Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Slow it down, summer.

As much as I enjoy having the Naiad frock as the first thing you see, I can't leave it there forever.

Couple of things: Ladies and gents, start your fashionable engines. Project Runway starts on Lifetime on July 29 at 9 pm. I can't wait to see what this season's contestants will bring to the table. I hope they aren't as snarky or self-centered as this season's Top Cheftestants. And that goes for the judges, too. Last season's favoring of sound byte insults over constructive and thoughtful critique was a total drag. I want to see clothes, people.

If you're like me, your bosom size has gone up and down over your lifetime, and you may also, like me, have some poor bra choices in your past, bras you never wear and probably never will. I was looking up things to do with gently used or unused bras, and came upon this website: Bra Recyclers. There's a form you have to fill out, but you can ship them any of your clean bras that are in good condition. Consider this a plug to search through your bras and see if there are any a lady who can't afford proper support, or even fun support, might enjoy. Or, if you're feeling the need to give at a bigger level, consider hosting a bra drive. I was also thinking it might be fun to go to one of Victoria's Secrets big semi-annual sales and search through the clearance bins for bras to send. Maybe with a bunch of friends, where everyone picks three bras to send.

Finally, remember my red leather shoes? The awesome ones? Today I bought a trunk that is the same color leather. I've been needing a trunk for a while, to store presents that I buy fairly far in advance. Hobby Lobby always has cool trunks, and as I traipsed through the store, I saw 50 % off signs in that aisle. My eye was immediately captured by the red leather trunk, which I think is new--it wasn't there last week. At the checkout, the girl (who was very sweet) tried to tell me that the trunk, as a furniture item, was 30 % off. They were indeed 30 % off last week, but the blaring red signs said 50 % off decorative storage, and they were in the trunk aisle, which contains nothing BUT trunks. The signs didn't differentiate between "decor" and "furniture." I tried to explain to her, as gently as I could, that this was misleading, and suggested they move the signs, if they don't apply to anything in the aisle, though I acknowledged that I'd buy the trunk regardless because it is awesome. As I hauled the thing into my car I looked at my receipt and saw she'd given me the 50 % off.
I felt a little bad, like I'd bullied her, and I honestly would have bought the trunk full price. I'd tried to be polite about it, and explain why I was convinced they were half off. But I guess that's passive aggressive bullying. Anyway, I love Hobby Lobby, always finding something fun in there, and I'm not sorry I argued about it. I'm still not sure who was right. For all I know, she was mistaken. Regardless, the trunk is delightful.

In the rest of my world, I'm sewing a dress and knitting a sweater, and trying to finish up the seaQuest dvds by tomorrow, when they're due back. I'm not going to be able to finish a book that is due, and I don't think I can renew it. I've just overbooked my leisure activities in an effort to keep busy, even while I have a bunch of ideas in my head I have no time to work through. I just don't seem to be very good at planning my life right now!


Cloud of Secrets said...

Congratulations on your trunk! It sounds like you were right, and she simply wasn't aware that the sale had been ramped up to 50% in that aisle. She's probably an expert in her own favorite areas of Hobby Lobby, but not in decor.
Maybe the trunk's UPC was preprogrammed into the system at 50% off, and she did a mental "oops" when it came up on her screen after scanning and she just didn't want to admit it to you. Who knows! I think you were right. Let go of the imagined bullying guilt and enjoy your trunk.

I stopped watching Top Chef DC. Tired of the attitudes and early bitchery. I felt like the chefs didn't/couldn't even *know* each other all that well yet, but Lifetime was stirring up all sorts of archrivalric insults.

Half looking forward to another season of PR, half dreading another disappointing run. Maybe martinis with each episode will help.

Josh Healy said...

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Abs said...

Because the trunk was big, I think she entered the number by hand, since it stayed on the floor, then took the 30 % off by hand. Then, when I asked, I think she pulled off the tag, and maybe scanned it. I'm not sure about that because I was talking, but I do remember that she eventually tore the tag off. So you're right, this is imagined guilt :)
I haven't been catching Top Chef regularly. I'm more interested in the upcoming Top Chef Desserts show, because Hubert Keller is a judge!