Thursday, April 27, 2006

New Kicks

OK, so I bought rather a lot of new shoes this weekend. Here are pictures of three pairs that I bought (the others were a pair of slippers, some pink sparkly flats, and a pair of thong sandals). And if you're wondering whether it's hard to take pictures of shoes in my little apartment with very little floor space, and not-so-great photo lighting, the answer is yes.
The baby blue heels have a line of blue stones down the t-strap, by the way. In case you needed to think they're any more awesome.
I have pretty nice legs, but I do wish they weren't quite so white. I'm becoming more Irish by the second.

1 comment:

Stephanie King said...

Ooo... that last pair is my favorite! Beautiful.

And I feel you on the white legs. Mine are even worse.