Thursday, January 05, 2012

PR: All-Stars Unconventional

So, my mother asked me the other day if my blog was still more than a Project Runway blog. I said it was, I just hadn't had the time/inclination to write more. I got a lot to say, just haven't had the impetus to put it in writing. Yes, this blog is still the all-rounder.
That being said, Project Runway All-Stars is going on right now, I am! I just took a bubble bath and am drinking my favorite bar drink, Coke and grenadine, and am in my fluffy white bathrobe.
Joanna Coles is walking around the work room, examining the designers' starts. I'm actually not a big fan usually of Coles, but she seems positive so far. Also, an article in Digital Spy quotes her as joking, "What if she wants to wear underwear?" is her sort of catchphrase. Gotta respect that, given my complaints about past design efforts that are too short or too tight!
Also, confession: I muted the telly during everything related to personal aspects. Watched the first little runway, the dollar store scene, and the workroom so far.
Some of my favorites are back, and some of my non-favorites are back. I don't understand Austin Scarlett's mustache. On the fashion side of things, the little runway was typical, no? The designs coming down all seemed very typical of their makers. They were identifiable.
Here comes the big runway:
Austin--Not a fan of the middle. Too froofy, hot glue melting or no.
Kara--I've missed her accent. As I typed that, I kind of forgot what she put out.
Jerrell--I am forever bored by his clothes. I can't help it. Flow I respect, but I don't see much growth.
Elisa--I liked her inspiration look. The print of the top was nice in her dollar look. The
Rami--Could we stop saying "This bitch is owning it?" Ridiculous. I may own a look, but do not refer to me as a bitch. This dress looked painful to me.
Sweet P--I don't get this dress. It's so simple. It reminds me of Old Navy maxi-dresses.
Mondo--Didn't look very Mondoish, actually. I liked the skirt and the deceptive demureness of the shape. And he made a headpiece.
Kenley--Too stiff. I liked the color of the back, but the white of the front was too unshaped.
Gordana--I liked it...kinda of cute and fluid. Not a big fan of the shoulder treatment on this, though.
Anthony--A great shape, felt kind of like a craft project.
Mila--This was very Mila...well constructed and blocked, and ultimately not memorable.
Michael--I don't think he did a bad job with his mop materials. The shape made me wonder what it would be like if it were metallic in some way.
April--I liked the top of April's mop look; it gave it some shape, and for whatever reason I'm responding to neck treatments lately.

I hate to say this, but my least favorite look was Sweet P's. There wasn't anything to it. Elisa, though...she's just not popular in terms of her aesthetic and her attitude. My favorite look....this is a tough one, but I'm going to go with Mondo. I can understand the judge's point of view on Rami's piece, but I don't like its shape.

So, there is this 24-hour catwalk thing coming up. I guess I'll give it a look, though I am deeply suspicious of Lifetime's reality shows generally.


Lady Lazarus said...

I finally watched last night's episode and your blog was the first place I went, hoping you had commented.

I actually loved Rami's look. It was the only one that made me go "He made that out of stuff from the dollar store?!" Elise's just looked homemade.

While I loved Austin's first dress in the beginning, I think he played it too safe with the plastic dress thing. It felt uninspired. He has a large following and is clearly talented but I'm hoping Mondo wins at the very end.

Abs said...

Yay! Welcome back!
You are definitely right that Rami's look did not say dollar store. I think he does well with unconventional challenges. They kind of free him up.
I think I'm going to have a hard time deciding who I like best. Austin, Mondo, Rami, Kenley, Gordana, and April are people I've rooted for or responded to most in the past. We'll see!