Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Great Sofa Caper: A picture journal

Yesterday, I went to get my sofa.
My landlady graciously said I could put my sofa in my new apt. space whenever I liked, and since Canton seemed to be quickly running out of my sofa bed, I decided I'd better do it. So, I rented a:

Dodge Ram 1500.
Check out those guns!
I walked to go get it from about seven blocks away, which was a little dumb when we were under a heat advisory, but I made it by drinking water and by remembering that, really, I'm a sturdy little brat, and this isn't any more difficult than hiking the Lighthouse trail in Ludington State Park, much of which is in open sunshine.
Before I left, I made sure to measure up my apartment. Here's what it looks like:

So, I got all my measurements, nearly passing out in the process because it was so hot in there.
And then I set off. I practiced with the truck by driving to Home Depot to buy a tarp and some rope (which I didn't use, and by the way, IKEA has twine anyway). Basically the truck handles a lot like my Dad's Jeep, but it took a bit to get used to the width of the truck. I couldn't believe I would actually fit in the lanes. It was easier on the highway where you're not right next to cars most of the time, and the lanes are wider. I listened to a mix CD by my friend Mike and felt very giddy about everything, actually laughing out loud a little bit at the thought of my little self in command of this giant truck, watching cars get out of my way even though I was going the speed limit. It wasn't like a power-happy thing, I just felt happy that I was doing something new and productive and exciting. With air conditioning.
So I got to IKEA, and was gratified to see that it wasn't as crowded as the first time I went, and certainly wasn't anywhere near the crowds Carrie and Paul encountered when they went--which, the IKEA lady told me, was actually one of, if not the, most crowded day ever, maybe even more than opening day. Who knew? I was feeling a little panicky and I admit I sort of half-ran into the store and made a beeline for sofas. The lady called down to make sure they did indeed have the item, and reserved one for me so I could go pick it up. I quickly went through furniture to see if there were anything else I wanted right then, and made a few notes on possible items I want to think about. For instance, the IVAR tv unit with casters, which I could paint with the same paint I got for my lamps, blue, just for something a little different. Anything else I wanted I know I could fit in the Saturn, so nothing else was urgent.
Then, I went down to the Marketplace section and picked up my curtains and some globe lamps to paint, along with some hangers and other odds and ends. They were out of the laundry bag I wanted, one with really sturdy handles and a shoulder strap. Hopefully if and when I go back they will have more, as it's a popular item.
Then things got a little funny. In a good way. See, the linoleum in my apartment is not what I was expecting. The floor (which I am trying to show you a picture of but the pictures function suddenly isn't working) is a russety red, gold, and cream pattern. My other bathroom, tiled in peach tones, is much different. So right then I'm thinking, how on earth am I going to find something to match this? And then I found these. Wild, right? They're about the same color, with a few other colors thrown in. I picked up one hand towel and one bath towel (fior a guest set. I still need to find a washcloth and bathmats, because they didn't have anything quite right. They were out of the Thisted Mork shower curtain, but I think I might go with a solid color anyway, maybe a gold, and get some new gold bathroom curtains. The yellow curtains already in the bathroom are fine but they're looking a little worn. Anyway, it was a good omen, followed closely by another good omen, which was this: a lady wearing an outfit exactly the same as one my mother has. It was like Mom was with me, which is a good sign when I'm shopping.
I got my sofa in good order and got some major help getting it in the truck. Good omen again--it fit, diagonally, EXACTLY. The tailgate shut and everything and I didn't have to tie it down. I called home and set off. Visibility in the rearview was poor, so I made sure my side mirrors were in good spots and then just didn't change lanes much. I made it back to find Steve and Liss waiting and Carrie and Paul quickly following, and the boys, with a bit of help from the ladies, got the sofa down and into the apartment--it just fit through the door. Thanks a bunch for your help, everybody! You are very awesome friends.
So, there it sits, ready to rock and roll. I think the apartment might be ready, but I'm going to wait until next week to get the utilities going, I think. The gas is shut off and the electricity is on, but I don't need it yet. Still haven't decided what extras are going in...cable? internet? Who knows. I just feel relieved and happy that the nervous calls to IKEA can end.

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Carrie said...

I'm glad you got your sofa, buddy. I'm jealous! I really like your new apartment. I love the windows and it's so nice and bright and cute. I'm looking forward to see what you do with it!