Sunday, October 30, 2011

PR: 4-Way Showdown Throwdown

So, the finale has come and gone. And next week, we'll be shown the decoy collections evidently, to which I can only say--it's about time! I'm geeked about that because I'd like to see Laura's collection in motion, and see the others to find if it changes my view on them at all. I also just love the stage performance of a runway show.
So. Anya wins. As I mentioned in a previous post, I was unenthusiastic about the remaining 4 designers' collections anyway, with some notable exceptions. That being said, I can understand why they picked Anya--business. I usually complain when the judges pick someone for what seem to be pure business reasons. In this case, though, there weren't that many outs for them.
Anya is young and has experience being in the public eye. She has an affinity for easy garments that make good resortwear. She is the type of designer that people will seek out so they can have one of her pieces. I'm not sure you could say the same for any of the others.
Viktor is really the more talented designer, but the judges, to my eye, were quite right to point out the inconsistencies in his looks...not missed opportunities, as Nina said, but judgment errors. You really scrap that lovely flowy white dress for a black dress with dominatrix cross straps? See-through all-black blouses are very nineties. I had one. And then I got rid of it when its time had past. There were just some strange decisions on Viktor's part that cost him dearly.
I actually appreciated more of Kimberly's looks than others', which surprised me. She had some clunkers also, but she had some looks that were both practical and beautiful. I also appreciated her use of color, though there was really too much metallic going on, I think.
And then there is Josh. The looks weren't all bad, but as others have pointed out, his color palette is unsophisticated, a factor not mitigated by his shapes. For a few moments, I was very afraid they were going to pick him.
So those are my general observations. Here are some particulars.
Yes--short gold dress, black and white bambooesque print dress, black and white halter dress
No--gold and turquoise jump suit, short blue and print romper
Yes--turquoise top and skirt (I like that top's fit), blue dress, pink pants and black top, white feather top and pant
No--black pants and blue top, drapey thing with pink skirt/dress
Yes--blue print dress (short), blue print dress (long), print top and black skirt
No--black top and leather skirt, black dress with X straps
Yes--Purple opening dress, draped closing dress
No--Laced biker shorts, striped top with red jacket, green skirt, etc.
Best in show--I really think I have to give this to Kimberly's white pants and white feathered top. My lands, that was gorgeous. It stood out in all the good ways. I'd love to have that in my arsenal.
Worst in show--I have to give this to those hideous lace-up shorts of Josh's. I just cannot be convinced that they are attractive in any way, no matter what the judges said.
I hope to do a similar analysis after the decoy show, so stay tuned!


InkedandSewn said...

Love your Project runway comments. I agree with the business aspect of picking ANYA but i couldnt help but fall in love with the underdog throughout the competetion.

Great blog post!
xx Jess james

Abs said...

Thanks, Jess James! Appreciate you stopping by!
Anya definitely was the underdog. I definitely think that her work is pretty, too. Lots of girls will want her clothes!

Anonymous said...
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funny viral memes said...

I really like your blog, it's too bad you don't post anymore!