Tuesday, June 27, 2006

An open discussion about breasts.

Here is an interesting blog/article about Bosoms, or more specifically that women are finally starting to get the message about bra sizes.
I have a complicated relationship with my bosom. I like that I have one, finally, after years and years of a dancer-sized bust, which is virtually invisible. I don't like that its new size signals the absence of the intense exercise I used to get as a dancer, because really, I'm not doing enough, despite the jogging. I don't like that the breasts in question have decided to be slighly different sizes, nor do I like the new pain I feel each month when they get bigger. That never used to happen. I like that my bosom is still small enough to be properly squished into a leotard without taping or binding, as a few of my friends had to do in the studio. I like that I can go braless if I want to, but that there are a wide variety of bras suited to my size, including, at last, the beauty that is the balconet. Sometimes I wish that I were able to wear dresses that required me to be taped into them, but in the long run I'm glad that I probably won't start to sag for a long time, that my bosom will remain firm and young-looking. I don't like that I now spend so much on nice bras, but I like that I am able to find nice bras, and God bless the gal who measured me into my proper size. She was a 34B, too. I'm glad I have need of a bra tree, though I still don't own one. I'm glad that I can answer Alex Means' question (from, oh, fifteen years ago, on the school bus) "Do you wear a bra yet?" with a Yes, thanks. Do you?

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