Thursday, August 02, 2012

PR: Sweeties!

Hi, everyone!  Been away for a bit, but have a few things in store here.  First, a report on last week's PR, and also I'll be posting on the Olympics Opening Ceremonies.
I'd also like to invite you to check out, a blog by my friend Emily West Lowry, which I will be contributing to regularly!

The challenge:  Designers in a candy shop (unconventional materials challenge)
Excuse me—A sweets emporium.

I do like it when they do the unconventional materials early.  There are lots of results to see, and people tank or swank by ability more than exhaustion.  I also appreciate the workroom scenes, because people are (usually) doing such different things.
A few bright early moments: 
  • Heidi’s “Braveheart chic” tartan dress
  • Tim getting excited about candy legos
  • My own idea for what I’d do—get some fun dip and a straw; dissolve the fun dip in water and then blow it on whatever garment I was working with.  Add some color pops, like dye!
The fashion:
Alicia:  Her candy created an interesting effect that reminded me of both jungles and dripping.  Very rainforesty.  I liked the sauciness of her garments, which is something her work might sometimes lack.  It was not so rugged, but instead more playful.
Andrea:  I appreciated the Victorian imagery and styling Andrea brought to her garment—it was definitely committed.  I think she escaped a lashing, though.  The apron was stiff and formless while the back (although consistent with her Victorian ideal) was all fabric.  Other designers, like Buffi, got busted for using so much non-candy material.
Buffi:  On the subject of Buffi, I enjoy listening to her.  I bet she is annoying to some people, but so far I enjoy her sense of humor.  Her garment also seemed understated for her, and she put a lot into that weaving.  Her look was not a winner, but I probably would have put Andrea in the bottom before her.
Christopher:  His look was very dark.  And that is all I wrote.  I do remember it (it’s Saturday as I write this), but only an impression of thin stripes with black contrasting with pinkish something or other. 
Dmitry:  Dmitry’s look was also dark, but I remember his more fondly because it was more fun.  The swinging fringe to the skirt was sassy.  Did I enjoy that he used the unembellished, halterized T-shirt in the top?  No.  But I liked the wearability of his look…meaning, I’d wear it!
Elena:  Her look had structure, but as soon as I saw the color she chose and the structure started to take shape, I knew she was in trouble.  You can use that color in a soft look, but not, I think, in a bulky look that’s going to be even more bulky because it’s candy over a fabric infrastructure.  She had a concept—she’s good at concepts.  I think the execution will take more thought and time.
Fabio:  I liked the color in Fabio’s piece.  His garment looked nicely fitted.  I ultimately didn’t find it memorable, though.
Gunnar: Yes, for the checkered print he made.  The peplum, however, was completely unnecessary and too much.  Also, I’m so unbelievably tired of his attitude already.  I suspect he’s suffering from 24/7-camera-itis.  I don’t like to make attitude comments too early in the game, but really.  He epitomizes the concept of “disingenuous.”
Kooan:  I think Kooan might have scared the judge this week; I think they decided it would be too much work to talk to him about his garment.  This explosion was good evidence that he lacks an editing eye.  His piece started well, but as others pointed out, he just kept tacking stuff on there, throwing things at it.  There was no concept, and the chaos wasn’t engaging.
Lantie:  Another designer falls prey to the defeatist attitude.  She gave up.  Her look didn’t have enough candy, and she didn’t care.  As soon as that inertia locks down a designer, it’s best that she go. 
Melissa:  Candy bondage?  I guess that kind of makes senses for Melissa.  The skirt was a yes for me, but not the top, which didn’t really transcend the simple fact that it covered the model. 
Nathan:  Oh, the bulb skirt.  Well, he went for it.  I am glad for that.  He has some good ideas.  Sometimes I wonder if he might be too “young”—not necessarily in age but in his innovation and intuition.  I’m hoping there is something there he just hasn’t shown yet.
Raul:  I was kind of excited seeing Raul’s top on his mannequin.  I liked the color and the shape.  The skirt didn’t quite fit, though, which was disappointing.  I have decided to watch Raul a bit more closely, though.  I don’t always like his expression, but I do perceive something intriguing in his design.
Sonjia:  I liked the pearl effect that Sonjia created, and I also liked the scarflike embellishment with the candy sharks.  I mean, why not?  On the whole, I thought there was too much going on with her outfit, though.  It had nice color, but too many directions.
Ven:  His look was very classy, no question.  His palette was a little muted, to be sure, but the sculpture was thoughtful.  When I saw it, I knew Heidi would like it, and I am sure it’s her vote that put Ven over the top here. 
These judges were feisty this week!  I didn’t disagree with their final choices, but I do think they’re shooting out the barbs pretty fast. 
A final note—the candy lady said that one or two of the looks were things she would put in the store’s window.  Couldn’t that have been part of the prize for the challenge?  To have the garment appear in the store window?  That would have been a sweet prize!

Sorry.  I had to.

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