Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Officewear, Sunny October Day

As I've mentioned, my sister has developed a fashion blog of growing popularity and interest. She often posts pictures of her fully accessorized and throughtful outfits, explaining their inspiration and the provenance of the elements.

I don't want to steal her thunder, but I kind of put myself together today. I'm not sold on the hairstyle, which is a little too slicked back, even with a braid on one side of my head. I also know that in some circles I'd be called "matchy-matchy," but since I don't see that as a problem, I'm happy with the effect.

The sweater is a Victoria's Secret boucle, and the skirt is La Boutique, I think bought through La Redoute. The skirt has a little pleated godet in the back to give it some kick. The shoes are Mossimo, and I have no idea where the pearls came from.

I'm kind of addicted to nylons with seams, but they're extremely hard to find in nude or tan. While in Cincinnati, though, I found nylons that have a little pale chain pattern in stripes up the legs. Close enough, I say.


Cloud of Secrets said...

Wonderful; so classy and luxe! Heavens --There is no thunder-stealing. There's room for all, and we can all use more inspiration and energy as we see each others' efforts!

I don't think "matchy-matchy" applies to tone-on-tone neutral ensembles. Head to toe shades of grey, black, camel, or vanilla... It's a very elegant and slimming look, in fact recommended by the likes of Nina Garcia, esp. for air travel to score yourself an upgrade.

hadjare said...

Great outfit -- very elegant. I especially enjoyed the peek into your office work space.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, la, la!


Anonymous said...

I trotted over here from Sarah's blog. I've been troubled by the phrase "matchy matchy" too. That is, I dress that way too and have to push to break out of my two color ensembles. This is a classy look and those stockings you found sound wonderful.

Abs said...

Thanks, all!
I thought I could get away with it because there were indeed many shades along the same lines, but not exactly the same color. For instance, there wasn't any grey in the outfit, just in the shoes.
@Cloud--I hadn't thought of such an ensemble to get a travel upgrade. I wonder if I could pull off those shoes on a plane?
@hadjare--You don't know how hard I tried to capture less of the vast mess that is my office! I'm covering a pile with my foot!
@Terri--Welcome! I got the stockings on clearance at Macy's. They were an unexpected find!