Thursday, August 16, 2012

PR: Working Woman Fashion Capsule

Fashion capsule.  Yup, that's a thing now.  Actually, I kind of like the term.  It sounds funny but conceptually it makes sense.  It's a lot better than "module," which is all the rage in education now.

The Challenge: Team challenge to create a "fashion capsule" for fashionable, but editorial, working women.  The teams must direct a photo shoot for their little collection.
Sonjia, Elena, Melissa, Dmitry, Alicia, and Raul will be making six outfits
Nathan, Ven, Christopher, Fabio, and Gunnar will make five outfits.
30 minutes to discuss and sketch (which is absurd) and one day for creation (also absurd). 

The Runway:
Nathan: I'm not a big fan of that one-shoulder top for work.  It makes me cold just looking at it.  The draped front of the pant was kind of interesting.  I actually can't decide how I feel about it.  I always want to see something better with pants, something special.  I don't think this quite hit the mark, but I like that it was different than the norm.
Christopher: Cute skirt; I like the pleated print.  I'd buy that skirt.  The jacket is plain, and didn't look as smooth as it ought.
Gunnar: Print-paneled skirt and white top with print shoulders?  No.  It isn't expressive, really, or vibrant.  The top might have been all right without those shoulders; as is, it looks like a home experiment that didn't work out.
Fabio: The dress is kind of plain, but wearable.  White and black looks clean.  I think I spied some odd fit issues around the bust area.
Ven: Not a fan of the Ven look this week.  The top is too poofy.  The skirt is oddly clingy.  As a combination, it didn't look sleek or fresh, as Ven's garments usually do.

Melissa: Great color and interesting front in the bright blue dress.  The collar is too high for work.  I did notice the puckering in the back, but on the whole this was my favorite look.
Elena/Alicia: The jacket looks fun.  I'd wear that, with the smooth sleeve and a comfortable but sassy shape.  The pants were kind of dull, but I keep coming back to the jacket and enjoying it.
Raul/Sonjia: I thought I would like Raul's blouse but I ended up not liking it so much.  It looked a little misshapen.  I do like the blue skirt; Sonjia's pride is justified in that.
Elena/Alicia:  The floofy shouldered jacket is interesting.  I actually liked it more than the judges, but maybe not for work.  I do like a wide-legged pant, though it wasn't particularly special.
Dmitry: Black and navy colorblock....Maybe in just the skirt, but as a dress the look looked a little sexyish.  It's just not quite work-friendly.
Raul/Sonjia: Like the's interesting and I like it for day to night.  It was pretty and not overly sexy.  The top is kind of dull.

The Judging:  The teams tied.  I'm not sure that has happened before, but I'm surprised that it hasn't.  I do always hate it when they publicly invite the "who should go" comments from the team.  If you want to describe the team dynamic and what went on in the workroom, fine; that makes sense--you'll still get barbs and biases, but not the reductionist "weakest link" opinions.
It infuriates me that the judges loved that picture with Gunnar's dress so prevalent and she's "at work" but has a purse slung "fakely" over her arm?  No way.  That portion of the picture at least was awful.  And at one point Kors says, "So Gunnar goes home?  Ooh..." which demonstrated, I believe, a bias against sending him home based on past efforts, not what was in front of the judges.
To me, Team Six clearly had the better looks as a whole, and better pictures.  The clothes certainly photographed better, and looked more suitable for Marie Claire.  Melissa as winner makes sense, given the eye-catching nature of her dress, which did indeed look lovely in the pictures.
Raul and Gunnar are left on the runway.  Really, either could go and I wouldn't feel bad.  They are both kind of jerks.  This time, Raul is out, leaving Gunnar with a chance to redeem himself.  Good luck with that.

Next week, we're evidently going plus-size, and as usual guests' feelings will be hurt.  Never a good time.

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