Thursday, December 02, 2010

Admittedly, I'm not a good photographer. It isn't part of my giftedness. My sister could certainly do a better job. But I received this amazing dress in the mail from my aunt and cousin. I know nothing of its beginnings, only that it came from ebay and received some "adjustments" as my aunt put it, to take care of some repairs. She seemed sure in her note that it would not fit, but it most certainly does.
Other elements of the outfits:
Gloves: bought at Jeffrey's Antique Mall in Findlay. I just noticed yesterday that I may have two right gloves, though I have no idea how that happened.
Necklace and earrings: pearls, provenance unknown. Probably a relative.
Combs: Pearl and gold, provenance unknown. Possibly Great Aunt Elsie.
Hosiery: Victoria's Secret, seamed.
Heels: T-straps--can't remember the company. Probably purchased at Dillard's or somesuch.
Rainboots: Chooka
Fan: Gift from my sister, purchased in Middleton.
Purse 1: Gift from Aunt Karen
Purse 2: Gift from friend Karin
Choker: Ribbon, purchased at Hobby Lobby (I think)

This last one is my favorite. There's something French about it I can't quite define.


Cloud of Secrets said...

Amazing! What a gorgeous dress find. I'm usually a size 12-14 on vintage labels, Aunt Deb. ;-)

Cute idea to pair it with the rain boots. Fun posing, too.

Try turning one of the gloves inside out (or right side out). I had that problem on Hallowe'en when I was wearing my net gloves -- suddenly I had two for the same hand. I realized I'd flipped one inside out while I was peeling it off.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my goodness! I thought it looked great on the hanger, but you show it to its full glory! That Maggie has a real eye for eBay finds. (Exhibit A: her gorgeous wedding dress!)

I'm SO glad you like it, because we LOVED it. I'm still in shock that it actually fits you ... and fits so well! Again, the credit goes to my amazing super-shopper daughter.

I agree, that last shot looks like you're taking a break between can-can routines. Must be the choker and the petticoats.

Happy birthday, dearest Abby!

Aunt Deb

Abs said...

You know, I tried to turn one of the gloves the other way out, but the problem is there is this nubby little pattern on the back of the hand side, and that was definitely wrong when I flipped it. I am not at all sure what happened, because I never noticed before. We used to have this problem with the cancan gloves because they had seams that needed to be in the right spot. Oh, well.
The dress truly is amazing, and I actually had vintage clothing dreams one night because it was hanging by my bed. I immediately got ideas about what I wanted to put together with it, and knew I wanted to do some vintage styling and some modern styling, purely for fun.
Thank you a million times, Aunt Deb and Maggie!

Anonymous said...

You are SO welcome! We are delighted that you enjoyed this unusual birthday gift. Just goes to show that acting on impulse is quite often a VERY good thing! (I haven't stopped smiling since you posted these pictures!)

Aunt Deb

Sherry said...

I love the dress and I agree, the last pic is awesome! Print it and hang it!

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