Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Tonight it is with trepidation and not a little guilt that I will sit down and watch Project Runway. Trepidation because of last week's disaster and guilt that I am not strong enough to give it the heave-ho from my schedule. Alison was a designer I could be loyal to, like Daniel V. and Chloe, and now, no matter how talented some of the rest might be, I don't really feel loyalty to any of them. But, I do like sewing.
The good news is that I've learned from Andy's Blog that Alison is showing on her own at Fashion Week in September. That does my heart good and I hope she is wildly successful and that someday I might be able to afford an Alison creation.
An additional brouhaha comes in a more recent blog by Andy in which he posts a letter from Kathy Najimy, who was justifiably appalled by the comments made about Alison's model's size. Andy mentions that the area will be addressed again tonight, and I do look forward to that. If the show can put forth or instigate some earnest social discussion, I think I'll feel better.
In any event, I disagree with the ousting of Alison on the basis that the outfit made the model look big, or emphasized her size. She by no means looked fat, and I take umbrage to the idea that the judges were disgusted by her appearance in the outfit. I have seen outfits that are highly unflattering to a model, but personally (and I realize, subjectively) this was not one of them. It was art in a far better place than Vincent's.
And that is all I have to say about last week's PR.


Anonymous said...

Hoo...I had forgotten that Runway is on tonight. I guess this indicates how stressed out and distracted I am these days.

I look forward to viewing tonight's show (brandy in hand). It'll be intriguing to see if the editing and viewpoints are affected by last week's fallout. I don't actually know what the time delay is for this show -- was tonight's judging already done by the time last week's show was broadcast (and internetters everywhere went nuts?) I mean, does "buzz" about the show affect the judges, or just the producers and editors as they decide what will be broadcast in upcoming episodes? No clue, here.


Abs said...

My understanding is that episodes are long over by the time they reach fact, I think all of the challenges are over in real time, and the designers would be working on collections or something. I say this because at the reunion shows the designers always talk about watching themselves on TV. I may be wrong, but I think the judges are reasonably free of buzz because of this.