Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I love Sofft

I interrupt this Twilight discussion to bring you my new shoe purchase.

I've mentioned before that I love Sofft, having fallen head over heels (though fortunately not literally) over my red T-straps. I noticed Dillard's had a few pairs of Soffts out on its 70 % off racks, and went searching in my size. Sure enough.
I did not hesitate. Not one second. I dropped my bags, untied my sandals, and made sure they fit, and then bought them. What a steal! They are black, as you can see, with a floral design stamped in the sides. They look best with jeans, though I am currently wearing them, as a test drive, with a long black skirt. I don't usually wear clogs because I turn my ankles in them (as I do with wedges, but not normal high heels), but these have a semi-normal heel, which makes all the difference. Hearts.
I had quite a shopping day Tuesday at Franklin Park. Having just gotten out my summer wardrobe, I was well aware that I didn't need more clothes. I unconsciously decided instead to look for accessories, which I hardly ever do. My sister is much better at that than I, and more discerning. But along the way, I picked up a cute clutch, some rings and a bracelet, and some other odds and ends. It was a smashing success. And these days, you can bring beverages into stores, so I wandered around with a cup of chai. Decadence.
I also had a weird moment as I was leaving Dillard's. I NEVER pay attention to the designer sections in department stores. I can't afford the stuff, even if it is excellent quality. But the Antonio Melani section is now right near the restroom, and my attention was arrested by this dress and this one. I'm not sure why--they seemed fun, and were a beautiful pale gold color. Ladylike and unobtrusively glamorous. I managed to escape before any salespeople found me and tried to influence me, because it wouldn't have taken much. Sometimes I tell myself, "I could make that," even if it isn't true!


Amanda McGuire Rzicznek said...

So when can we have a Twilight discussion and go shopping for shoes?

Cloud of Secrets said...

Congratulations! Clogs are coming right back into style now -- they're kind of the new wedge -- so you'll be tres chic.

I'm curious about Dillard's after seeing ads for it in Lucky; I don't know if we have any stores in my area. If it's like TJ Maxx or Marshall's, though, I don't think I'll be able to handle it -- too crowded, jampacked, and confusing with other women crawling all over the racks lookin' for deals.

Abs said...

@Amanda, we can go shoe shopping and Twilight gabbing any time you like. (Note I changed the order of items--you can see where my priorities lie!)
@Sister, Dillard's is actually a regular department store--like Macy's or Younkers or Nordstrom. They're just offloading some of their older shoes at 70% off. Sometimes they have great sales like that. I never knew what it was until I moved here, because there aren't any in Michigan, either. None in Wisconsin, according to the website. We'll have to go next time you're here--I actually thought you might be proud of me, shopping for accessories :)