it wasn't strapless, but I think Amy did well on enhancing a current trend (the maxi-dress) to fit this challenge. This was my favorite garment this week. Adventurous it was not, but that wasn't the point.
Anna (red with nude shoulders and trim): Even Anna knew she'd made some bad choices. The colorblocking idea wasn't a terrible one, but doing it in nude (essentially tan) with bright red was not a good move, nor was the design of the colorblocking. It could be argued that the dress would look nice on a thin model-type, but I'm not so sure. The colors and design of that blocking...I just think not.
Anthony (red skirt and vest): I'll just say it--I thought this look was whorish. It was too short and too tight, and the design of that little vest gave more volume to the woman, not less. Talk about questionable taste level.
Ben (long dress with slit and gold beltlike area): Tim's Take is all about Ben. While I have liked some of his work, other garments not so much. With this dress, I didn't really care for the armpit/shoulder treatment (that's not going to be comfortable, especially if you are freshly shaven or waxed!). I also didn't admire the fit of the top half. The midsection treatment was interesting, but I didn't care for the color and I think it has useless buttons...not very appealing. Is it a hideous dress? No. But I can't figure out why Tim is so gaga over it. There were also some construction errors. Essentially, it looked like it was trying to combine a glamorous look with kitcsh elements, and I wasn't sold.
Emilio (strapless babydoll): This look was pretty safe. Emilio in general seems to do pretty and safe looks a lot. The fabric even had dots on it, which made the whole thing borderline cutesy. It was a dress I might wear if I looked nice in that shade of red, and if I could wear a strapless like that, but this was not a winner for its simplicity. I'd like to see Emilio and his cute little dresses kick it up a little.
Janeane Marie (red dress with white crepey trim): For some reason, JM liked her hem. What the what? a half hearted bubble with a strange white underbelly? I find the bottom of this dress incomprehensible enough to kill any sort of interest I had in the top.
Jay Nicolas (red carapace bustier with red skirt): I found this dress kind of regal in a Queen of Hearts sort of way--seriously, can't you see her wearing this? The model looked very sweet in it. I found the top construction interesting, but ultimately questionned its reproducibility for the sales on the website. I also am not sure how I liked the Campbell's fabric used as piping at the waistline. I recognize there weren't too many options, but that's not what I would have chosen.
Jesse (red dress with white jacket): Jesse was falsely panned. There was obvious trouble with the fit of his straps, but I really liked the fit of his skirt in front and liked the shape of the garment from the back. I didn't mind the jacket at all, but would have preferred it unbuttoned, I think. I really did not expect to see him in the bottom 3. This look wasn't a winner, but it was better than at least 3 of its competitors.
Jesus (red with rhinestone straps): Oh, dear. Now I think, sans rhinestone straps, maybe with something else up there, people might wear this dress. But this garment really did look like that of a hooker. A high-class hooker, maybe--I could see her in a Vegas In addition to the questionnable taste, the top half of the dress looked really badly sewn. Just no.
Jonathan (deep red tiered dress): Tim is also very about Jonathan. My problem with this dress started when the front of the dress looked like a back. The model has a flat or low chest, seemingly, like mine. Thus, I don't know if the look of the top was all that flattering on her since it enhanced her flatness. I sometimes like tiered dresses, but I thought this one was a little too voluminous and thus borderline dust ruffly. Also didn't like the bright red and white Campbell's logo for the belt, nor the weird bright red chiffon part of the bottom tier in the back. It looked like he ran out of fabric. Props, though, for using a color of deep red that would suit more ladies.
Maya (red dress with half a heart): I liked Mila's idea with the heart. I was all about that. I am not sure how I felt about the gold color of said half heart, but I thought the front was striking in a good way, if not executed as well as I (and Mila) would have liked. I didn't like the weird cut out with the back (in fact, several designers did something similar, and none of them succeeded). I like the conception of this dress more than its result, but I respected it.
Mila (gown with white stars): Okay, go with me here--when I saw this dress, I thought, Fourth of July parade costume. Yes it was well constructed, and I suppose it fit the theme, but I thought it costumey and it reminded me of fireworks. I know, I know, there was no blue, but July 4th memorability isn't always red, white, and blue, especially when you're not trying to be too kitschy. I just couldn't get past that, and I didn't think it was a dress that a lot of women would buy and wear, as part of the challenge's prize required. So, bravo for taking a risk, and putting something interesting together, but not a winner.
Seth Aaron (black skirt, red and Campbell's top): This outfit was not terribly evening nor terribly classy. I think some women might wear this, but not the market this event was geared toward. It sort of looks like she should put on a cowboy hat. I can't justify that, maybe it's the red, white, and black, but that immediately entered my mind when I saw the look. Not a stunner. Kind of surprised this wasn't in the bottom...or rather, might have been had there not been some other incomprehensible looks.

So--my bottom looks were Jesus, Janeane Marie, and either Anna or Anthony, possibly Seth Aaron. My top looks were Amy, Jay Nicolas, and I guess Mila, though as I noted that wouldn't be my winner. In all, I was happy with the judging results this week.

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