Friday, October 29, 2010

PR: Final Thoughts

I didn't watch the judging this week; I've found that I don't really care what they have to say, and I just gave that part of the show a miss on mute. (While doing so I did notice, however, the blank look on Jessica Simpson's face. I'm sure she had things to say, but every time the camera cut to her, she looked like she was in space. I don't believe she's dumb, but she's not doing herself any favors in not cultivating an expression of intrigue or interest.) I didn't watch the beginning reunion either. In fact, when you get right down to it, I only watched the collections, and even the final announcement I watched on mute.
Here are my collection responses:

I liked Andy's textiles a lot. I could see his heritage in them, but I also am a sucker for shiny silks and so on anyway. Regarding the headpieces--I stand by them. I liked them; they added a dimension of fantasy to the collection, and I found them far less distracting than Mondo's. I would probably wear most of Andy's pieces. His looks fit my aesthetic, particularly for summer. Granted, they were mostly business casual, the type of thing you might wear to an outdoor wedding, or in the evenings at a resort (hello, resortwear), but I liked their sleek, feminine lines.
My least favorite look was the tank top with the knotted front and the gray pants with the weird notched legs (the second look, I believe). It was very gray, and not a very interesting silhouette.
My favorite look was a mash-up of looks seven and eight--the silver patterned pants with the ruffle-necked blouse. I think those would be gorgeous together. And I would straight-up wear one of the headpieces, too.

So, the collection that included several pairs of granny panties won. I liked one of her textiles, the irridescent brown one. But I really am not a fan of her main print textiles, and a lot of her shapes were unflattering. I don't have a problem with Gretchen as a person, as many do, but from my feelings on fashion, I just can't get behind this collection. There was a distinct aesthetic, but they all had that. There just didn't seem to be any....grace here, even with the movement of the lighter fabrics. It didn't make me say, "Yes."
My least favorite look is still that hideous black, short-sleeved blazer over panties. Let's remember for a minute that a runway can be about fantasy--who would fantasize wearing that?
My favorite look was the brown, short-sleeved blouse with the irridescent wide-leg pant. I'm not sure just seemed like something that would suit me and be comfortable, and I actuallly liked both of the pieces.

I didn't especially care for Mondo's aesthetic in his collection; of course, I rarely do. I respect his vision, but I wouldn't wear some cases, I feel like I already have. In fact, a lot of his silhouttes reminded me of what I wore as a teenager in the late 80s, early 90s, those big T-shirts with leggings, in particular. As noted above, I found his 80s bows distracting and...a little childish, maybe? It felt too much like a throwback collection, even given his inspiration, which was unique.
My least favorite look is the stretch leggings with the oversized taupe top with the embellished skull design. When it came down the runway I did a double take, and not in a good way.
My favorite look (I guess) is the black jacket with the knit sleeves showing underneath, and the check pants...I can't quite believe I identified two pairs of high-waist pants as my favorites, but I feel like I didn't have a lot to work with here. The spangledy look that came before it wasn't bad, either, and I still like the blouse in the first look, also seen last week.


Carrie said...

I kinda wish you would have watched the judging- it was interesting to see how divisive things got. Basically, Heidi and Jessica arguing for Mondo and Micheal and Nina in favor of Gretchen. I quickly realized that Nina and Michael have the real pull there, and there was no way they would let Gretchen lose. I really didn't like Gretchen's collection- I thought it was kind of boring and ugly.

My favorite from Mondo was the strapless plaid bubble dress. I loved that and want it in my closet. I also liked the high waisted plaid pants, the blouse from the first look, the tunic dress, the silver leather skirt. So most things, I guess. I was really in favor of Mondo winning, and really not in favor of the judges' reasoning for Gretchen winning.

I think you should read The Fug Girls discussion of the episode. As per usual, I find myself in agreement with them.

Abs said...

I was reading some blogs on the PR site, and they clued me in to the battle that went on between the judges. I always wonder if that happens more often than we're shown. Personally, I preferred Andy's collection so I lost interest in the result. I knew he wouldn't win, but I just preferred his clothes.
I do respond to the Fug Girls' comments about judges' reversing their views, as they've done all season. This whole cycle has been ludicrously confusing that way. I think we all feel better knowing that everyone has noticed that same issue!
Hilariously, my word verification is "hyped."

Cloud of Secrets said...

I didn't hate Gretchen's collection as much as I thought I would, after everyone's dismay over the judging outcome. I would have felt very comfortable, floaty, and graceful in a number of her things -- in a totally different color palette. I did not appreciate the rusty brown and forest green plus the tacky black shiny stuff. Overall, though, I could understand the modern boho + urban hipness of her shapes and layers, and I agree with some of the judges that her collection was more wearable for the modern woman than Mondo's.

Mondo -- wonderfully tailored but overwrought with all the encrustacion of decorations and crazy color combos. And he used square studs. I am tired, so tired of studs on everything! It was all too much visual information. Too much "look." I understand that this visual explosion is how he chose to express his Day of the Dead/circus theme (even the theme was too much -- choose one! Day of the Dead or Circus!), but I do think he could have done some editing. Given us some visual relief, as Kors mentioned.

I wanted to love Andy's, especially since I now have a small crush on his personal styling. He's my Hawaiian Legolas. The looks were sleek but luscious in their fabrication, and very wearable. But...the pewter and silver greys and acid green were not delicious to my eyes, and I agree with the judges that Andy's strong, striking warrior woman touch was missing. He should have mixed in a few statement pieces. I was also not taken by the headpieces, unfortunately. They were too delicate for the runway; they appeared flimsy and inexpensive to me. Something more sculptural would have been better.

I am ambivalent about the outcome, as I have been ambivalent about the whole season. Garbage in, garbage out. I am honestly not sure I will make it through the next season. :-(

Cloud of Secrets said...

One thing I forgot to mention is that I tried to keep in mind that the judges (and the audience) had actually sat through, like, ten PR runway shows, most of them decoys. I'm sure everyone was exhausted and trying to filter sensory overload as they tried to make intelligent judging commentary afterward.

PR really needs to work on its schedule -- I miss the old days of just one decoy show, and when the outcome was actually revealed pretty close to Fashion Week.

Abs said...

I completely agree that 10 shows is a ridiculous number. That completely defeats the purpose of the finale, I think, which is to give a select few designers the opportunity to be seen and to have the experience of building a collection.
Did you look at any of the decoys? April's was kind of a shocker, much different than her usual aesthetic. I'm really curious about what happened there, as she broke out of the crucible of the show.
I do agree with you about Andy's lack of statement pieces. I think his collection was a little bit like a decoy in some ways. But I love that pewter. It's so very me, especially in those fabrications. But what's appealing to the world isn't always what is appealing to me, and I accept that.
I expected we'd probably be in agreement about Mondo!

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