Monday, March 14, 2011

A Look at What's Ahead

Lest you think I am neglecting this blog, I want to give you a heads' up on some things.
People have asked me a lot about the quilting I do, about my process of creation. While the mystique is enjoyable, I've decided to do a blog series on my process, complete with pictures. It's not a tutorial; more like a showcase. I've been taking pictures of my current quilt-in-progress, a relatively simple one, so I can best explain how it all works (because honestly, with the more complex ones, I can't always justify the decisions--it just happens).
I'm also working on a few playlists, for quilting and for other pursuits.

Now, I'm just back from spring break. I visited home and hung out with my folks, did some shopping with my Mom for a maid of honor dress (in black), got a haircut, listened to hockey games, and went to visit my Gran in her new digs. I actually extended my visit for a day because I wanted to spend Saturday in my jammies and finally plow through some essays. I have 10 left and then I'm good to go until Thursday.

So, let me at this moment just leave you with that hope for the future, and this video of a kitten riding a tortoise!


Anonymous said...

You have given me a gigantic smile with this video...and it is hard to smile after a root canal earlier today!

Abs said...

Oh, no, Terri! Yuck! I've heard root canals are better these days than they used to be...but I still don't want one! :)
Glad you had a smile.

Anonymous said...

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