Wednesday, December 15, 2010

An Homage to My Sister

Happy Birthday, Sister!

My sister is a pretty amazing person. And, an amazing pretty person. She has done so many things that I have not done, things I'm not able to do, some even things that I would be afraid to do. Here are fifteen:

Skied. (Toboggan! Snoooooww Tractooooooor!)

Studied Abroad.

Done archaeology.

Worked in a museum.

Gotten a 4.0 in college.

Traveled to Israel.

Gotten married.

Had two beautiful children.

Started a fashion/art blog.

Drawn lovely pictures of Renaissance and medieval ladies.

Made wonderful shadow boxes.

Lived in three states.

Sewed her own wedding dress.

Studied Latin.

Taught me how to put on makeup.


Cloud of Secrets said...

Awh...thank you, Sister! I have had some adventures, when I think about it, although I've become quite a hobbit and am likely to stay that way while I still have children depending on me. No hiking through Nepal or space tourism or anything like that.

Four states: Ohio, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

As for skiing...try everything once, and the fun things twice. Therefore, I've never downhill skied more than once! Well, it was a blast until I tried the Black Diamond slope too soon, and ended up on my bottom, halfway down the hill, shrieking. I think I was missing a ski, too, which went over the cliff to my side, but I may be conflating the sight of someone else's mishap with my own experience. Even without that incident, the week of full-body aches and pains still haunts me.

I haven't gotten less than an A/4.0 since my unexpected B in Mr. Wilson's math class. I was so embarassed that my lack of enthusiasm and application was noticed. Never again.

Speaking of grade school and medieval ladies, I am hoping to put some pages from my gossipy hand-drawn "Tempora Arturia" magazine done for one of Mrs. Soule's classes on my blog soon, including fashion spreads and possibly an interview with Nimue.

Anonymous said...

Shadow boxes!? Why haven't I seen any of those at Cloud of Secrets. She's a woman of many talents...most of which I have had no clue about.

Abs said...

Oops...I forgot Ohio. I mean, really, we could add England to that. I think of Ohio as my state at this point :)
I just remember everyone coming back from skiing complaining about the rope lift, the "safe" way to get up the mountain!
As soon as I got my first B in college, I thought, well, there goes the Cloud sister tradition. Then I got another one, and that was it.
I forgot about "Tempora Arturia." I can't wait to read what Nimue had to say!

Terri, my sister is divinely creative, as you've discovered. Whereas I tend to be a little brute force with creative projects, she has definitely the delicate touch to all she tries!