Monday, June 19, 2006

Hot Monday

Here I am in my office eating a gigantic ham and munster sandwich. I just dropped ham down my dress by accident. I also ate some cottage cheese because I can't get enough dairy. I love lunch.
I also love Bing cherries, and yesterday I got some at Meijer and ate too many last night. It's hard to stop eating Bing cherries. My mom used to get them a lot and she'd put out a bowl on the table, and they'd be pretty much gone by the end of the day. It's a good system.
Today it's hothothot, and we're under a storm warning; at this point a storm might be a blessing (and I can't believe I just said that) because it'd probably cool things down a little. My apartment is absurdly warm. I almost--ALMOST--got out of my bed last night to take a cool bath...considering my love for my bed and my dislike of cold water, that was something to think about.
So far I'm doing a really great job avoiding writing my book review. I don't know what the fuss is; I usually do a decent job, and it takes me no time at all once I get going, but for some reason starting it is so hard. I even have notes, like always, of poems I could talk about and lines I particularly responded to. No dice.
I plan to grill this week. I got some thin t-bone steaks to experiment with, and I have some ribeyes in the freezer, along with burger, so I have some options. I can't explain how much I enjoy a fairly cheap, well-marbled ribeye steak on the bone. I've really only ever had one bad one, and that was my fault, because I bought one where the fat was sort of grainy and disintegrating off the steak. Gross. And dumb. But a nice one with some soy sauce, Accent, pepper, and parsley rubbed in there and broiled...awesome. I've never grilled before, so we'll see what happens. My neighbor, who I said could break in the new grill while I was home, said it works great, but he's probably grilled before. I am a grilling novice.
I have eaten too much for lunch and I believe I will be going for a walk before I settle in to work.

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